Why’s the B.R.O.A.D. doing it?

In March 2012 I lost my full-time job. Now keep in mind, I have worked full-time since I was 15 1/2. I’ve only ever been out of work twice: once for maternity with my son and once during a transition of getting married and building my house.

Needless to say, I spent many restless nights worrying about finding a job. I’m single, I support myself, and the interviews simply were not being offered.

I’ve had a Virtual Assistant business since 1997 with little side projects here and there. After a few weeks of diligence on the job searching, I came to the realization that too many people need jobs right now and I was not going to make what I had made before and thus would be unable to maintain my rather meager and simple existence. I’ve received utility grants from LIHEAP, the IL LINK card as well as food pantry assistance. I’ve got friends that put gas in my bike, buy me a beer, or buy me a sandwich. They never leave me “alone”.

But nonetheless, I had to do “something” to pay the bills so I turned my efforts towards building my Virtual Assistant business into a full-time venture.

Though it’s growing, it’s not quite growing fast enough nor is it lucrative enough as of yet to pay all the bills. So what do I do to pay the bills?  Or should I ask, why do I need these bills? There was no reason for me to be stuck in one apartment paying somebody else’s mortgage. No need to pay for gas and electric.

Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first, nor the last), so I looked at the facts: I can work from anywhere, I enjoy camping, I enjoy riding, being self-employed I’ll never get much of a vacation, so…….


My intent is not simply to go on the ride of a lifetime, but to work Monday through Friday for my Virtual Assistant clients, and bring the biker community my version of information on ride routes, the good and the bad on eateries, watering holes, cabins, camping, biker friendly towns, biker events, on the road safety (beyond tire pressure and fresh oil), philosophy of a chick biker, and so much more. I intend to allow for sponsorship and advertisement on my site and most definitely to keep an open line of sharing available between me and you.

Understand your journey

I believe only I can change my life. I believe in taking misfortune and turning it into a learning experience. I believe in embracing opportunities and exploring them to their fullest. I believe that I will never be homeless or hungry because I know way too many wonderful people. And I believe there is something better for me in this world. Won’t you follow me on my journey and share this exhilarating life experience with me?

6 Responses to Why’s the B.R.O.A.D. doing it?

  1. David says:

    I can’t help but be moved by your out look on life. To be able to do what you choose to do reminds me if a great old movie called “Then Came Bronson.” it’s not easy to up and go, it takes courage, but it’s also about living life not just existing . I guess our dreams are the building blocks of our lifes as I have always said.
    I have been a world traveler , back packed the South pacfic, stood atop the great wall of china just mention a few. And of course many a cross country motorcycle trip . What you don’t know is you give others the power to fulfill there own dreams by seeing you live yours. That it is possible . I just lost my own job a few weeks back and can’t help but reflect On my own life, what’s next etc. But know one think were here such a short time, there is yet much to do…. Be safe I love your story, but above all I love the courage you have to live your dreams when others just live there lifes or should I say exist within them. ~ Dave / Chicago

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Dave!! Thanks a bunch for your kind words. Sounds like you too have a flavor for living not existing. I use that phrase a lot. I also say that dreams are realities not yet brought to life. I’ve been very fortunate so far to minimize cost by staying w family, friends, and family/friends of friends. Gonna be a little harder once I head west. Thanks for following along and I do very much hope that folks will see that if this BROAD can do it, so can they. Peace, U

  2. PS How about reaching out to Gina Woods from Open Road Radio? She is also a sister rider and has a weekly radio show for bikers. You can find her on Facebook as well as at OpenRoad Radio.com. I am sure she will express interest in yoiur venture as well.

    Just a thought,
    Steve Bachner

  3. God Bless Ursula, I admire your spirit. This sounds like an amazing venture. My brother did a trip many years ago where he went from Reno Nevada to Las Vegas, then turned around and went from Las Vegas to Red Lodge Montana on up through Canada with a stop at Lake Louise and then proceeded, after a bit of chiding from my cousins, that if he was a real man he would ride the Alaska Highway which I believe is 1500 miles of partially paved highway. And of course he could not pass up the challenge so up the Alaska Highway he went. He then rode around Alaska, meeting our Mom who was there on a vacation, and then he rode to Anchorage where he boarded a boat, where he and the bike traveled down to Seattle. He shipped the bike home from there and flew back to Chicago. He did this all by himself and over a 6 week period. When he told me he was planning on doing this I thought he was out of his mind. But now I can’t think of a better adventure to undertake. He met many people along the way, rode with lots of other bikes out on the road and blogged via e-mail to all of us back home telling us of his days ride and adventures. If I can pass along one thing that he gleemed from his trip, was to always be aware of how much fuel you have. He manged to run out of gas several times. Out west there are not as many gas stations as we have here in the midwest. His small plastic hose he used to siphon enough gas from passing cars to get him to the next town became his lifesource. He also said after several weeks on the road and no razor to shave with, it was harder to get people to pull over and help him!! LOL So like we say after 50, never pass a bathroom or when on the road on a bike, never pass a gas station for you never know where the next one will be.

    I wish you safe riding and nothing but pleasure while doing so. I will be tagging along here on my computer and will be envious to say the least. I have been riding for the better part of my life but never seem to be able to find enough time or funds to truly tour like I would like to. I do have a couple of Bucket list rides I will take before my time is done. But for now I will have to enjoy the road through your journey. I hope we can meet an ride sometime in the near future. please make sure to say hi to my Friend Dan Nolan when you see him on Rescue Riders TV.

    By the way, are you a HOG member? You may wish to get a membership prior to your leaving. If you should ( God Forbid) break down in route, the HOG membership will tow you to the nearest Harley Dealer free of charge. Also you get a 10% discount on Best Western Hoels. In fact I think you should seek sponsorship from Both Harley and Best Western. I think they might latch onto this outstanding adventure of yours as a means to advertise and perhaps also follow your story for use in HOG magazine. Just a thought dear. I am a memeber of Lake Shore Harley Davidsons HOG Chapter in Libertyville Illinois and I recomend it whole heartedly. Like your followers and your riding group, it just gives you more members of our great brother and sisterhood of riders.

    I saw Steve Satenstein wrote you… I know him as well and I also reccomend riding with him if you can. He is a very nice man and he does have a great passion for riding as well.

    My absolute best to you and be safe. You will not be riding alone so long as you have us all here following your every move!! Stay upright and keep the rubber side down dear!

    Sincerely, Steve Bachner

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so very much for following me Steve. Sounds like your brother had one heck of an adventure. I certainly am looking forward to seeing this great nation of ours. I appreciate you sharing your brother’s story and if you’d like to log in and check it out I’d be interested in chatting with him to get some road tips. I look forward to your words of encouragement along the way. And yes indeed I sure hope I catch a ride with you soon.

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