Riders Claw - Mount your Phone and Music

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It’s not always easy to ask for help for somebody like me; I pride myself on taking care of what’s needed. I’ve been blessed with a lot of support. Sponsors are welcome in all manners of assistance. To learn how you can advertise on my website (www.hdbroad.com) and be promoted by The B.R.O.A.D., and help accomplish this great journey, please contact me at hd_broad@yahoo.com



Nailmaille jewelry

Enter BROAD10 in the coupon code to get 10% off your Purchase

I have to give thanks to my biggest sponsors that have been with me since before the rubber hit the road. These sponsors sell American made products from a company the owners created from their own Dreams!

Rider’s Claw    ~    Nailmaille

These sponsors give back and help The B.R.O.A.D. Journey in various ways. BE SURE to enter BROAD10 in the coupon code for each of them to share your support and receive 10% off your purchases.

Donations are blessings and you can contribute any amount suitable to your budget. Since the crash it has been extremely difficult in many areas of life. I now have health care which I pay out of pocket and I am once again trying to grow The Write Hand, LLC in an effort to be self-supporting again. I did the 2nd Leg Journey in an effort to prove to myself that I was not truly crippled and in an effort to regain some mental peace. Knowing that I “can” has been a blessing, but it was a physical and financial challenge be assured.

You may submit your personal contribution via a Personal Gift on PayPal or Chase Quick Pay to: hd_broad@yahoo.com – or Use The B.R.O.A.D. website and get a special THANK YOU GIFT with your donation…


12 Responses to Sponsors

  1. Barbara Valencia says:

    Maybe we’ll meet up someday. It’s been over a year (July) since I last rode myself. All I can do now is keep hoping, but my neck doesn’t want to cooperate.

    • The BROAD says:

      Perhaps we shall Barbara and I sure hope that the doctors can help relieve your pain and discomfort. It’s not an easy process, this I know. Wishing you well and good spirits.

  2. Barbara Valencia says:

    Best of luck and all my prayers for a speedy recovery. Been there myself a few times, but never had the misfortune to lose anything vital. Have known Bill and Pam Gade since before they became Tour On 2, Inc., and they are great people with a great company.

  3. The BROAD says:

    A big thank you to Black Magic Customs for the booth at the Wicked Wheels Weekend. I look forward to working with you all, Lynn, Phil, Jim….. See you soon.

  4. The BROAD says:

    Huge Hugs and Smiles thanks to Tina and my grand daughter Kylee. The girls got me a Garmin and a mount for it. They forgot to program the button that says “GRANNY COME HOME”. HeHeHe. Now, to learn how to use it…..

  5. The BROAD says:

    A big thank you to Harland Hector for a generous donation that lead to the hosting and domain name for my new website. http://www.hdbroad.com

  6. The BROAD says:

    A big thank you goes out to my son, Nathan. Today he sponsored me for $16 / 6 mos. to pay for my Pingler account to achieve better search engine results on my website. Here’s hoping it helps my activity. Thanks buddy – Momma loves you.

  7. hdbroad says:

    A great big thank you to Jerry, owner of the Bullpen Sports Bar in Shorewood, IL. He’s the first paid advertiser on The BROAD and I’m looking forward to supporting the Bullpen and having many more events there.

  8. hdbroad says:

    A big thank you to my riding buddy Joe for creating my header image. He’s fairly new to my riding group but has been a tremendous asset in designing our patches and of course, my header image as I mentioned.

  9. hdbroad says:

    My second sponsor is also from my ULRB group on FB and has committed to helping me with MS Outlook 2010 that I need for my business to effectively work while on the road.

  10. hdbroad says:

    My first sponsor is from my ULRB group on FB and has committed to helping me upgrade this site to utilize the features necessary for my vision and purpose.

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