SOX Program

Program Suspended Currently – If You Have An Idea to Resurrect This Giving Project, Reach Me at HD_BROAD@Yahoo.Com

Warming the Hearts and Parts of Amputees

The SOX Program was the brain child of amputee motorcyclist, The B.R.O.A.D. ™ and some of her social media followers. The B.R.O.A.D. ™ lost part of her left leg in a motorcycle crash in July of 2013. Since then she has continued riding, traveling the USA, and pushing awareness of amputee life. The B.R.O.A.D. ™ grew up in a military family as her Father served 30 years in the US Navy; she has participated in a great many programs in the motorcycle community and beyond that serve Veterans.

The SOX Program is designed so that YOU can donate your odd socks, slippers, and gloves. No need to discard those odd socks because the dryer ate one, nor those odd slippers because your dog ate one, nor the odd glove because one fell out of your pocket somewhere. These items will be sent to amputees in Veteran’s Homes throughout the US; and when possible delivered in person.

The SOX Program has chosen Veterans’ Homes for a couple of reasons. Timing for research and reaching new amputees in a hospital setting is not as feasible as we’d like. (BUT, if you know a new amputee that could use our help; please send us an email.) Veterans receive a fair amount of care in their assisted living situations, but it is “necessary” care and without programs like this they don’t often get much in the way of FUN STUFF. Naturally, the residents of these homes will be there a while and we feel we can research and reach them in a reasonable time.

With Warm Regards!

Socks, gloves, and slippers are key. We’ve also had donations of amputees odd shoes and shoe in-soles. They can be new or odd items in good condition from your home. Keep in mind: sports teams, military insignias, masculine prints, feminine prints, etc. Of course, normal socks are fine also.

Send Donations To:

The SOX Program
PO Box 2424
Andrews, NC

The B.R.O.A.D.'s Socks

The B.R.O.A.D.’s Socks

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