An Odd Start to 2016 Adventures…

This post is dedicated in memory to the bestest riding buddy of all times:

B. B. Girl ~ 03/08/02 – 02/11/16

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When the pups and I left North Carolina, we had no idea what the next month would bring. We spent one night with my grandparents so I could go to my various doctor appointments. My orthopaedic surgeon gave me the A-OK to ride again and not to come back unless I need him. From there we ventured on to my Mom’s in Charleston, SC. We intended to sit there for the duration of January to recuperate from the holidays, camping in frozen NC, and get some quality work done.

On the way from GA to SC, we stopped to meet FB friends Steve and Deb S. We hung out for a little bit, took a photo, and then we were back on the road, hoping to see Steve and Deb in Daytona.


Shortly after getting to Mom’s I was able to catch up to friend and nomad biker, Bean’re. We had dinner and a quick catch up session.


The BROAD and Bean’re

I took the pups to Sullivan’s Island. Sportster wasn’t too sure about the behavior of that seawater that kept chasing her. She’d go close to sniff and it would come at her – she’d back off and do it all over again. B.B. was content to sniff and pee along the walk but then sit quietly in my lap as we watched the sea and the birds.

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After a week at Mom’s my B. B. Girl had a seizure; up to that point she had never experienced any signs of illness other than general old-lady tiredness. Over the next week she had more seizures and went to two different vets. In short, all her bloodwork, Lymes test, and organ enzymes were fine; this led vets to believe she either had brain or lung tumors. She was given Keppra for the seizures and seemed to have been fine for about 6 days.

During that “good” time the pups and I headed out to meet FB friend Michael E. We got to have a quick little tour of Charleston where I told him some things that would be worth his return visit. We rolled over to see the Angel Oak which is personally one of my favorite pieces of Charleston history. We had dinner at The Tattooed Buffalo, a really neat place with live music, indoor and outdoor seating. The pups and I followed Michael over the Ravenel Bridge to catch a video (which does it no justice actually); and then we returned home. B. B. had a good day and only once seemed tired so I picked her up. This was to be B. B.’s last great motorcycle outing and she made a new friend.

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A few days later I took my Mom on a picnic lunch on the bike to a place we used to spend a lot of time when I was a kid. It’s called Short Stay in Moncks Corner, SC – it used to be owned by the US Navy for family use but it is now also open to the public. They have beaches, fishing, RV spots, campsites, cabins, store, game room, and lots of activities. Things seemed to be going ok and B. B. seemed to be doing better.

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And then a unique opportunity took me away from B.B. Girl … I  received a call from a lady Director that was heading up an extended length commercial – more of a theatrical commercial. The gist of the message is, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. A few examples: In one scene you see a large black man in a boxing ring – boxing. Then it cuts to him teaching pre-school, which is his real job. In another scene you see an Iraqi-American woman in traditional garb. Then it cuts to her volunteering with out American wounded service men and women. In mine they have me dressed in girlie pajamas and putting on my leg for the day. Then it cuts away to me riding a motorcycle. There are about 5-6 characters and each has an, “I am…” statement but I’m not going to spoil that part. The final commercial is supposed to be delivered to the client in early March, so I’m hoping to have a copy of it soon after.

Though it was a unique opportunity, I’m not so sure how much I liked the whole “production” of it all. There’s a whole lot of “hurry up and wait” and a whole lot of disorganization because of variables that can constantly change. Some folks thrive in chaos, me – not so much. We shall see how it turns out and I am blessed to have had such a cool chance and neat experience meeting some great new people.

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During my weekend trip I worried constantly about B.B. and was hoping her “feeling better spell” would continue. She has never taken kindly to me leaving her and while she is sick, I was torn for sure. Mom had not given me any foul reports when I checked in, and I was praying for my little girl. I did get to make a few hours excursion of going to Hollywood Blvd. where I got a few souvenirs for a few loved ones.

Saturday and Sunday was picking up the rental Harley and filming at different time slots. My latest FB friend, become in-person friend – Robert P. met me on Saturday and was my running buddy for all this to and from stuff. In between shots on Sunday I had about four free hours, so I was able to ride the Pacific Coast Highway with Robert. We stopped and took a few photos along the route and had lunch at Neptune’s Net. With Robert’s help, we returned the rental Harley to EagleRider and me to my lodging.

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I left California early Monday and upon being picked up by Mom at the airport in Charleston, I saw that my B. B. Girl was not doing well. Mom said she had not been eating since the day before and had two seizures that Monday as I flew home. I was able to hand feed her one piece of liver and that was really her last solid food. The vets had already told me and confirmed again, there was nothing much to do for her at her age and with surgical risks – I could only keep her comfortable and end her suffering should the need arise.

A Little Bit of Liver

A Little Bit of Liver

I had promised B. B. that she would go out on an adventure, the same way she lived most of her life. I could keep her comfortable with her medicine and I could be with her closely. We left Mom’s on Tuesday and headed for Florida. During the travel day she would drink water, but ate nothing I offered her. She did not have seizures that day.

On Wednesday her breathing became very labored with long pauses. Thursday morning she had a stroke, howled out in what I assume was pain, and fell over – it was the last time my girl would stand proud on her own four legs. I contacted the local vet for an appointment to have her put to rest. I got dressed and called Ms. Doris – she and Ms. Connie would drive us to the vet. On the way to the vet, I held her close and talked to her about our past adventures and how much I love her. No sooner did we get put into a room at the vet’s office, B. B. decided she was not going to put up with these humans and their needles. She took her last breath in my arms, they checked her pulse, and I lost a part of my heart.

As we brought B. B. home, Ms. Doris and Ms. Connie stopped and bought B. B. the most perfect box to rest in. When I was home, I prepared her box to rest alongside her love bunny. I loaded her up, Sportster, and myself onto the Heritage and we set off to find B. B. a beautiful place to return to the earth. Out in Lake Panasoffkee, FL I found a lovely roadside park with some wooded back lots. It is certainly the type of place I’d stop while riding to have a water break. It took me quite a long time to bury my furry friend and move a large rock in hopes it may never move again; and always mark my Girl’s spot.

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The rest of the day was solemn for Sportster and I. Sportster would often sniff B.B.’s collar which I wrapped around my prosthetic. And she seemed to search the bed covers looking for her. It’s been a few days now and while the hurt is still there and I will always have occasions to think of her, both of us are getting back into our “work groove” and “watch-dog groove” – we will be ok.

This past weekend Sportster and I took a much needed ride and was able to meet up with Big Tom. He’s been a recurring friend in our adventures and we were delighted to ride with him again.

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Otherwise, I have been trying to bust butt for clients of The Write Hand, LLC, my sponsors Rider’s Claw® and Nailmaille®, and growing our DPWN 1st Virtual Chapter. My plate is full and it’s hard to be discipline instead of going riding. The weather is pleasant and sunny but we must work for a living and grab the weekend by the horns. HAHAHA

We are now trying to decide if we stay camped in Webster, FL and drive to/from Daytona Bike Week on the days we want to go; or camp in Big Tom’s driveway and do much the same. At least camping in Big Tom’s driveway, we’d often have company to/from. So anywoo… Daytona is the next big time – fun time event. After a detour or two we will ultimately head for Eco-Tours of South Mississippi and meeting up with old and new friends.

For now we will continue to enjoy the company of our retiree friends and Rider’s Claw extended family. Sportster keeps watch of the bike and camper during the day while I work, some evenings I participate in cards, bingo, pot luck, etc. And we take a walk to empty our trash each night. Sportster is fast learning how to be a good campground neighbor (she not barking so much now). She comes in and out as she pleases and is finally eating her dog food again.  Until next time…

Wishing you all Peace, Hugs, and Pipes that Rumble!™


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8 Responses to An Odd Start to 2016 Adventures…

  1. What a great article! Again, my sincerest condolences and prayers on the passing of BB Girl. As you once mentioned, she saw more of the country than most people do. It’s never easy, whether you expect it, or not. I’ve had Sheba, my gorgeous Malamute pass in the night after 9 years. Bruno, my beloved St. Bernard had to be put down after nearly reaching 12. His “sister” Betsy, my wild child St. Bernard, was also put down 2 months later after not being able to walk on her own due to degenerative myelopathy (spine). She was almost 12-1/2 and I still miss her so. But now, there is Kodi, another rescued Saint and Bumper, his “brother” Boxer from the same previous house. We couldn’t take one and just leave the other. You and Sportster will always have BB’s memories, and maybe someday another cruising buddy. For now, always remember when you see a rainbow, that BB is watching over you. When you see a sunrise, she’s telling you “Good Morning” and at sunset, she saying, “Hey Mom! Thanks for the ride!”

    • The BROAD says:

      That was very kind and special Roman. I appreciate you taking the time to read about our adventures and always being out there for us. God bless and I hope to cross your path sometime.

  2. Cheryl says:

    R.I.P. BB Girl ❤ She lived a long, happy and loved life. I will miss her little face and her stories of her life & adventures with her human, the stories brought smiles to my face and a chuckle to my voice. Safe travels Ursula!! Sportster has some big Paws to fill but I trust that she will become a great travel companion and I know she will keep you company in all of your adventures.
    Xoxo ~ Cheryl aka Tank (lol)

  3. jimcowan1950 says:

    Hi Ursula… so sorry to hear of the loss of your four legged companion. I’ve had to put way too many down myself. I had a Great Dane that passed during the night… I stayed up with her most of the night on the kitchen floor until she finally made the final journey. They are never forgotten, with lots of good memories, but the pain from loss is slow to subside. I hope you will always remember the good times you had with B.B., as I’m sure you will.
    It’s good to see you are out and about quite a bit now… even though more of it is work related. Wishing you all the best in all you do.

  4. Annette Murphy says:

    Hey Ursula, long time , no chat! So sorry to hear about B.B. Girl. We lost our 15 1/2 yr. old Vizsla, Candy this last summer. It’s never easy. Glad you have Sportster to help you through the tough spots! You ever make it over this way, we would be more than happy to show you around our neck of the woods! Be safe and stay upright, Annette & “Murph” Richard Murphy from Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa!

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Annette and Murphy… Thanks a bunch for your support. We will get through, starting to be a little easier in past couple days. And yeah, I’ll be back in the Midwest late summer through the winter. I have some obligations up there for I’ll be around a while. Also making plans to go from IL to TX in late September for the women riders record breaking event. Maybe you could come along.

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