Charlotte, NC Veterans’ Home Needs Our Help…

Lots of sock image w name

After we got our website setup and formed a plan, I spent a day collecting all the contact information from the Veterans’ Homes in the USA. Then I printed letters and mailed to half of those homes. It was very exciting to get this letter from the Veterans’ Homes in Charlotte, NC. I am going to try and make a personal visit to these folks once we have some more socks and slippers to share. Now I need to ask folks to help bump up our stash of men’s socks so I can make an in-person visit to give to these veterans. Please remember a bit of fun for these men. Consider functional and fun socks and slippers.

It isn’t cool when folks lose limbs, but it is exciting when you get to make a little difference for somebody else.

Mail to: SOX Project, PO Box 2424, Andrews, NC 28901

Thank you Veterans for all you have done and continue to do for our freedoms. 


Charlotte Veteran's Home Needs Our Help

Charlotte Veteran’s Home Needs Our Help

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