Amp’d Rider Project w/ Dave and Becka Bledsoe

I am so remiss… I published the interview for Dave and Becka Bledsoe on social media but totally forgot to share it here with the blog followers.

I hope that folks will really enjoy this story. Dave and Becka were just dating when they had a tragic altercation with a deer while they were riding their motorcycle. As a result, Dave became and amputee and Becka suffered traumatic brain injury. Over a great deal of time and after triumphing over many hurdles, Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe share with folks how their love and understanding of not only each other kept them together, but also how the mutual struggles strengthened their bond.

Thank you Dave and Becka!
Granddaughter checking out IPOP
Mr. and Mrs. Bledsoe Ride Into the Future


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2 Responses to Amp’d Rider Project w/ Dave and Becka Bledsoe

  1. MaryAnn says:

    This is so heartwarming and such strength.
    Gives you renewed belief in the power of love and the human spirit.
    When I have a problem I will think of this and know mine is so small and remember their strength. Ride On …Be Safe…Love Long.

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