Amp’d Rider Project – Episode 004 – with Erik Peterson of C. H. Martin Co.

Through I was connected with a wonderful prosthetic company in Orlando, FL. They took great care for me through two prosthetics but as it sometimes goes, we don’t always get to keep our caregivers. When I purchased my own healthcare it became necessary to re-evaluate my caregivers due to who was and was not covered by my new insurance. I jumped through some hoops and acquired all the new referrals. There were only 3 choices for prosthetic companies in my network that were even remotely suitable to my acceptable drive distance in Georgia. Immediately I refused the “big box” name that the insurance suggested – NOPE, no big box companies for me. I do believe the big man upstairs was watching out for me again because I sort of figured I’d try the first of two private prosthetic companies suggested. If they didn’t work out, then I’d go to the other option. Well, C.H. Martin Co., was that first private company and I could not be more pleased.

It’s important to realize that building a new leg takes several steps and thus several visits. I am by no means a very patient person, particularly when I want relief from pain and to be able to walk. Mr. Erik Peterson has become my prosthetist and he has gone above and beyond to ensure my fit and comfort, he has learned what activities I cherish the most so he could build a leg that suited my life, and in addition he has accommodated my schedule which requires a minimum of a 3-hour drive one-way (a little more if I go to the office closer to my family and stay for a few days). Erik puts up with my silly sense of humor, dancing with his skeleton in his Suwanee office, and has taken the time to listen to my story. Through these connections and conversations, Erik was excited to allow me an interview and I am honored to have my leg-man join the Amp’d Rider Project.

Erik is a fun professional to deal with and being a man of faith I have found his support to be uplifting and genuine. I am very fortunate to have landed at C.H. Martin Co., with Erik Peterson. I am happy with my new leg and RUSH foot. Going to your prosthetic company isn’t exactly something you want to do very often because that means your socket isn’t fitting or you broke something. But when I do have to go to my leg-man, I am never anxious and always pleased to see Erik and the staff at C.H. Martin Co., and of course, I love sharing a corny amputee joke with them when I visit. They usually just shake their heads and laugh.

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