2nd Leg of the Journey…

01-31-14 Friday – Yes, as I sat there on George’s Honda VTX I knew I wanted to make this machine roll. I played with it a bit in the driveway and the gravel was throwing me (or I was throwing me), so he pulled it to the asphalt. I again rolled it to/fro and tried to gather the courage to go. I almost popped the clutch once but grabbed it fast. So take a look and see what you think…

Part 1 – Leaving

Part 2 – Returning

Needless to say I was ecstatic but yes, still remained nervous. For one it was really heavy and I still wasn’t used to flipping up the weight and rigidness of that leg. And for another, it’s not my freakin’ machine. I went about 3/4 mile down and turned around of all places in a gravel lot, my footing tweaked for a brief moment but I was aware and no issue arose. Turning into traffic to flip around made me a little nervous, but again it’s just getting used to a new machine and hey – a new leg for goodness sake! So all in all, as I said before, I was ecstatic and I had already been pondering the kickoff of the 2nd Leg of The BROAD journey and this was just the kick start I needed.

George thinks he understands how much I am thankful and he said, “I am glad to be a part of this experience with you.” There are plenty of bikers missing limbs but maybe not one on every block thank God, but only a man like George would understand what that feeling is like. And so I know that he gets it and is fully aware of my gratitude.

I returned again to my Mom’s and was gleaming as I showed off the videos to Mom and Steve. I didn’t stay long as it was getting late and I was wearing down.

02-01-14 Saturday – When I woke and checked in with George it turned out that our plans to visit Bee City would have to hold until another visit. George had an emergency with his Mom and Paula was with her at the hospital.

It was raining out and gloomy but I wasn’t going to waste a good day. There is so much in the area I grew up in that I have never experienced, so whenever I come back I do something new. I went to ship a package and took off for the Charleston Tea Company which is mostly an enclosed tour. I found it fascinating to know that this garden is the only one in the USA. Now, some teas made claim they are US teas but they may only be packaged here from bulk tea bought over seas. If you see tea that boasts of American grown tea, then you know it came from here. They are a partner with Bigelow Teas so some of their specialty blends use teas from this garden. South Carolina soils and climate are near perfect for these teas, some of which come from strains hundreds of years old. And just so you know, it takes 5 pounds of raw leaves to make 1 pound of tea for brewing.Ok for more info you will have to go there and do the tour.

I knew the Angel Oak wasn’t far from me so I decided to head there next. The rain had let up some, so I had hoped to get pictures. The Angel Oak is the oldest oak on this side of the Mississippi River. Some years ago the historical society and municipalities had to help save the tree by securing the property on which it grows as well as constructing support for the huge limbs using a cabling system. It was definitely muddy when I arrived but the rain had by then stopped. This tree is just amazing. When you really fathom how old it is and how much has occurred around this tree in that time, you just have to be in awe at its survival and sheer luck.

As I made my way back to Mom’s for dinner I kept thinking of all the fun little one-off tourist things I did during the first leg of The BROAD journey; free, cheap, good weather or bad – I really miss those days and can’t wait to get back to them. This trip has definitely rekindled that flame.

Mom and I went to dinner and we wrapped up the night early because I had to pack and clean up my room. I was rolling out to go home to Dad’s as I had a doctor appointment Tuesday.

02-02-14 Sunday – I packed up and headed over to Mom’s for the ‘see-ya-laters’ and a home cooked breakfast.

Mom and I

Mom and I

2014-02-02 10.59.26

I took a scenic route so that I could go by the house where my great grandmother used to live. Mimi we called her, was a short stocky old country woman that always had a wooden bowl of flour out, buttermilk in the fridge, and fresh lard under the cabinet so you could have fresh biscuits even if you were there just to read the gas meter – for real – that’s what she’d do.

The old railroad station used to have a convenience store, cafe, soda shop, and ticket booth. When I was a kid $1.00 would get you a slap full brown lunch sack of candy. I was sad to see the condition of Mimi’s house and I was disturbed to hear the music raping the old towne country air for at least two blocks that came from within the home. I felt terribly bad for the senior gentleman that came out the door of the neighboring home. No way could I see that trash and hear that garbage all day long. He looked as if he could have been a long standing resident in that tiny town. He looked sad and I could only imagine that his neighbors in my great grandmother’s house were certainly not his type of neighbors.

I made it back to Dad’s by evening time and I was tired. I watched a little bit of the Superbowl and it didn’t seem much like a football game to me so I proceeded to go to bed.

I got a lot of client work done during the week. I was able to put together a few marketing pieces for my business and I even caught up on my blogs.

Tuesday – 02-04-14 – I went to my orthopedic surgeon and waited forever because of some emergencies. As I waited I saw a well put together older lady in another section of the waiting area. She was of the finest southern manners and her drawl made me think of Gone With The Wind. But this fiery little Georgia peach was obviously irritated with her extended wait to see Dr. Ogburn. She was inquiring with all the patients around her as to their appointment time, did they arrive on time, and so forth. At some point she and I were called almost within a minute of each other. We came seat to seat as we now waited for our x-rays. And of course, I figured she’d start again and she did; “They just move us from one place to wait to another. I declare…” And this is when my evil side kicked in because I had already seen the discomfort she caused the waiting room up front and her nagging was frankly bringing me down, and I don’t like to be down. So I said just as unprompted as her own comment, “Ya know, I have come to have more patience since surgeons like Dr. Ogburn saved my life and helped me walk again. I was once an emergency that screwed up somebody else’s appointment time.”

And wouldn’t you know, it had hardly no effect on the little old lady. The 3 other folks sitting with us could have used help raising their jaws and swiping off the smirks, but that little old lady said without hesitation, “So did Dr. Ogburn save your life?” I then gave her the watered down version of my crash and was thankful to be called for my x-ray. Argh – people …

So anyway, the appointment was uneventful more or less. The growth in the man-made femur is still coming along, though it will be a year or more until it is truly SOLID. The bone growth on the outside of the plate is annoying but not worth being cut open again, so we are going to hold on that. For now, I progress along.

Saturday 02-08-14 It was my Dad’s 62nd birthday and my sister with her kids came early in the day and then John and his wife with kids came later in the day. I had given my Dad his card in the morning and asked him if I could take him to the Improv for his birthday but he wasn’t up for that. We chilled around the house for the day and I enjoyed having Mia hang out in my room with me. She used a hacky sack and my cane to play mini golf. Later on I decided to get Dad something since he wouldn’t let me take him out. I got a new jack for him because his is old and tiny. Well, I did a good thing for sure, but he wants even bigger – hahahahaha – boys and their toys. He traded it up for a big mama-jama and can now lift the house! I love my Daddy!

Daddy turns 62

Daddy turns 62

2014-02-08 13.30.37

I spent several days running around from here to there test driving trucks and checking out trailers. Dad and I are on a mission to customize a V-Nose trailer into something I can call home. Simple, less expensive than other alternatives, and frankly more inline with The BROAD vision than some modern trailer. My brain has been going 100 mph on ideas, searching for equipment, talking to Dad about ideas, and going places. In my dreamer’s mind, I’d love to have the trailer and truck ready to roll by February 27th so I can head to Chicago for my grand daughter’s birthday party and a little visiting before heading off to Daytona. That is afterall my first event when I left the first time; why not start over there?

I found a cool deal on a F150 and Road King both traded in by the same guy, both pristine clean, and for an amazing deal; but ultimately the truck is not what I need to pull my load and the bike is not a priority just yet (but it was perfectly rigged and calling me because I’ve always loved the Road King).

$15,000 for both - good deal

$15,000 for both – good deal

2014-02-03 18.12.25 2014-02-03 18.12.33

I don’t know if I’ll have a bike by then but it doesn’t bother me all that much yet. My first priority is getting back on the road, the second priority is getting back behind bars. I have to be smart with the very few dollars that I will get for compensation. So, we may or may not have time to do what I envision by February 27th but I’m going to do my best. Current ice and snow in the Georgia area is preventing some of my running as they are not used to dealing with these conditions here.

For now, I leave you with the notion that The 2nd Leg is fully underway. If you have Pinterest, you may find neat some of the ideas in my category marked Trailers. And just for kicks, I’ll share the rough sketch I did for my trailer… it is ever changing, but fun to mess with…

Ursula's Thoughts on Paper

Ursula’s Thoughts on Paper



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18 Responses to 2nd Leg of the Journey…

  1. Roy Farrow says:

    Now that’s what i’m talkin about right there!!!!!! I am soooo proud for and of you Beautiful!!!!!! I can almost feel the breeze watching those videos of you on the bike. That lit up smile and look on your face in the videos just made my day and made my soul smile!!!! Way to go Ursula!!!!

  2. jimcowan1950 says:

    Hey U, I enjoyed reading this post… especially the riding videos. Again, I enjoyed the pics as well. The old tree is great. It was great to see your father’s birthday mentioned… mine was the 6th which is my 64th. I would like to visit the SE US some day to see all the sites, just not sure if or when. I’ve been to FL a couple of times, but years ago… loved it though. Wishing you all the best with your pickup and trailer choices. I’ve purchased Ford F-150 4x4s in 1978, 1989, and again in 2001, and haven’t had one problem with any of them. Take care of them and they will take care of you. Same with everything I guess. Tell your dad happy birthday for me, Ursula… do take care.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Jim. I so appreciate you following along. Yeah, still looking for a truck but trailer construction begins tomorrow. I will give Dad your greetings and happy belated birthday to you as well.

  3. Toby says:

    Ursula…the videos made me smile HUGE! I love your spirit and drive. Just plain amazing. My hubby and I are heading to Daytona in our RV/Toy Hauler. I would love to meet you in person as I’ve been following your journey for a while. We’ll be in Daytona 3/8-3/10 and then after a jaunt to Key West and Miami, we’ll be back in Daytona on 3/14-3/15. Would love to say “hi”!

    • The BROAD says:

      I’m trying my best to get there. That would be awesome to say hello!!!! Do you see me travels on FB?

      • Toby says:

        I think I’m the only person I know NOT on FB…lol. Happy to provide you with contact info if you think you’ll make it there. Oh…and we have extra sleeping space in the RV if you need a place to stay and hubby’s got a 2-up seat on his bike. I know…it’s weird offering up our home-on-wheels to a virtual stranger!!! We’re pretty normal though! :o)

      • The BROAD says:

        You’re so sweet to offer. Thanks. Hopefully this trailer project will be done shortly so I’ll have a “home”. There are several folks that do FB so no worries there. If be more concerned your hubby would be upset you’re offering up his passenger seat to some strange BROAD…. Hehehehe. Hugs girl!!!

  4. Cheryl Robish says:

    I want to thank you for making me shed more HAPPY TEARS!!!! I was just showing my co-worker
    your video and AGAIN, I CRIED !!! lololol…..Love you girl !!!! Xoxo

    • The BROAD says:

      Some biker you are TANK…. big cry baby!!!! HaHa – You know I love you. And I cry too every time I watch myself in that leaving video. I may be broken and beaten, but I am not dead!!!!! I’ll be out there on the road again in a few weeks and soon after that I’ll have another bike. I miss you sweet girl – hugs to Mike!!

  5. Roman says:

    You are an amazing woman! You are an inspiration to many and the best example of what having the determination to reach your dream is all about. Calling the last few months a setback is such an understatement. You have overcome and fought through when many would have given up. The road behind can never be compared to the road ahead. The road less traveled is usually the one that fulfills the soul and you are traveling that road in a way that most of us would never attempt.

    We have but one life and it SHOULD be lived to its fullest. Kudos to you and bravo! Never look back with regret, but learn from the experience, educate others and advance forward pushing the limits. Inner strength is found only after one hits rock bottom. While you ride or drive, keep doing what you’re doing. I’m looking forward to the updates on The 2nd Leg of the Journey. Use your inner strength to exercise your mind. Use your mind to determine the road ahead. Use the road ahead to search your soul.

    • The BROAD says:

      My goodness Roman, you sure made my eyes leak on that one. Thank you so much. Your thoughts are ones of great power. If we call live by such standards this world would be such a far greater place. I am doing my best and I can’t thank you enough for being in my corner. See ya on the road – – somewhere – – hehehe! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Badass Cowboy says:

    SO Good to here of your recovery snd desire to get back in the wind!!!! 🙂

  7. Skippy says:

    AMAZING young LADY. You are MY hero 🙂

  8. Nancy Swain says:

    Make sure to test ride any bike that you get first. I bought a new road king and hated it. It felt like I was sitting on top of it and not in it. Just didn’t feel secure. LOL! I traded it for a dresser and didn’t have that problem, I love my dresser! I also loved my fat boy I had, very low, very agile! I am 5’8″ so even though I am tall, I like to feel secure with the asphalt. Just trying to give you a heads up! I will be going to the Poker Run in Clearwater for 50Legs. Hope to see you there!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much for that Nancy. For sure gotta drive them first. Not sure about the run … Sort of have a deadline for getting in the road and I’d that happens then I may be able to make it.

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