Got to Run…

Some days are longer than others, thank God for my sisters and brothers. A few battles are won, but the war will never be done. The struggles change with each passing day, just trying to live and find my way! Resurrecting me from dead was easy it seems, not so easy to rebuild my dreams. I take one step in the right direction, but anger burns worse than wounds and infection. Ignorance and injustice make my stomach turn, riding – the goal for which I yearn. Brain spins now faster than that day, flying through the air – life fading away. Back to the child my Father cares for, he did his job and owes me no more. Time to make a plan, as best that I can. Got to find the new me, got to run to be free.

By: Ursula Wachowiak


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10 Responses to Got to Run…

  1. Dubiquilts Fyrlieu says:

    Atta Girl! I can’t wait for that wonderful day when we ride together. In the mean time keep up the good work of rehabbing your lifestyle.

  2. Tricia says:

    So beautiful said, Ursula! Hang in there girl, you’ve got people you have never met who are raising your name in prayer to the Almighty GOD. Remember, you are an inspiration to riders and non-riders all over this United States, and we are reading these blogs of yours! Take care and be true to yourself! I have no doubts that you are going to be successful in your endeavors of throwing a leg over a bike someday and letting that auburn hair of yours blow in the wind! Thinking of you in NC, Tricia

    • The BROAD says:

      You’re so awesome Tricia. I can’t wait to find you. Thanks Soooo much for helping my spirit soar! I take my energy from those that share and you are always so supportive. Big hugs woman! Before you know it, I’ll be back out there wandering the earth looking for cool people to chat with. Keep your eyes peeled cuz you’re on the list.

      • Tricia says:

        Would love to meet and ride with you someday!! I’ve got a couple of more years here at the college I work at to retirement, then I will be out there riding more. We may even meet up at Myrtle Beach rally someday, I’m about 3 hours from there. Just keep going foward, Ursula! And thanks for the reply!!

      • The BROAD says:

        I’d like to make the Myrtle Beach rally this year. We shall see. So many options and things to handle. Thanks for sticking by me and here’s hoping to meet you soon. Gonna be in SC possibly over this weekend. Email or FB me and I’ll keep you posted if I make it. Cheers, U

  3. Mc7 says:

    Such a gift to be able to put words together like that. Great reading to get my friday morning started off right. Thanks , and still praying for ya. Michael

  4. Laurie says:

    Sending you love, my friend … As always!

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