Ten Steps Back, Twenty Steps Forward…

There has been a lot of activity in just a few short weeks since my last visit to Illinois for my birthday. As I sit here watching MawMaw prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the family I realize yet again just how blessed I am. I have always been thankful for that which I have and as my life progresses forward there is more and more for which to give thanks.

Tuesday 11-12-13 – I came back from Illinois because I had this appointment with my surgeon. I was so excited because I just knew that the new femur was growing well and that it was time for me start physical therapy. Well, things didn’t exactly go as I thought, but it was progress all the same. He was not happy with a spot on the left knee that didn’t seem to want to heal. The skin is so thin that it’s practically clear and it peels easily with a bath, an ace, a compression sock, anything and it would open again. He was concerned about this and put me on a preventive antibiotic. I was a little baffled because it wasn’t inflamed or any other symptoms to indicate infection but hey, I’m no doctor. He did however tell me that once we get that spot cleared up that it would be time to send me to be fitted for a prosthetic and to start real therapy, not just the home exercises I do. I shared with Dr. Ogburn a piece of my heart, well actually I gave him a Nailmaille heart just as I had given my surgeons in Minnesota. He was finally smiling… I think I am finally cracking his shell. Needless to say, I was tickled and had to do a little happy dance when I got back into my car.

A Fall Day

A Fall Day

Thursday 11-14-13 – I have gotten back to working for my couple of steady clients and I’m so thankful that they stuck it out and waited for me to recover mentally. Of the three regulars, two of them are bikers whom I acquired while on the road. They have followed my story and my progress and have sat patiently waiting for me to come back to life. I love what I do and I love my clients so I was anxious to get back in the swing of things. It’s not as easy as it used to be because I can’t sit in one spot for very long like before. I have to take breaks, well I should take breaks and I am working on being better at that because I often sit longer than I should and I pay for it later. During the evening I hit the shower and while I scrubbing my leg with my Bama elephant scrubby from my friend Sue Robinson, I snagged something on my knee that hurt and I saw blood. I sort of freaked out for a quick moment and yelled for Ma. By the time she heard me and came into the bathroom I had pulled two small shards of glass out of my knee. Well, I guess that answers the question as to why the knee wasn’t healing. I had one heck of a hole in my knee after that. I called and left a message for my doctor and wrapped up the knee. My Dad made me feel a little better when he told me had a piece of glass come out of his nose after a car wreck 20 years prior and similar such stories appeared on my Facebook when I posted about the glass.

2013-11-24 10.56.46

Redid my Bandana Pants

Redid my Bandana Pants

A Marble Spider at Dad and Ma's

A Marble Spider at Dad and Ma’s

The next few days were spent doing the regular things such as paperwork, working, relaxing, exercising, being goofy with Dad and Ma, and keeping in touch with my son and friends via text, calls, and Facebook. I also got to get a real hair-do thanks to a birthday gift card. It was nice to be clear of mind, but I teased several times about ignorance being bliss because gosh dern I sure am busy now. And of course, being free of the narcotics for well over a month at that point the neuropathy in my leg drives me crazy with pain. I am trying to figure out the right course of medicines, natural supplements, sitting and sleeping positions, and I even started a support group on Facebook called AMP’D Off where we as amputees can help each other.

2013-11-23 12.50.06 2013-11-23 13.42.46

As I have said so many times I have been fortunate to acquire friends online that I have in turn met later in person and have really enjoyed. I have not yet met one that I would not spend time with again. I came upon a one-legged biker on Facebook that lives in Florida, Mr. Rod Paddock. He was broadsided by a lady while riding his motorcycle four months prior to my accident. His leg was severed on the scene and thankfully a buddy of his was right across the street and used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. He is an above the knee amputee on the left side like me. It was planned that Rod would come visit us in Georgia and we were to attend the the International Motorcycle Show in Cobb County.

Thursday 11-14-13 – Rod shows up at the house mid afternoon. It was a long 8 hour ride when you sit on your ass and have a partial leg that gives you pain. We was swollen and tired but in great spirits. We sat around the house the rest of the day and evening and just talked and got to know each other. He taught me many things about my situation and we shared many personal stories. He’s a silly nut bag just like us so he fit in quite well. He and Dad yapped a lot. He and Ma had their stories, and all of us shared a great evening.

2013-11-16 17.51.11 2013-11-17 05.59.51

Friday I wanted to show Rod a little of the area but being as I don’t know much myself we were kind of a blind hunt for something to do. I took him to Covington Square where Dukes of Hazard the series was filmed as well as Heat of the Night and the current Walking Dead series. Now Ms. Roxy across the street loaned us her scooter so Rod could keep up with me at the IMS show because he just has a wheelchair and I didn’t want to rig a tow strap to him. Just as we got to the first cross street in Covington Square there was an older couple each crossing the road on their electric scooters. Rod said, “Hey, that’s us in 20 years… Oh wait, that’s us now.” We cracked up laughing and I was so tickled that I didn’t go when I was supposed to. We took the 5 minute tour around the square and proceeded onward. I didn’t really know where to go or what to do so we ended up at Stone Mountain Harley Davidson. I had a gift card and hey, it’s always nice to look around. A girl can dream. I ended up with a belt which was good since my belt was cut off of me at the crash scene.

From there, we headed over to Mountain Motorsports – it was a biker kind of weekend. But… I just had to make Rod try a Krystal’s burger since he had never had them. They are way better than White Castles in my opinion. We sat in the parking lot chatting and eating a little snack. At Mountain Motorsports we looked around and I bought a couple Fox hoodies for my son that were on sale. Being a Honda guy, Rod was looking at the bikes while I shopped. On this day we did everything by crutches rather than unloading the wheelchair and scooter every time. So needless to say, we were both tiring by this time. I just wanted to make one more stop at the farm stand for some vegetables and boiled peanuts. I was making dinner for Rod, my guest and I learned that he wasn’t too keen on the collard greens I had lined up. I got him sweet potatoes as he requested and a few other fresh goodies.

When we got home I started the steaks and the rest of dinner. There is only one small step to the back porch where the grill is, but I tell you, it’s sort of defeating when you have to ask somebody to carry the steaks out and carry them back in. It’s no big deal really but it makes you remember how easy things used to be. I didn’t dwell on it merely made a mental note and kept cooking. The evening was again spent sharing and laughing but I turned in early so that I could get up early for the motorcycle show.

Saturday 11-16-13 – We got up rather early and got dressed for the motorcycle show. We loaded up the scooters and thank goodness for teamwork. We put my scooter in the back of my car because it comes apart and we put Roxy’s scooter which is larger on my hitch crate. With that we set off for our one hour ride to the Cobb County Galleria for the International Motorcycle Show. We were trying to find the best handicap parking and ended up circling a bit laughing at ourselves. We found a spot and unloaded the scooters. The race was on… of course our first path lead us to a brick wall that had stairs for those two-legged people so we had to back track and ended up on the main road with bikes and cars passing us. But as good bikers (on scooters) we were sure to use our hand signals when we turned. I laughed so hard. We made it into the show and talked to a nice couple in the line for tickets. Inside the show we first checked out the vendor side where of course, I had to talk to as many people as I could; that’s just me. Rod shopped around and we caught up with each other every so often. We watched some very talented teenagers rock out to some classic tunes and fetched a beer together. Again we separated and while I was enjoying the vintage bikes I talked to a gentleman from the area and he was telling me about his buddy that was hit and nearly lost his leg. He wanted to introduce me to him but as with Rod and I, they had gotten separated. We said I good days and went about our tours. I took a few more pictures and headed towards the Harley display. Steve (gosh I hope I remember that right) was the gentleman I spoke to about his friend; he came up to me again and introduced his friend and of course, in true Ursula fashion I am failing to remember his name. I remember it was a normal name but I have always sucked at names. I can remember a face and where I saw that face, but names escape me all the time. Anyway, we chatted and shared our crash stories. This poor dude has been down a few times and just keeps riding… it’s true, some of us are blood with type A, B, or O blood, some of us are born with 10w50.

2013-11-16 18.34.41 2013-11-16 12.24.12

After a lovely chat with these boys, Rod came up to us and we bid farewell and made our way to the Harleys. Killer Creek Harley had a great display of bikes and I went around checking them all out. The one that yelled my name was a beautifully decked out CVO. A salesman named Jeffro approached and of course, being the pushy BROAD that I am, I asked dude to hold that bike up so I could sit on it. At first he looked at me like I had three heads but of course I insisted. “You got it? Don’t let this bike fall on my good leg or I’ll own it.” He smiled and assured me that he had the bike. It fit me like you just would not believe. The controls were positioned like it was waiting for me to find it. If I had that kind of cash it would have been mine immediately. Thank goodness I didn’t have the cash. Dad would have flipped if I called him and told him to bring me a trailer.

2013-11-16 13.00.44 2013-11-16 13.28.41 2013-11-16 12.59.54 2013-11-16 13.28.54 2013-11-16 14.17.49 2013-11-16 14.18.49 2013-11-16 14.19.01

We were having a good time but it was getting late and we were meeting Dad and Ma for dinner. We made our way to Cafe Milano’s in Conyers and enjoyed a great Italian dinner.

2013-11-16 16.29.40

On Sunday, Rod left a 7:00 AM to make his way back to Florida. Like I said, I have yet to meet a stranger that I would spend time with again. Thank you Rod for a lovely new friendship.

Monday 11-18-13 – The new week brought me more work and even a new client. It was more of the norm and believe me at this point norm is good. I did a great deal of reading and research in an effort to manage the neuropathy. I was really looking forward to my son visiting for Thanksgiving but he called to tell me that his job was making everybody work on the Friday after Thanksgiving so his trip would be cancelled. I was sad but I knew I would see him in December and his ticket could be used again for another visit, perhaps in February or so when he wants to defrost from the Illinois winter.

Tuesday 11-26-13 – Let’s Dance!!!! Ok, well, soon… My doctor appointment was finally PERFECT!! I took Dr. Ogburn a Rider’s Claw t-shirt and he was smiling really big. I lifted my pant leg and he saw my knee; the healing looked good. He was also impressed with the slightly additional flex that I had in the knee. He issued my official prescription to be fitted for a prosthetic and for 30% weight baring and water therapy. I was so tickled!! I had already scheduled an appointment with POA and 50Legs.org for December 8th. I want to encourage everybody to visit 50Legs.org and make a donation because these folks provide prosthesis for people that cannot otherwise afford them. They are run strictly on donations and I am just one person out of hundreds that they help every year.

The Happy Happy Day

The Happy Happy Day

With that, I end this edition of the one-legged BROAD and next time you hear from me, I’ll be faking it baby.

Wishing you and yours a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

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16 Responses to Ten Steps Back, Twenty Steps Forward…

  1. Nancy Swain says:

    You are going to the best place around!!!!!My little granddaughter goes there Juniper McKnight! Hang on girlie, you are gonna be just fine!!!! I ride a dresser and have been riding for years. Would so love to chat sometime! You and I have ALOT in common!!!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Nancy. I believe I have heard of your grand daughter. And isn’t her mom helping 50legs w a fundraiser up there in march? Perhaps I will see you then if I have my thoughts straight on that. Peace and merry Christmas.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi, Ursula Glad your get along well. I have a small ankle brace it take time to brake the body in.
    you are on a good peace so keep on going on .

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Tony. Today is the day that I head to Florida for my first temporary leg. I am extremely excited. Hope you stick around and see how the rest of the journey unfolds.

  3. Cheryl Robish says:

    Loved, Loved, Loved this post!!!! I am soooo excited for your fitting, I cried when I saw the pic of you in your car on FB smiling from ear to ear, finally getting the news you’ve been waiting for. You continue to be an inspiration to me and so many others and for this I am Thankful not only during the holidays but forever!!! Love you and can’t wait to see u !!! Xoxo ~ Tank (lol)

  4. Roy Farrow says:

    Hi Beautiful I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to say that you are truly an inspiration. Hang in there doll you will be up and around before we know it. This mean old world can’t keep a good woman down!! I noticed where you mentioned sitting on the CVO bike above. I was blessed enough to purchase a 2013 CVO Road King back in April and became a member of a forum valled http://www.cvoharley.com and just wanted to throw out an invite for you to check out the forum. If you drop in tell them T-Roy sent you. Take care of yourself.
    Later, Roy

    • The BROAD says:

      I loved that CVO – still waiting for the lottery ticket… Thanks for finding me Roy and I look forward to having you follow along. I’ll have to check out that forum. Send a picture on FB (Ursula Marie Wachowiak)! Cheers, U

  5. drmoms2 says:

    I love reading these sweetheart! And can’t wait to see you again in a few short weeks! Much love to you, Pa and Ma! Xoxo

  6. Deeann Davis says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, BROAD! Hope you had a great day with your family and got to eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie. I love your attitude. I know you get down but you never seem to let it kick your ass. You always get up. Good for you! I’ve got you in my prayers.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Deeann. I gained back the 6 pounds plus some. Living w these retirees is catch up to me. Hehehe. Thanks for your kind words and in glad to have you along for the ride.

  7. Skippy says:

    GOD BLESS you and your Family THIS THANKS GIVING DAY! We have so much to be thankful for 🙂 Life Love and FAMILY. Peace be with your Young lady.

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