Has It Really Been That Long Ago???

Well, at this time 6 weeks ago I suppose there were doctors hovering all around me saying,

It’s not likely she will make it, we will just part this leg together for the moment and wait for her family.”

Muahahahaha (*evil online laugh*)…

The Grim Reaper can suck my big toe (the right one anyway), cuz I’m still here!!!

I’M STILL HERE … Loads of professionals did their utmost to make that possible, the love and strength of so many people (known and unknown) created a barrier that would not let me pass, and I want so much to believe that somewhere inside that near lifeless body I was fighting to see my son and granddaughter again (although I remember nothing of those fighting days).

The blood content of my body was replaced just at 3 times and I am missing half a leg. I can hardly fathom that I am still here.

Six weeks – WOW! Me speechless, nah… just dumbfounded!

~Just Get There ~
I always wanted an instant death, not to lie in a ditch losing breath.
When death circled my body my soul kicked in, “I WILL SEE MY SON AGAIN!”
There may days on which I cry, but I will wake each day and try try try.
I will get to where I need to go, even if I am moving slow.
It will not be by Harley for now, but I will get there any how.
~Ursula Wachowiak~

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42 Responses to Has It Really Been That Long Ago???

  1. dale walksler says:

    this is dale Walksler saying hello. yesterday I received a call and was informed you had been involved in a serious accident. my first reaction was’ shit not another one” then reality hit me and I remain constant in my prayers for all of those I have met that choose to live on the edge- every day- because. Each is special in their ways. I cheerfully remember the day you parked here at Wheels, Proud, alive and in that moment, We Remember…. with that said and a deep breath. give me a ring sometime SOON here at wheels. the number is 828 926 6266.

  2. Wendy Strong says:

    Love your poem Ursula. You’re such an inspiration!

  3. Shayla says:

    Everyday, things change, I am glad you are still just the same. Little different, but still the same. Love you pretty girl.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you baby. I was telling my Aunt the story today of how you had a perceived hate for me until we met that first time and shared that first hug. It’s human how folks judge but thankfully for us we have shared love and friendship since. We learn everyday and I am blessed for your friendship. Hugs to you Mr. G

  4. Cheryl Robish says:

    WOW…6 weeks!!! and look how far you have come 🙂 While I know u have many battles ahead still, I can’t believe how positive and strong you have been thru this. You have been an inspiration to many!!! I hope ur next surgery goes well and recovery is quick so that you can move forward. Miss u lots, hope to get to see u soon, if not in person yet maybe SKYPE 🙂 Xoxo~Tank

    • The BROAD says:

      Hello love!! Thanks a bunch for being my #1 fan. I love you so much and for sure Skype. Visits are cool too. Just let me know when ya wanna Skype. Maybe every couple weeks. I want to blab at you about so many things (good) that I feel have grown in me and out of this loss. Love ya Tank.

  5. chippywarren says:

    Love the poem at the end!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Chippy. Poetry has been a passion since I was a young girl. I have a Trapper Keeper full of stuff. Remember Trapper Keepers???? My son got a kick out that book when I first shared it with him. Young girl poetry … So funny.

  6. Bonny Varela-Cosentino says:

    Every day, your strength, determination and your humor inspire me!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much. If you get the chance to live you might as well make the lost of it and smiling helps. And it’s the contagious thing you can give somebody. 🙂

  7. Ren Sanfilip says:

    Miss your posts, you are on the way, best to you….

    • The BROAD says:

      I’m working on it Ron. I need to do a post for the 4 weeks I’ve been at Dad’s and a new video – – – I know I know… So many things and not enough hours in the day. But I am honored that you miss the posts. Thanks a bunch for the dedication.

  8. Candice says:

    After everything you have been through and have yet to go through, to still hear the light you offer so many is such an inspiration. You will accomplish great things!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Candice. I had a deep and faith filled conversation with my aunt today regarding this word people keep using – inspiration!! I don’t known of I saved for a reason or if I was just lucky. We shall see what the future holds.

  9. Ken Loeffler says:

    U R amazing. Wish I would have done the LCO Cancer Ride and had a chance to meet U

    • The BROAD says:

      Aaahhhh so you’re from the north woods. Hello to you!!! It was cool to do a ride with locals and meet new people. I love it up there (except the Mosquitos-they ate me up). Hope you’ll keep following along.

  10. Muahahahaha ! Gotta love it.

  11. I would like to ask “How are you doing?” It seems too personal a question from a casual acquaintance you met on your journey. I envied your boldness and freedom to set off on your journey around the country, I doubt I could ever do that. I know your “detour” has to be really hard but from what I saw in you when we met, I know you will be back doing what you like soon enough. I think I know your answer to my question…Heal swiftly, you have countless friends all wishing you well and keeping you in their prayers. You can always go fishing. 🙂

    • The BROAD says:

      Mark, in all honesty, for real; I am definitely having more good days than bad for the past week plus – both physical and emotional. I am now battling with what my destiny will be. I’ve really enjoyed messaging with some folks that have disabilities or harsh life issues that want to vent and hear positive encouragement. I have really enjoyed that. I’m not sure what to make of it all so I guess I’ll see where it goes. I need to get more writing done.

      I have a surgery in 3 weeks and hopefully I’ll bounce back from that pretty quick because I really want to get to a place where I can start PT and shape the stump in preparation for a prosthetic.

      Thanks for asking bluntly exactly how I am. I report only the truth but that doesn’t mean I report all of it. There are some horrid days with pain and anxiety but I don’t swell on it. I accept it, I allow it to happen, I tell myself it will pass, and I just keep breathing.

      That’s about the skinny for now. There is good fishing in GA so I hear; if your boat ever rolls through here, let me know.

  12. Tina Doyle-Byd says:

    Just keep on keepin on my friend! I look forward to keeping up with your amazing progress!

  13. Ron Lischeid says:

    Just keep listening for that bell to ring – when it does, you will know that it is your turn –

  14. Uturn says:

    Change the last line from now to YET

    • The BROAD says:

      HaHaHa – Not happening cuz then you’re gonna want part of the royalties when that poem makes a zillion dollars and I’m just not up for that kind of battle. Bahahaha – I know exactly what ya meant, but only time and my soul will determine if I ride again. It has yet to be seen. Hugs to U from U

  15. michael gardner says:

    Still got plenty of time to sneak a little wicked in there now and again…

  16. Andy Metzka says:

    You will be back before you know it!! We have faith in you! ( as do you!)
    Sending smiles and hugs!

  17. Lynn says:

    You betcha Darlin You are getting there . Love you!!!

  18. Kristen Paro says:

    That’s awesome!!!!!! Push forward for all the lives you have and are changing!!!!

  19. Skippy says:

    I have found another one of God Angels on earth. Nice to know you Ursula.

  20. ski says:

    Girl, you are awesome!

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