A First Responder Recalls the Mishap

I have been in rather constant communication with two of the first responders that helped save my life. I was telling David how amazing it is to know the people that saved me. I remember them, but usually you figure; they do their job and that’s where it ends. Not so in my case. Laying there in the ditch as they tried to keep me awake I talked to them about so many things: my son, my journey, and of course my vital information.

In reply to the message I sent David, this is what I got in return and he has said that I can quite him and use it here to share with all. These are his words, while I may have corrected the appreciated “online speak such as u, ur, etc like we so in texts)…

Hi Ursula! I’m glad you got the shirts…more to come for sure.
The day of your crash was a crazy day for us and one I will never forget. Ed and I were on our way back from Centuria, Wisconsin we were out there helping in the search for a two year old boy who had been missing overnight. We were on our way back when our pagers went off requesting our fire dept for a car vs motorcycle. We were about 7 mins away so we made it there in good time. When we pulled up we saw Anthony’s car and some people standing on the road. Ed was the first one over to see you laying there. Ed turned to me and said get down here! Im an EMT on the ambulance service that responded so I have more experience with traumas. I’m the one that kicked Anthony out of there so we could treat you. With your injuries I knew we needed a helo and told Ed to drop his radio and get down there and help me. Because we were in our personal vehicles we only had a small ditch bag with us. Once the cops got there we started covering your leg with trauma bandages. We started oxygen and put you on a back board. At this point we had a few other fire people with us and a supervisor with the ambulance had arrived. We got you in the ambulance and I put a tourniquet on your leg. You were losing far too much blood and without it I’m not sure you would have made it. The ambulance crew started IVs. I was the one who gave the helo medics the update on you. I helped load you in the helo and you were off. After you left I had to sit for a minute. Even though I do this for a living it still affects me and you really touched me when you told me about your son. I just kept thinking about my mom. She passed away 10 yrs ago and I didn’t want your son to lose his mom. Most people think that EMS and fire folks save lives everyday they go to work. It don’t work that way. Most of our calls are basic stuff or the people are beyond saving. I’m so glad that we were there to help you! We are family and I want nothing more than to give you a hug and chat. Stay strong out there. We love you!! David xoxo


Jamie is not in the picture because she was taking it, but she too was in the scene with me.


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18 Responses to A First Responder Recalls the Mishap

  1. Judy LaParne says:

    What an amazing write up! It’s very much the “human side” of a difficult job. God bless this man for giving us a glimpse of what happens after their job is complete and they hand that person in need over to someone else… they still care!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Yes Judy they do. They are doing a job but they are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, and they are after all just as human as we are and could find themselves in my place. I was blessed with excellent care from a professional stand-point, and I was graced with loving kindness from amazing people. It is so cool for me to be getting to know those professionals, those humans, those folks that were just doing their job and happened to help save my life. Definitely cool for me and I can’t wait to see them all again with eyes far more clear and a heart beating even stronger thanks to them and for them.

  2. Mark Lewis says:

    Thanks guys….For saving one of my very best friends….. Love you Urs…xoxo

    • The BROAD says:

      I Love you very much Mark. I can’t wait to hug you again. Please give lil Mac a punch in the arm or a yank of her hair for me and tell her I love her. Not super soon, but soon, not soon enough, but soon – I will be back for my collection of love and hugs!!

  3. dlyt says:

    Ursula, I had been following you on FB and deactivated my account a while back. I only activate it once in a while just to check on “what the BROAD is doing”. What a shock! I have immersed myself into every posted I missed. You are truly amazing!!!! Your talent and how you have decided to embrace the challenges are delightfully inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing your special gift with others. My thoughts and prayers are with you for feeling good soon.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so very much for being such a dedicated supporter. I am always tickled to ‘finally’ get a message from somebody that says I’ve been following for this long or that long but they never said hello. It is nice to hear from folks out there because they used to make the road less lonely and now they make the days much shorter and the recovery much closer. Peace to you!

  4. Skip Helseth says:

    The EMT”S and First Responders are Gods Angels on Earth. Great job team.

  5. Edward Cich says:

    Amazing people always seem to cross paths in life just when needed most

  6. U-turn says:

    Good work brothers! You were in the right place at the right time for a reason we will not know in this lifetime. Congrats on the save, so glad this story didn’t come to an end that day. What a small world…I have family in Centuria WI, which is such a small town most people don’t even know about it!
    Scenes like these live on in our memories for a long time, or forever. So glad you have a good outcome to look back on. Our dept did a m/c accident scene drill this past week and I couldn’t help but think of this situation as we worked the mocks situation. Hoping our non-riding members now have a little more idea of what to consider in motorcycle traumas. Of course, if there were never any future traumas, that would be ideal! Since that will never happen, if we can at least have more positive (all things considered) outcomes such as this, wouldn’t that be something!
    (Shameless plug:) Check out Town of Sheboygan Falls Fire Dept on Facebook to see our motorcycle crash drill and how we train for scenes like this. Give a shout out from your dept as well
    Take care and keep up the great work!

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey U…

      That’s awesome that your dept incorporated MC trauma training. Perhaps to bring it home from an affected person you should print my post entitled: Minnesota Mishap. They will be speechless to hear in detail how one motorcycle trauma was handled and the emotions from many that were involved. If not for the excellent team work and knowledge of those on scene, things could have as you said, ‘ended’ that day.

      I do so enjoy from hearing from you. FB me a link to your dept so I can LIKE it. I will forget by tomorrow, I blame the drugs and the hundreds of messages daily (which is a fabulous burden to bear that helps me stay strong).

      Hugs, U

  7. Shayla says:

    I am SO grateful to these guys. I am sure your days now are not easy, but I am SO VERY glad you are alive. Thank you for sharing with all of us. You are such a wonderful person.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you my SWEET love. Perhaps I could con you into sending them a tin of Shayla’s awesome cookies. I would be willing to pay! I bet they would love a treat from one of the most special friends in my life. I love You! Oh, I got my other cookies today. Haven’t been online much; will post on FB tomorrow. Although the bag many be a few lighter by then.

  8. Tricia says:

    God Bless these two for getting there to the scene so quickly and applying those bandages and tourniquet on you! Evidently they did make a difference in your condition when you got to the hospital. What a caring and compassionate attitude too!! Of course, I’ve never met you, but it seems like you make an impact on everyone you meet, Ursula, even through your writings! Hang in there Lady, prayers coming from NC – Tricia

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Tricia. I’m not sure what it is within me that makes me love all people (until you screw with anybody I care about; then I’ll just try to reason with you or leave you in my past). Many experiences over my life is really the answer. I just love people and when you give to them your time and kindness; it is usually returned ten fold. Don’t forget NC isn’t that far from my spot in GA; keep me posted on any road trips. Hugs, U

  9. Pamela says:

    Amazing! Stop making me cry at work!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Bahahahaha – Stop working while I’m blogging…. hehehehe!! That might not be a good idea cuz then you’d be a homeless biker like me (wait, I loved being a homeless biker). I’m happy to have you following along, even in the detour. Hugs, U

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