Cooking with The BROAD

This one is about 20 minutes long and it was definitely a challenge to work around in the kitchen to make a full meal for the first time after losing the leg. I managed the walker for a while but the bad leg got to tingling and stinging too much, the good foot was starting to feel all the weight pressure, and my back started to ache from the leaning and support against counter tops. HOWEVER, I will say that this was a fun video to make and it was nice to cook again. I have always loved to cook (and eat). There are some pretty funny parts and hey… I have a great lemon asparagus recipe. For those that gave me a little chiding over not smiling in the shower video; be certain there are smiles in this video and showering is actually a real bummer for me, this was not.


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19 Responses to Cooking with The BROAD

  1. Skip Helseth says:

    Someday You have to teach me the towel on the head thingy LOL It never stay’s when I try it? Could be I have very little Hair left 🙂 HAHAHAHAHa

  2. Tricia says:

    You are doing so good, Lady!! I feel like your ma, just wanted to help you! Listen to your body, tho, and get rest when you need it and get off your good leg when it pains you. Yes, I’m a momma too!! Take care and keep us informed of the upcoming surgery…Tricia in NC.

  3. Jim Cowan says:

    Dear, dear Ursula… I have viewed each of your videos before leaving this reply, and believe you have “grabbed the bull by the horns”. What I mean is when something gets you down, you get right back up. With occasional assistance from loved ones, you can do anything girl. You would be an excellent speaker at the VA centers where guys and gals have lost limbs and are recuperating. With a collarbone fracture, you are maneuvering quite well seems to me, although I’m sure you are hiding a lot of the pain you experience every day.

    That crab dinner and lobster dinner looked fantastic and I’ll wager smelled just great. I don’t know why your dad wanted tilapia! Although I like it too, when I can’t have crab or lobster! Asparagus is one of my favorite green veggies when it is picked at its peak, and not overcooked. I even like picking it from the garden and eating it right there. Nothing lost in the discarded water that way. (I think the post office must have lost my invite you sent… I never got it. haha)

    Ursula, I know there will be days that you want to cuss the world… just don’t feel bad about bad feeling in your circumstances. You should have some form of release for frustrations, and take it in any form that suits you. Tomorrow will be a better day… that is always what I was told by the VP of Academics where I taught college. You will get through this and if you ever have a need to “talk”, you have that outlet right here. I am betting that everyone following you would agree that whatever you post, we will read and will reply to you in a supportive fashion.

    You are the most positive person I have ever known or heard of while dealing with what you are going through. I’m impressed you seem to never get in a negative mode… realizing that has to do with proper upbringing, I’ll leave that on the back burner. You stay positive!

    I am praying for you to continue the healing process, and look forward to each new post you send. God bless you and your family Ursula.


    • The BROAD says:

      I am absolutely touched by your message. My upbringing has a lot to do with my attitude, but you may be surprised to know the details as to why. Remember, some are like their parents or exact opposites. I’ll stop there.

      I have learned over many years of various struggles that being negative only keeps YOU down. I have embraced the chance to meet all types of people. I feel whether good or bad every person has something to teach us.

      I also believe that despite how hard it can be, FORGIVENESS is essential to inner peace.

      Yes, I have cried myself to sleep. I had a crying spell after leaving WalMart due to the collar bone and wheeling the chair. I cried today leaving the Harley dealer because MY DREAM was crushed for no reason. I just wanted to ride. I have painful and emotional days and that’s when I’m quiet online. I try not to post too much of the bad, but enough so people can see it sure isn’t easy or that being positive cures all.

      I can only hope at this point that my experience can help somebody else that may have a more difficult struggle.

      Thank you so much for keeping up with the journey, even in the detour.

      Peace, Ursula

  4. Skippy says:

    When I was young I hated all veggies. I learned in the service most people do also. I could go back for 3 -4 servings of veggies. Every thing but spinach ISHY<< Asparagus is good will have to try some soon. Keep the wonderful updates coming! I so enjoy your writing and Videos. You have such a talent with the written word. Ever thought of maybe a book you have a real experience to share?

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Skippy. I had given thought to a book about the journey and I suppose this is part if the journey. Perhaps a book may happen but the story is still writing itself. I appreciate you following and the kudos on my writing. Cheers, U

  5. michael gardner says:

    Looks great! gotta try that asparagus recipe.Sounds like the folks are a real pair of characters! That bag lady bit is priceless. A lot of love in that home.God bless y’all.

    • The BROAD says:

      Oh yeah – my family is certifiably nuts; that’s where I get it from. Ms. Pat (Ma) is always up to shenanigans. I told her she looked like she was about to make a ransom demand as a terrorist.

      • michael gardner says:

        Instead she made a ransom demand on our heart.I think got almost as choked up as you did. Of course a few years back I had a stroke in the parts of my brain that has to do do with emotional control and can cry at anything. Yep, mister macho that’s me!

      • The BROAD says:

        Thanks Mr. Macho. She’s a funny one for sure. My family is so silly.

  6. Kristen Paro says:

    Ursula, you are doing fabulous. Yes another milestone achieved!!!! Make sure you are getting enough rest. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration. I talk about you all the time to family, friends and colleagues. Though we’ve never met I truly enjoy your blog and posts…..thank you! Xoxo.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Kristen for your kind words and for sharing my story. Writing is like therapy for me but when others enjoy what I put into words it’s a far bigger reward. Stay tunes for more… Peace, U

  7. Kelly Nichols says:

    Your doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Uturn says:

    this brings back some memories for me of last summer before my surgery when I wasn’t able to walk. I had planted a garden in the summer before my back got bad. But as things started to come up, I couldn’t walk to the garden to pull any weeds or do any maintenance. Most all of my plants didn’t survive because the weeds over took them, plus there was a really bad drought. So I couldn’t really water them either. Fortunately my other half did what he could for watering for me but he doesn’t know a weed for from a plant so he couldn’t do anything there. I did manage 2 get some tomatoes from the tomato plants that survived. Not nearly as many as normal and not enough to do the canning that I normally do. But there was still enough to make a few jars of spaghetti sauce. Your post is what makes me think of this next part. After about six weeks of not really being able to walk or stand for more than a couple minutes at a time, we devised my version of a wheelchair. We knew it wouldn’t be permanent depending on what treatment I went with so we just bought a cheap office chair that was on wheels and kept it in the kitchen. When I needed to cook something small I would sit on the chair and just push myself around the kitchen to get what I needed. when I did my tomatoes to make my sauce I sat on my chair in front of the stove scooping scalded tomatoes out of the pan into the ice bath. I remember feeling so silly when I did it but knew I didn’t have much of a choice. at the time I felt so discouraged to be so reliant on others to help me. It was a really negative time of feeling like I was helpless and useless. But now that I’ve had the surgery and therapy to be able to function again, it really makes me appreciate what I can do for myself again. That drives me to want to do more for both myself and others. I’m sure for you there’s many more times of feeling quite similar which you don’t really call out, but I’m sure you go through them. You’re already a lot more positive in your experience then I was in mine, and yours is much more extreme. I’m sure that you’ll come through with flying colors and you’ll be able to learn your new ways and can feel good about that and you’ll be an even better model of strength courage and independence. You go girl! glad to see these videos and posts so we know that you’re still out there, being strong. thanks for sharing your journey so that we can see life thru a different pair of eyes and put everything in perspective. Til next time!

    • The BROAD says:

      Oh DeAna – I used to have a great garden when I dated my Larry. I canned so much stuff it was unbelievable. Didn’t have one the past 3 seasons and I really missed it. I learned how to do all that from my mom and grand mother when I was young. Too funny about the office chair, but hey if it worked; so be it. I had a 2-day stretch last week that was really down and out; first one since hospital. I suppose it’s to be expected but you’re right about having to rely on others when we aren’t used to that. I got so pissed one of my first nights here… I had done all my ready for bed stuff and scooted with my walker over to get into bed, got mostly comfy when I realized I left the overhead light on. I couldn’t just jump right up and flip it off. I had to hobble on the walker from one corner of the room to the other. Normally I would have bound across the bed, jumped up and flipped it off – but those days are gone. Even when I get prosthetic you don’t sleep in them typically so I’ll still continue to have some of those issues after I’m all fixed up. Thanks for following me along the detour. Big Hugs, U

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