Showering with The BROAD

This is the first in a series of videos that I hope to film in order to show folks not only how The BROAD is doing in daily life, but to give food for thought as to how some things have changed so drastically. What once took no time, now takes a long time. What once was taken for granted, no longer is. I am no video editor so you will get this the way I do it, again… just a learning and a challenge that I will undertake.

PS – I first posted this on Facebook, but I have learned in the past week that I have many followers on the blog that do not use Facebook; so forgive the duplication. All videos will begin their lives here on the blog and feed over to Facebook in the future.

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28 Responses to Showering with The BROAD

  1. Joe Bermudez says:

    I have not been on your site for awhile. Wanted to see if you were going to be in Reno, Nv
    for Street Vibrations so we could meet, when I saw your ” Detour”. Hope you are doing well
    I will pray for you

  2. I am glad you are alive and it appears despite your “detour” you are doing well. I met you in Clewiston at the KOA, I am the fisherman, Capt. Tom. I was impressed with your spirit and the ambitious journey you were on. You never know what is down the road, life has forced a little detour. I wish you well, I look forward to following your journey… maybe a book is in your future. I offered once before and it still stands if you make it to the Buffalo NY area or back to Florida,… you got a place on the boat to go fishing… that may not be your idea of a great way to spend time… but know I that the “tug of a fish is mighty powerful magic it can heal your spirit… and turn women into girls”. A little time of the water with a fishing pole in hand is very liberating and can add years to ones life. I wish you well on your journey!

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Tom. Of course I remember you. You’ll be upset to know that I put a set of Michelin Commander II tires on the bike not 1500 miles before the crash. Sorry dude! Had to get more miles… Guess that didn’t work out.

      Anyway, I have always loved fishing. I used to work for a tackle company. I do not know when I’ll be free to travel but I’ll keep ya in mind. If ya pass through GA on the way to FL give me a shout out.

      I appreciate you following along and for giving me support and encouragement.

      Hugs, U

  3. Tina Doyle-Byd says:

    I do remember Vicky. I hope we get to meet again! I know we will. I think our attitude has a huge impact on how you are handling what life has thrown at you. My Dad always told me God doesn’t put anything on anyone he doesn’t think they can handle. So you are very strong and will make it through this bump in the road. I am looking forward to the day we meet again!

    • The BROAD says:

      I wonder where Tina is now? I never heard from her in any if the reunion sites or social media. And yeah… Maybe he doesn’t give it if we can’t handle it, but I wish he didn’t trust me so much. Hehehe. Do hope to see you again. Hugs, U

  4. Tina Doyle-Byd says:

    I don’t even know how you do it. I have said it before but I will say it again. You are amazing and an inspiration to us all. I don’t know anyone who could come as far as you have in such a short amount of time. I’m continuing to pray for you my friend! I look forward to watching your continuing progress!

    • The BROAD says:

      Well Tina – I am by far not the first leg amputee to survive but perhaps many people just go through the motions and don’t really a means by which to use their challenge for good or to seriously focus on all that they STILL HAVE. Attitude is a HUGE part of the battle! Gosh I haven’t seen you since high school. When I was packing up my house and sell everything last fall I came across our proms pictures. Oh my goodness. Do you remember Vicky the girl that was almost totally deaf? I wonder where she is? She was pretty cool. Hugs, U

  5. Skip Helseth says:

    You ask what I will replace my Harley with 🙂 How this 🙂 Top down and still get the wind in my hair 🙂 I’t will not be the same but it will be what is is for now 🙂 Peace my new young friend.


    • The BROAD says:

      WOW Skip – That’s a sweet ride. Maybe you’ll have to take me for a cruise so I can feel the sun on my face and the wind in hair while going really really fast – hehehehe!

      • Skip says:

        I found your Story on a Blog I go to CAMARO5.COM. A friend of yours from Washington Chris is a member he shared your story with us. Many of the Camaro people are also Bikers.

      • The BROAD says:

        That’s very cool. I can’t think what Chris… Whether I “know” him or if he is a follower of The BROAD. Thanks for getting back to me. Cheers, U

  6. Mark says:

    Unfortunately I did not learn of your existence until shortly before your unscheduled get off. Since then, I’m impressed beyond words by your inner beauty. Your attitude alone is a good lesson. Thank you for posting this video.

    • The BROAD says:

      Well Mark… you have a lot of reading to do in order to catch up. I have done a lot of stuff and had some great adventures over the 6 months I was touring. I appreciate your kind words and I hope you stick around to watch the rest unfold. Peace, U

  7. Vickie Taylor says:

    This video is such an inspiration. I marvel at your strength both physically and mentally. As others have said watching this does make me thankful for the things in my life that I take for granted. I will continue to pray for you through the rest of this new journey.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks for sticking with me Vickie. I always like to hear from you. Hopefully I’ll get to see you soon if all works out. Perhaps you can scrub the hard to reach places for me….. just kidding!!! Love ya girl!

  8. Skip Helseth says:

    Never understood how you women do the towel on the head thing????

  9. sassymopar says:

    U, thanks for sharing this with us and the reminder of the everyday task that we may take for granted in doing that has become much more of an effort/challenge for you.

    I did not fast forward as you suggested some might want to… because that would defeat the purpose of experiencing through you the length and struggle of your task of ‘getting showered and ready to go’

    I cannot stress enough how heartwrenching yet inspiring it is to see how you handle this situation although knowing how difficult the inner struggle is that we don’t see. I just want to drive down to Georgia from Greenville, SC and give you the biggest hug!

    Also, as a Mother myself (I’m probably close to your age give or take a few), your excellent videographer today, Ma…was so steady and did a great job…but as a Mother and she filmed this listening to you explain each step…etc…and the camera angle once (while you were doing makeup)as if she was showing us your leg, but looking at it herself…felt my heart wrenching as I know hers must be each time she watches you be so strong yet going through what you are…you are HER baby as Nathan is yours and I cannot imagine what she nor your Dad (or any family) as well as yourself go through and deal with mentally and emotionally everyday during the huge change in your lives now.

    Please know that, during my own menial trying times right now in life….this also makes me reailze how fortunate that I am and for the blessings that I do have. I will continue to follow your journey from this day forward, (I’m addicted to your writing as well) although the journey may not always be on a bike; it is still; nevertheless, a journey that is described and dealt with in an amazing way and I don’t want to miss it.

    Take care from Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC (I stay in both places…mine and BF..),
    (licensed but no bike…I bought a MOPAR first)

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words DeAna. I was hoping that folks would not only view easy tasks differently but would also enjoy seeing The BROAD back in motion. I will do a few more and I am blessed to have you following me and rooting me on. Ma (stepmother, but we don’t use those words) is indeed a great videographer and she has been an amazing support for me. No matter she didn’t birth me, she watches my struggles and hugs me when I need it. May God keep us both blessed always. Hugs, U

    • The BROAD says:

      PS: Greenville isn’t that far; free hugs are always accepted here if you’re ever passing through.

      • sassymopar says:

        Heck yes, I’ll make it a point to ‘pass through’! 🙂 I’m in between I.T. contracts so I have time on my hands and sometimes a little too antsy for my own good! LOL

        I’ll let you know, maybe a road trip in the next couple weeks, hopefully can cheer you with a hug, some conversation and anything else you might need. Lunch trip out, errand running, or just a smile from another Sister!

        Much love, respect and encouragement your way!

      • The BROAD says:

        Cool Deal DeAna – Like me, can’t sit still too long – I get it. I have another surgery coming a few more weeks with down time following so keep me posted. Until that hug, I look forward to watching your name pop up and hearing from you. Big Smiles, U

      • Skip says:

        I have to tell you this caused me to sell my Harley! I just felt it was time. You get that feeling and it was becoming more and more Vivid as I road each time. I RESPECT your Courage and fortitude! You will alwys be a Hero in my mind. Gods Speed and keep the storys coming 🙂 Peace BOARD

      • The BROAD says:

        I’m not sure what to say to that Skip. I can’t say I’m sorry you sold it because if you felt it was time then it’s not my place to question. I am sorry that it was accident that was the catalyst because I hope you aren’t giving up a dream based on a random accident. I know these accidents happen all the time and some turn out far worse. I believe that we are experiencing a surge of different elements that make motorcycling far more risky these days. We have auto drivers with smartphone that can’t seem to ignore them for long enough to get from point A to B. Alcoholism and alcohol related accidents have risen significantly over the past several years; it could be attributed to the stress and strain of economics inline with this rise. People are also living far longer due to modern medicine and thus our population doesn’t seem to thin-out very quickly so the number of people in the world equals more people driving. Let’s add to that the increase of motorcycle sales over the past 5 years alone. We can speculate and calculate all day long and if you ask 1,000 people why there are so many motorcycle accidents; you will likely get 1,000 different answers.

        Now, if you sold your Harley, my question to you is this: What’s your next dream? What will you accomplish next? It is said, “When one door closes another opens.” Most cliches come from truth in most part, so I say you find something new and interesting that takes your heart away.

        I appreciate you following along and if I ride again one day, I hope you’ll be around to hear about it.

        Peace, U

  10. Karen Marcoux says:

    get well soon girl!!!

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