Being out of Order is in Order for this One: Fox Creek Leather

This post is out of order because I still need to do the one from last week.

However, this is important and I want my followers on the blog to hear about my day. I will write more detail on this visit very soon, but for now…

My friend sent me a note this morning that said, “Have a Broadtastic Day”. Indeed I did!! I spent the morning and afternoon w/ the folks at Fox Creek Leather. I got a tour of the facility and we even shot some home video of the tour; can’t wait to see it put together and I hope those bloopers stay in. We all enjoyed a grilled lunch of burgers, dogs and some GREAT potato salad. I did not burn Jackson’s hotdog and make it bubble so he gave me an autograph and I gave him a BROAD sticker for his Box Fort. I got to make my very own Buffalo Nickel snap and I got to ride to the Highlands with Melinda. Owner Paul and I had a private conversation today while grilling, about not really appreciating things until they are gone, and about understanding others when you have been there yourself. I told him I am just a regular person that lost much and gave up the rest by choice and I didn’t know how I keep getting these blessings. He basically said, that folks like me/us have been there and we respect; not take advantage. It was a much longer conversation, but it was deeply moving for me and it’s hard to swallow taking so many favors, but so many people want to help because they want to be a part of a DREAM. He also used the term, “the power of Ursula”, I think that’s just cuz I can talk to dern near anybody and I’m willing to learn and listen. It has been a tremendously blessed day and I did not expect such phenomenal support. Thank you is simply not enough; but Paul said he doesn’t need the lawn mowed or the bathrooms cleaned (I tried)… 


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Fox Creek Leather – Fine American made leather products for riding horses (furry or steel) and much more.

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4 Responses to Being out of Order is in Order for this One: Fox Creek Leather

  1. drmoms2 says:

    I sure do like “Broadtastic”!!!!

  2. David Huff says:

    You are going great!…have followed your trip since day 1!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much David. I would like to make it to church on Sunday with y’all. I hope you got my text about the weather here in Independence, VA. I am going to see how it does in the next 24 hours or so. I’m kind of anxious to keep moving. I can’t sit still too long, ya know? I have no cell service here, so I’m strictly email, blog, and FB for now. I really enjoyed your app when I was in TN and NC (Motorcycle-Maps-US). I used a couple of the routes and pieced together my own tours. I hope to see you real soon. Hugs, U

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