What a Forkin’ Week…

05-14-13 After Nathan went home, I contacted my Uncle Archie to ask him for help and education on changing the fork seals on my bike. I was fortunate and got a great deal on the seals from my new buddy Keith at Gator Harley Davidson. Keith is actually the high school friend of my Nailmaille sponsor. I carted the seals back to Georgia so I could work with my Uncle and Dad.

05-15-13 Dad and I got to Uncle Archie’s shop and began to take the bike’s front end apart. Now I’ve heard that this is a fairly easy process, but since none of us had actually done this before, we had to put our heads together and check out the manual. My Dad and Uncle are both excellent mechanics, so I knew I was in good hands. Once the parts were off, we discovered that the right fork had some pretty nasty damage. I can only assume she must have been dumped at some point. It would have been a waste of seals to put them on a damaged slider.

2013-05-15 10.52.05 2013-05-15 11.02.06 2013-05-15 11.18.24 2013-05-15 12.00.55 2013-05-15 12.02.43

I called Stone Mountain Harley to check on the parts. They didn’t have them but told me that Killer Creek Harley did. Alrighty then, I drove 54 miles to Killer Creek and when I arrived Joel told me that in fact he did not have the slider because he was given the wrong part number. ARGH!! It was not a complete waste because they did have the shield for my helmet which I was unable to find at half a dozen other dealers I have visited. For my troubles, Joel extended a discount on the two items I did purchase. He was fascinated by my story and he was extremely helpful.

On my ride back to my Uncle’s I called Stone Mountain so I could order the slider and dust cover. I spoke to AJ again. He remembered me and my story from a few days ago when I bought fork oil, and of course from my call that morning. He was very apologetic and wasted no time in ordering the proper parts. I told him that since he caused me a run-around I would appreciate a proper discount; he obliged with no questions. Unfortunately, it was going to take 5 days or so to receive the part.

As such I was unable to make Renegade Ranch rally in Alabama that I had on the list, but as I learned from my website client (Cool Rider Gear) the rally was small and the weather not the greatest. He says I didn’t miss much. Considering I now had several days of down time, I was able to get a lot of client work done, caught up on my blogs, found a few great deals at the Goodwill with Ma, and have rested my ever aching body. (Side Note: I do feel a few years older just in the past 3 months. It’s kind of brutal to ride a motorcycle nearly everyday of your life. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact that for now I’m gladly living with.)

05-18-13 Saturday I attended a HOG Chapter Casino Night at Stone Mountain Harley Davidson. I had a very good time meeting several local bikers. I love the reactions I get when I tell folks what I’m doing. Some think I’m crazy and some are just plain jealous. I enjoyed playing BlackJack but sadly didn’t win any prizes with my tickets. It was very cool to hang out with my Uncle, Aunt, Dad, and Ma. In particular, my Uncle and Aunt as I have never really “hung out” with them since I’ve been grown.

2013-05-18 23.11.47 2013-05-18 20.37.57 2013-05-18 20.29.47 2013-05-18 20.22.50 2013-05-18 20.07.12 2013-05-18 19.51.58 2013-05-18 19.28.13

05-21-13 I was relentless is calling Harley to check on my part. In the morning, Will told me it would be here in the afternoon. When I spoke to him in the afternoon he said it wasn’t and they received their last shipment of the day. I made it clear he told me it would be here. I said he’d call me back. As it turns out, it arrived but they had not checked in the shipment(s) at the time of my call. I ran out there before they closed and picked up my parts.

Take Aways?

  1. Look up your own part numbers to reduce the risk of error.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount if ‘they’ mess up. (HD has plenty of margin.)
  3. Ask in advance if they have expedited shipping, if you need it.
  4. Check that the packaging is in tact and that the part numbers on the packaging are accurate. (It’s possible that it’s been packaged wrong, but you’ve done what you could.)
  5. No matter how much they tick you off, be nice.

05-22-13 Well we got the fork slider installed and wouldn’t you know it, Dad and Archie inspect the front bearings and seals and decide we need to do that too. So off I went on a parts run. After the bike was put back together, my Uncle greased the neck bearings and apparently they were in need.

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and packing my stuff. I do so love my family and I’ve had a lovely time overall, but I do get ansy sitting around. I feel as if I am not progressing on my journey, but I know that down time to work is the only way to fund the dream. I’m really looking forward to the next several weeks. It will be such a treat to ride and visit with folks from home while “out here”.

I’m going to have to find some things to do between weekends, but I don’t think that will be very hard. I have a friend in Conyers, GA whom I met in Daytona (via other friends) and maybe, just maybe he will take me fishing as we discussed. I also have other friends in AL that are friends of a member of my ULRB group and of course, I met 3 great folks in Angel City that live in North Georgia. Sometimes the options outweigh the time I have. But one thing is for sure; I’m happy to be getting back on the road.

I will certainly miss my BB Girl and family, but I’ll see them again when I’m trying to outrun Old Man Winter. The next 5 weeks will be a great adventure in riding and then I’ll be home for 3 weeks to see some of the greatest folks that have given me the strength and support I have needed to do this journey in the first place.

Always wishing you Peace, Hugs, and Pipes that Rumble (TM)!!


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2 Responses to What a Forkin’ Week…

  1. I guess, the next time we see you, I’ll have the Christmas tree up! :-)))) BB is doing great and staying close to her human company. You already know we treat her like our little baby. I went to the Goodwill today and picked up two more tops for you. I know you don’t want (or need) more clothes but I can’t resist when I see something that YELLS “URSULA”.

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey there. Thanks for the tops. And I do miss my BB but I know she’s well loved. Thanks for looking after her. It’ll be hard now that I won’t be able to come back so easily to see her and y’all.

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