Livin’ It Up…

Well I’m happy to say that my human came back to Georgia for a visit over Mother’s Day weekend. My big brother Nathan came down from Illinois and he even brought that crazy beast Dixie. She bugs me and I’ve tried hundreds of times to whoop her butt only she’s so tall I have a problem reaching her. I guess she’s ok but she’s such a little punk and I’m too old for her shenanigans. Not to mention she tries to steal my boyfriend all the time; she already ripped his legs off and ate his stuffing. Now he’s had surgery and is part bunny, part squirrel.

My Little Sister - Dixie Mae

My Little Sister – Dixie Mae

I’ve been enjoying retirement with my grandhumans. I get to go all over the place in the car. It’s not the same as a good motorcycle ride and it’s getting hotter here in Georgia so I may not be going as much soon. I’ve put on a few pounds because MawMaw makes me special treats and I sit on the laptop with PawPaw a lot. I’ve learned a great deal about investing and buying property but since I don’t have a job I have no money to invest. I do love napping, it’s the 2nd best part of retirement.

Napping w MawMaw

Napping w MawMaw

My PawPaw told me that I was overdue for writing a blog post but he won’t let me touch his laptop so I had to wait for The BROAD to come back. Sadly though, she probably won’t be back here until fall or winter. I’m really going to miss my human and I know from the things she whispers to me, that she will miss me too. I even miss that dern Dixie, but don’t tell her that.

Ready to Write my Blog

Ready to Write my Blog

When my big brother was here with Dixie Mae we got to take a nature hike in the woods behind PawPaw’s house. I have enjoyed hikes like this since I was a little thing. I just love the mud and smells in the woods. I DO NOT like getting a bath when I return or those prickly things that stick in my hair; ARGH! But the exercise and adventure are always fun.

Nature Hike w the Family

Nature Hike w the Family

I’ve been resting in my human’s lap whenever she works and writes and I sleep with her every night to maximize our short time together.

Resting w my Momma

Resting w my Momma

I did get to go to the HOG Chapter fund raiser at Stone Mountain Harley Davidson. I do love bikers but every time I tried to go through the door so I could go dance, the dern humans would chase me and bring me back outside. I used to dance in the kitchen with my human and I was getting pretty good at my spin, we both miss those days. My grandhumans were looking at a trike and I was a little excited thinking maybe I’d be riding again; we shall see what they do.

Rockin' It at Stone Mountain Harley

Rockin’ It at Stone Mountain Harley

I don’t have a great deal to report this time as the retired life is simple and calm. But for all you crazy animals out there, be sure to hug your human and let them know how much you love them.

I’ll miss my human very much and it’s going to be quite some time before I see her again, but at least I have my lover and my grandhumans, so I’ll keep smiling until my momma returns for me.


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4 Responses to Livin’ It Up…

  1. Ron Aldarondo says:

    Bwahahaha… Glad to see ya’s having some fun… 🙂

  2. Cheryl Robish says:

    awwwww……lovin BB’s adventures as well 🙂 She sure has it ruff….lol
    Xoxo Tank

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