Pfuture Pfinking…

I’m filing this under Philosophy because my brain is really spinning hard here today and there is a poem at the bottom, so there ya have it.

Although I have been gone from home 10 weeks now, I have been fortunate to make some decent resting stops for a few days or more at a time. This has been instrumental in helping me get my work done that is required to survive. However, I do get anxious when I sit idle for a while. For one thing, I’m not a sit-idle kind of girl and for another thing, it’s not truly rolling the journey forward (although I know without making money there would be no journey).

At the rate I’m going right now, this journey could take a few years to cover the country. The nice thing is that I have no constraints other than money and mechanics. If I can make the money and keep the bike running, then the USA is my playground.

I don’t typically write too much about the bad or the challenges that I encounter. I may make a quick comment on FB or a quick note in a blog post, but generally I try to keep the good stuff flowing so that folks will enjoy the journey and want to follow along. But let me tell you that there is a great deal of challenge and anxiety, even if the face is smiling. I still deal with personal issues related to job loss and income loss; trying to sort that out is no fun and reminds me that even though I’m making money, I’m still not debt free. I still worry about my son and try my best to keep up with him during his young struggling adulthood and fatherhood. He’s made his way and it’s for him to live, but Mom will always worry. I do miss a great many good friends and the chance to run out for a bit to meet one or more of them. The bestest ones still text, call, email, and FB, but there are no hugs like that!! And until recently I was still trying to manage my riding group in IL, but I had to let that bird fly on its own. I cannot be the gate-keeper while out here in the world. If I should choose to take up residence in IL again, I’ll reclaim it, but for now, my riders will ride without me. And of course, when things do get a little challenging or lonely, I question myself and this crazy journey which I have embarked upon.

I’ve been very lucky thus far considering all the people I know and others know that have helped me in the southeast with lodging and even some meals, though I try to cook or help whenever possible. My roots are here in the SE and it’s such a beautiful part of the country that it’s hard to leave. I know my path so far, sketchy as it may be, and come late summer I’ll be headed west and I don’t know many folks that way, so it will only get harder after this. For those curious in the “big picture” for the next couple months, here ya go.

Weekdays are travel days or working days, weekends is what I plan for…

05/03/13 to 05/08/13 – Florida – Possibly meeting Vic and Vicky in Panama City Beach if the rain stops soon.

05/10/13 – 05/12/13 – Central GA to see my son for a visit at Dad’s. WooHoo!!

05/13/13 – Maybe ride part way back through GA with my son and stop in Helen, GA, possibly camp on Dad’s property or hit up my friends from Angel City Spring Rally.

05/17/13 – 05/23/13 – Free Time – Might find some cool paths and camping in GA, NC, TN, AL

05/24/13 – 05/27/13 – ULRB members coming to meet me in TN

05/30/13 – 06/04/13 – My Wife is coming to visit me in Asheville, NC (that’s an inside joke about my best friend). She booked a cabin and has some fun ideas in store. WooHoo!!

06/07/13 – 06/09/13 – Maggie Valley Bike Fest

06/14/13 – 06/16/13 – Going to attend Cheryl and Mike’s wedding in Memphis. WooHoo!!

06/17/13 – 06/21/13 – Making my way back to Illinois for Lori and Mike’s wedding and to see my grand-daughter, my son, my friends, and just breathe some Chicago air (oooo, rethinking…)

06/29/13 – ENTER… The BROAD motorcycle ride with friends and loved ones.

06/21/13 – 07/15/13 – Doing what I do in Illinois!!

07/15/13 – 08/02/13 – Headed west towards South Dakota (Sturgis bound – my 1st – Looking forward to it).

08/05/13 – 08/11/13 – Sturgis and my new job as a tattoo sales lady for Mr. Bill

08/12/13 – 08/28/13 – Make my way back toward WI for HD Anniversary

08/29/13 – 09/01/13 – Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Rally – Milwaukee, WI

09/02/13 – Make my way somewhere…. I have a few dots in WA to visit, would like to see the Redwoods, Grand Canyon, and a few other places on the Bike It List, then I have a lot of dots in TX, so will likely make my way back to the SE when fall and winter weather begin to hit.

That’s the big picture, but as I sit here in this comfy RV with my bike right outside for the riding at a moment’s notice, I have to tell you that I could certainly live like this. I considered it once before with a person that was in my life at the time. Now that I’ve lived it a few weeks off and on so far, I could totally enjoy this small space. It’s perfect for me. I have all I really need plus a bit of luxury. I have a cozy bed, a shower, a kitchen (and I love to cook), a TV for the occasional movie, a sleeper sofa if I had company, enough room for the clothes I currently own, a washer and dryer, and a nice place to work on my laptop. Really… what more does one BROAD need? I could completely enjoy touring the country like this and visiting friends like these here in FL and others throughout the states.

I'll miss this little place!

I’ll miss this little place!

My home away from home

My home away from home

Another Snack

Another Snack

My Fireplace and My Jewelry on my "Dresser"

My Fireplace and My Jewelry on my “Dresser”

Although I believe in the power of love, it is not something that I jump into any longer. I have been single for so long that I’ve come to truly realize, I like things MY WAY! I am extremely obsessive-compulsive over certain things and sometimes I just like peace and quiet. I remain single not for lack of options, but because I choose it, because I know me better than anybody else does. I’m a super duper nice person until you aggravate the piss out of me, then it’s not so nicey nicey.


I have built what I have because of who I am and how I am. Every time I try to like a dude, they say they won’t change me, but inevitably they don’t like this or that and I let them go free. Or frankly, I don’t like this or that about him and I set myself free. Either way… I’m just too picky, but it’s my right to be! Traveling around has not only given me freedom to do as I please, but has also afforded me the opportunity to meet great folks and have friends to chat with; making things, not so lonely!

I’ve cleaned out this RV because my friend is taking it over from his Dad. I’ve stocked it with stuff that Dad was getting rid of in the house. All the necessary dishes, cookware, extra linens, daily needs, etc. My friend will be living in this RV soon and it’ll need to be fully functioning. And it is, probably more so than a bachelor will ever need. As for me, it’s set up perfectly and I have truly enjoyed my little home away from home. Perhaps someday, when the Lord smiles upon me and my journey has taken a different path, then maybe, just maybe I could see myself living a life of RVs and Motorcycles. (And I’ll pray the cost of gas goes down…)

So there you have it, a little of the brain spinning that happens in the BROAD’s mind when she’s idle too long. I leave you with this verse…


Ursula Wachowiak

The road is my home and my Harley is my honey,

We travel through life on faith and little money.

The soul and heart are full on sunny days,

But the sorrow still comes when skies turn grey.

The experience much grander than the issues we face,

The journey still growing with each new place.

Alone is alone but just for a while,

It’s easy to meet people if you only just smile.

So let the engine warm up and the breeze hit my skin,

We’ve a long way to go before we call it The End.


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4 Responses to Pfuture Pfinking…

  1. Broad,
    Met you in the parking lot of our local Mexican food place in Moultrie, GA a couple of weeks ago. I noticed the “Rider’s Claw” logo on your jeans and asked you about it. You were right. Great product. I put it on my Ultra Limited yesterday and it and the tunes were rockin’. Enjoyed meeting you. Keep on ridin’. Howard Melton, MD

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Howard. So good to hear from you. I’m glad you’re liking the Rider’s Claw. Headed back into GA for a visit w the family. My son is coming down from IL for Mothers Day weekend. Did you post a picture of your bike w Claw in their FB page? Ken loves that stuff. Ride n Smile Doc. Hugs, U

  2. drmoms2 says:

    Love and miss you! This is an awesome update and I promise to call and catch up this week! Steve will be in Ocala on Friday through the 16th however I’m not taking this journey… It’s his to straighten out on… You get the gist lol! So very happy to see that you will be here as a birthday present to me! Not a better present on the planet! Lets take a few days and go to lake house and float on a boat! Talk to you soon!! Poem is great!!!!! Xoxo

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