Daddy’s Angel to Angel City…

Well I last updated the blog story part way through my visit with Dad and Ms. Pat. Since then a lot as happened. I’ll give it to you in chunks so you can’t still get your work done… hehehe! 

As is the case now and every time I get the chance to stop for a few days in a row, I did a lot of work at Dad’s and sat on the computer for quite a bit of my visit. Not just client work for The Write Hand, but a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that gets put off on a daily basis: keeping up my own accounting, paying the few bills I have online, responding to loads of comments and emails in several different accounts, updating my website, sending thank you notes and comments to folks I’ve met on the road, sending out stickers and patches to folks that order on The BROAD website, writing the blog, and the list goes on. So needless to say, the pauses are much needed and provide a relaxed environment in which to accomplish these things.

04-13-13 During my visit with Dad, I met up with my Uncle Archie at Fat Boy’s Golf Carts in Covington for their cart, cars, and bikes show. I tell you what; some of these golf carts had more in paint than the machine – holy cow!!!

Golf Cart Paint Job

Golf Cart Paint Job

We walked around a while and then went for breakfast at Waffle House. After breakfast we returned and the show was open and folks piling in. We ran into my Uncle Terry and his family including my cousin Michael who has his killer 58 Chevy in the show – custom paint by Mother Nature – look but don’t touch! I got a total kick out of the 2 stroke lawn mower races. Wouldn’t hire them to do my lawn (if I had one), but they did scoot around that track pretty darn quick!





2013-04-13 09.29.24

The Green Bug

The Green Bug

So Beautiful

So Beautiful

After tooling around for a while and talking to some nice folks about The BROAD journey, I made my way back to my bike to get back to Dad’s for dinner. I had some time to spare so I took a few roads in the back-woods by Dad’s that I had never taken before. Nice roads, plenty of hills, not many good curves, however the ride back did provide a beautiful clear view of the mountains so my day ended in lovely scenery all the same.

Covington, GA

Covington, GA

2013-04-13 13.38.45 2013-04-13 13.38.52

Since it was Saturday, Ms. Pat and I had a few big girl drinks and ended up BSing most of the night. The next couple of days had rains and heavy winds predicted so I opted not to go camping in Ellijay, GA and tool around Helen, GA. I stayed at Dad’s a couple days more and even had a lovely southern back porch lunch with my Uncle Archie and Aunt Irma. My uncle even gave me a new visor for my Harley helmet since mine was scratched terribly.

Aunt Irma’s Southern Back Porch Lunch

Aunt Irma's Spring Back Porch Lunch

Aunt Irma’s Southern Back Porch Lunch

Ham and Turkey Sandwiches with Aunt Irma’s Dressing

Dressing: whip mayonnaise, Grey Poupon mustard ,sour cream, soy butter, oliver oil, salt, pepper, basil, chives, rosemary, touch of Mexican cheese –  whip everything together and that is how Aunt Irma makes her dressing.

Tea:  fresh apples, kiwi, oranges, decaffeinated iced tea and splenda. Add a touch of DISARONNO if you like.

Cake:  regular white or yellow cake mix as directed on package in a bundt pan. After the cake is baked, let it cool. Then Aunt Irma bathes the cake with lemon Jello mixed per package and let’s it sit for one day.

Filling and Topping: whip one box of vanilla pudding, 8 oz. cool whip, and (1) 8 oz. can crushed pineapple. Let it set for the night, the next day put it together, Aunt Irma uses everything that is fat free , this was from a recipe that she picked up somewhere but changed it a little bit her way.

One of Archie & Irma's Gardens

One of Archie & Irma’s Gardens

When I left my Dad’s, I took all back roads to Unadilla, GA for the Angel City Spring Rally. For the most part the traffic was light, the sun was shining, and other than an occasional logging truck, it was a lovely ride to Unadilla, GA. In particular, I really enjoyed a stretch of about maybe 50 miles on 97S 90W towards Chattahoochee. There weren’t really a lot of twisties but the roller coaster hills were very cool. When you are at the top of the hill and see the coasters ahead of you, it’s just breath-taking. Of course my girl likes going downhill, it takes her some umpff to get up them.  I also enjoyed a little break at the Apalachee Dam Park just a few hundred yards from the penitentiary. The entire park was beautiful and the river view was a great place to sip my water and snap some pictures (and keep a look out for escapees).

Apalachee Dam

Apalachee Dam

2013-04-21 14.44.39 2013-04-21 15.04.34

And so I leave you hungry for more… Stay tuned for details about Angel City Spring Rally, the stay in Webster with my Rider’s Claw adopted family, and Leesburg Bike Fest!


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2 Responses to Daddy’s Angel to Angel City…

  1. Fire keeper mike says:

    URSALA! It’s Mike,your neighbor from Angle city.It was a much needed get away for me. Thanks for being part of it.You were so funny!.Had lots of laughs. I didn’t want to go home.Any way,it was great sharing the camp fire with you. Glad to here your spending quality time with the folks.Don’t forget We’re in Ellijay if ya need a place to hang.Looks like Blue ridge park way,Shenandoah valley for me this June.Maybe I can get Danny to go.
    Great to here from you!

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey MIKEY… Get up, let’s have some fun, we’re gonna get rained out tomorrow. OMGosh… I’m cracking up. That video will stay in the archives… Bahahahaha. I’m for sure coming through there. I’ll hit ya up when I have a schedule nailed down. I’ve been talking to Janie by email. I miss y’all. But will see ya soon. Hugs, U

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