I Started the Journey but Retired…

My  BROAD, has not let me use the laptop to update my story, so please forgive the tardiness of this post. I had to get all up in her face this evening and make her get off the Facebook.

It's My Turn to Write

It’s My Turn to Write

As you may have already seen we left Illinois on February 25, 2013 and it was 42*. Now I’m a pretty tough little poodle and I do enjoy a motorcycle ride; so much that I usually cry when my human leaves without me, my ears perk up when the motorcycles pass outside our house, and if she dares to touch my backpack, I assume I’m leaving and I get all worked up.

Good Bye for Now

Good Bye for Now

But let me tell you what, that was not my favorite 3 days of riding. I’m only 4.5 pounds and I have a lot of fur but dern it, I get cold easy. My BROAD put 2 sweaters on me, gave me a wool blankie, and she even put foot warmers all around me in my bag. But it was still freakin’ cold. Day one I did ok, but day two we were in the rain all day and that’s when things went down hill for me. That BROAD put the motorcycle cover over all the gear and over MY BAG. I was none to happy about not seeing where I was going and I was not about to be covered up. That’s just scary and not cool. So I fixed her (I thought)… I clawed myself a few holes in that bike cover and be gosh dern, I could see again. But, I am a dog after all and I didn’t think it through, because then I got my head wet and the collar of my sweaters wet. I was crying and shivering when we stopped at Wal-Mart and I just wanted to be done with that ride.

My BROAD patched up the holes as best she could and secured me so I couldn’t do it again. I was mad, but it was for the best. When we got to our hotel room that night, I immediately jumped up on that bed and let the BROAD unload all the gear BY HERSELF – I was not about to help!!! I was asleep within minutes and I did not move from that pillow all night long, not even to go potty or eat.

I'm Exhausted

I’m Exhausted

The third day got better and I didn’t cry so much. When we got to Grandpa’s house in Georgia my BROAD called home to tell my big brother Nathan that we had arrived safely. I was sitting in her lap and she was crying. She told Nathan how bad she felt for me and she was feeling guilty – very guilty. I’m an old puppy and even though I’m tough, she just wasn’t sure the journey was for me. My grandpa and grandma said I could stay with them.

I know my BROAD loves me very very much and I love her too, but as it turned out staying with retired folks was a far better journey for me.

I have lived the life of luxury with a new bed, my favorite treats, and I go everywhere with my grand humans in the car. I take naps with whoever I want, whenever I want. They love me and I have come to love them too. I sit in grandpa’s lap a lot when grandma is doing her household stuff, but at night, when grandpa goes to bed, I sit with grandma at the computer. And grandma makes me eggs, steak, hot dogs, and loads of other stuff my mommy would never give me. She even taught me to sit and speak. Heck as good as she cooks, I’d wear a tutu and play the drums.

My BROAD's Daddy and My New Lounging Partner

My BROAD’s Daddy and My New Lounging Partner

I have missed my human but this is a better life for me.

My BROAD came back to grandpa’s last weekend and I was so tickled when I saw her. I was dancing around like crazy. I have sat in her lap when she works on the laptop, I sleep with her every night, and I have even gone on motorcycle rides… and it’s been sunny and warm.


Just a few days ago we rode from 10AM until 6PM doing errands and visiting that my BROAD needed to accomplish. I got to visit Uncle Archie’s work shop, Auntie Angela’s house, and we did a little necessary shopping. We went to the bank and afterwards my human took me to Aldi and got me some cheese… oh how I love cheese. We sat right there in the Aldi lot and with her pocket knife she fed me pieces of cheese and drinks of water. Now that’s a good day of riding. When we stopped at the Walgreen’s, a lady in a fancy suit heard my human tell me, “Protect the bike.” The lady turned and saw me in the backpack. She was nearly shocked to see a dog on a motorcycle and she commented, “That little thing is gonna protect that bike?” My BROAD told her to walk near the bike. She did, and I barked my crazy furry head off. The lady just laughed.

Riding with My Mommy

Riding with My Mommy

But again, on that long day of riding, I was tired. I am not the pup I once was. I heard the humans talking and my grand humans said I could continue to stay, so I think I will. My BROAD will be back again when my big brother comes to visit in May, so I’m sure I’ll get another ride. Until then, I’m going to enjoy being retired and spoiled.

All that riding is exhausting

All that riding is exhausting

In another day or so, my human will leave again. I’m sitting here now writing my blog and I’m crying a little thinking about how much I will miss her and how I hope nothing happens to her while we are apart. She’s old ya know and humans don’t last very long. I know though, no matter what, my BROAD is more than my human, she’s my Mommy and we will love each other forever.

I'm typing and crying and the BROAD wants to take a picture? ARGH

I’m typing and crying and the BROAD wants to take a picture? ARGH! But I Love Her.

Until she returns and takes me for another ride, I wish you WOOF, RUFF, and GROOOOOOOOWL – That’s dog for Peace, Hugs, and Pipes that Rumble (TM)!


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8 Responses to I Started the Journey but Retired…

  1. Shayla says:

    Thank you for the animal updates. I really think all your Illinois motorcycle friends all missed you very much yesterday. I know I did.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Ms. Shayla. My BROAD never let’s me ride with y’all cuz it’s always a looooong hot day and other mean humans won’t let me in restaurants. But hopefully when we get home, I’ll at least see ya around. Woof Ruff Growl… That’s dog for I LOVE YOU!

  2. Cheryl Robish says:

    BB, I love reading your updates just as much as your humans….they make me laugh!!! Enjoy the retired life, I hope to retire someday myself but by the looks of things it may be awhile….a lonnnng while 🙂 Keep tabs on that human of yours, she loves you lots !!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Ms. Cheryl. My BROAD told me she’s going to Memphis to see you marry Mr. Mike. I think that’s awesome! I hope y’all are as happy as I am with my humping bunny. He and I have been together 12 years (all my life)… I’ve beat him up over the years and my human has patches him up but I couldn’t live without him. I just know you’re gonna be most purdiest bride. If Mr. Mike ever gives you any trouble, you let me know… I’ll rip up his ankles. Woof Ruff Growl … That’s dog for I LOVE YOU!!

  3. lynn aguinaga says:

    BB, thanks for the update, glad you’ll be visiting a lil longer. Thanks also for making my eyes leak. xoxoxo

    • The BROAD says:

      I’m sorry about your leaky eyes Ms. Lynn but please know my grand humans are spoiling me to bits. When my BROAD is done with her journey I look forward to riding with you and Mr. Nick. Woof Woof Ruff… That dog for please ride safe.

  4. Nancy Ballard says:

    Hey BB,
    That was a really good story about your journey from Il to GA. Tell your mommy I said hello and I love you two very much.
    Love and blessings,
    Grandma Nancy

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Grandma. It’s hard for me to type with these little paws, but I sure do try. My mommy says she’s going to try hard to visit Charleston when she leaves Florida in a few weeks. Hopefully she can take pictures of my brother and puppy mommy if she makes it there. Please tell Uncle Steve hello and pet my puppy mommy and brother for me. WOOF RUFF WOOF – That’s WE LOVE YOU in dog…

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