Written For Me By Laurie Westburg-Martin (UNTITLED)

To live out your dreams
And share your world with others
Many miles you’ll log
With the envy of your “brothers”…

To embark on this journey
Was no simple feat
We’re with you in spirit
Down each and every street.

The places you’ll see
The lives you’ll touch
The sites you’ll take in
To all means so much…

Though lonely at times
Alone you are not
Through the rain or the shine
This journey is your lot.

And so, our dear B.R.O.A.D.
Your next sunset awaits
May each mile that you ride
Be spectacular and safe!

We’re with you each and every single mile!

Laurie Westburg-Martin

~~ Laurie sent this to me on March 22, 2013 via Facebook. It’s funny the lives I have touched. I have never considered myself an exceptional person in any one regard, but I guess I have to be proud of the people I have brought together directly and indirectly via my riding group. Without a long life story, let us say that I was not always this positive, this giving, and this accepting of others. But with challenges in life, you have only two options: learn and grow or watch and whine! Laurie is a somewhat a new friend, though the weeks have turned to months already and the months will inevitably turn to years. She has a beautiful heart and has lived through the good and bad in life, clearly keeping her spirit in tact through it all. Goodness knows I have written poetry since I could put pen to paper for all rhymes and reasons, but have only ever had a tiny few written for me. The damn woman made me cry, but only tears of love, hope, renewal, and maybe a wee bit of sadness that I couldn’t hug her when I got it.

I thought it only fitting to save this poem for an Easter Sunday post. A reminder that no matter the ill in my life then or now, the blessings will drowned it all out and continue to make me a stronger person. A reminder that without people like Laurie, my son, my granddaughter, my folks, my best friend Meg, my hundreds of brothers and sisters, and those that have caused me pain; I would not be who I am today, I may not even be here today, but I am, and I am thankful for every person that has ever given me a moment of their life.

God Bless Us All and Thank You for Following Along and Lending Me Your Encouragement!

Laurie and Me before Filming RRTV

Laurie and Me before Filming RRTV


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4 Responses to Written For Me By Laurie Westburg-Martin (UNTITLED)

  1. Steve says:

    Your right Ursulla, sometimes we get so caught up in life we do not recognize all the blessings we truyly have. That is a very heartfelt and meaningful poem, but it is more, it is just one symbol of a blessing you have in your life amongst the thousands and is a good example to all of us as to how to see and recognize the ones we have in ours. In some way, we all have touched others lives in a special way, and they ours, and in these times, be they good or bad are what make us who we are and what makes life worth living. It is also what gets us out of bed and willing to take on the next day. So thank you for sharing this with us, it is a very appropriate poem for an Easter Holiday. Happy Easter!

  2. lou says:

    sweet ……n you go ursula…….be safe and rubber down……..happy easter …:)

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