Too Fat and Heavy for my Own Good

Just a quick note about being overloaded…

I found that regardless the fact I balanced my load on the left and right sides, the total weight of gear was more than I felt comfortable with. After Daytona I downsized and sent a bunch of electronic stuff home to Nathan and sent some clothes to Dad’s.

I packed all the things I thought I could possibly need so that I wouldn’t have to buy anything on the road. As it turns out, I’m doing fine with the minimal electronics (I ditched the bluetooth headset, my mouse, a couple of extra cords, and miscellaneous). Though I didn’t have many clothes by girlie standards, I went from 3 Space Bags to 2. When I get back to Dad’s at some point I can switch out a few things so I’m not always wearing the same clothes in all my pictures. A wee bit of vanity, but come on… I may be a nomad biker, but I’m still a girl.

I also had 4 each of 4 styles of jewelry from my sponsor Nailmaille Metallic Reptilian. I had these for the purpose of selling them on the spot. What I found was two things: the obvious – jewelry made from stainless steel nails is heavy and the fact that folks in Daytona were not so much into buying something right off of me (literally). Folks enjoyed hearing my story and what I was doing, listening about my 2 sponsors and were glad to take my literature. However, it’s a fun and party like environment and was not truly conducive to selling right here and now. So, Nailmaille has loaded me up with more postcards and I sent most of the jewelry back. I kept the little heart necklaces because they are so light and they are inexpensive, with any luck I’ll be able to sell those. Or who knows, maybe I’ll pay for them myself and use as gifts for those that have helped me out along the way. We shall see. (Note: remember if you buy from Nailmaille, enter BROAD in the code for your discount and my commission.)

The safety factor here has more to do with physics than the fact I had no problem driving with the load. You see, my 95 Sporty is a rather light bike to begin with and once the ass-end was loaded down, making a quick start from a stop lent itself to nearly popping up the front tire – that’s not typically cool. Further to that, taking a deep curve with no hazards was slower than I’d like but okay; however, I hit a few little holes or debris and that light front end … I can’t afford to lose connection with the road.

Though I have downsized considerably, I could certainly benefit from losing a few more pounds. I’m going to be looking for a durable fork bag that I can put my tools in. Presently I have a fork bag which contains my jewelry and first aid stuff. Some folks my say ditch the jewelry, but those folks obviously don’t know me. I’d rather wear jewelry than clothes. That bag is fairly light and that stuff could be moved to the back. If I bring my tools up front, I can offset a few pounds.

Before Downsizing

Before Downsizing

The back pack hanging off the end contained electronics which have been downsized and the laptop is now in the luggage bag. As mentioned, the luggage bag is now also down one bag of clothes.

After Downsizing

After Downsizing


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6 Responses to Too Fat and Heavy for my Own Good

  1. Steve says:

    Well, I guess a trailer sounds pretty good right now ey? LOL I think we need to find you a trailer sponsor!! Either that or a Fed Ex sponsorship so you can advance your stuff to the next spot.

    Now about that Jewelry over clothes idea!! If you manage that one, I think the pictures on the site might just be very interesting!! LOL Stay Safe and keep the rubber on the road!! And by all means Have a Happy Easter!!

  2. Karen says:

    Hey! I resemble that remark!!

  3. Bean're says:

    Here is a picture of me and Joe Sparrow weighing ourselves with our bikes loaded coming back from Canada- Joe and Goldwing- 1300. Me and my bike- 1240. So even if you get a bigger bike, they still are almost always overlaoded.

    • The BROAD says:

      That’s craziness. But if I had a bigger bike I could carry more shoes and jewelry. You know I love my jewels. I so missed you in Daytona. Didn’t get my hug!! Consider a visit to theJune Bug Boogie or Leesburg Bike Fest. Love ya buddy!! Be safe and keep living the dream.

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