From the Folks to the Fun

3/5/13 – I’ve missed my Daddy for a long time, but I had to head out. I made my way to Crawfordville, Georgia to visit my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle.

Arriving At Aunt Donna's

Arriving At Aunt Donna’s

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During a grocery run “to town”, I saw a crazy little junk yard that was chock full of dead motorcycles (nearly all were foreign and of many makes and models). The little place was fascinating to me and I knew I’d like to go back just for kicks. After a few days of great meals, making pancake dinner at Aunt Donna’s church, and a girl’s day out with my Mom and Aunt, I was able to make it back to that junkyard. After our girl’s day, we stopped and I walked around to take pictures. The gentleman there said that the junkyard has been on many shows.

Motorcycle Graveyard - Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard – Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard - Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard – Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard - Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard – Crawfordsville, GA

Rider’s Claw (one of my sponsors) wanted to do some kind of contest so we decided on a ‘caption this’ contest using the following picture. Oh the comments were hilarious.

Motorcycle Graveyard - Crawfordsville, GA

Motorcycle Graveyard – Crawfordsville, GA

Again, it was time to move on. No matter how much I miss my family, I have places to be. I know my Mom was sad to see me go.

3/8/13 – Finally time to head to Daytona Bike Week. I was fortunate to receive a hotel room donated by Mr. Cline (a friend of a friend). A couple of folks had been talking about my journey to this gentleman and as it turned out, he had an extra room as his daughter was unable to make her plans for Daytona. This was a huge load off my mind, because camping would have been a challenge considering I would have to cart my laptop around to keep it safe. (PAIN IN THE REAR.)

I made sure to call my Dad and check on BB Girl since 3/8 was her 12th birthday. I had not really seen Facebook much that day and missed the post Ms. Patty put up about BB going to PetsMart and getting a new bed and Pup-Corn. Clearly she will be spoiled.  It was a long day of riding and stopping to work but the weather was beautiful and I was headed for not only my first Daytona Bike Week experience, but also headed to meet more than a dozen of my ULRB riders. There’s always more fun to be had with friends and of course, for me, there is safety in numbers.

Leaving Aunt Donna's

Leaving Aunt Donna’s

I arrived a day earlier than the check-in for my hotel so I crashed with my buddy Mike and his friend Fogger in their RV at Finishline RV Park. (That RV park is directly across from the speedway, they have great heat and pressure in the showers, and the port-a-johns are cleaned daily.) They did not mind since I cook and clean. As it turned out, Mike had friends coming also that intended to camp but changed their mind. They were 3 and I am 1 so I let them use my room for a few days and I stayed with my buddies; as did my ULRB buddy when he rolled in for the 2nd weekend.

Arrived At the RV in Daytona

Arrived At the RV in Daytona

It had been a long day riding and working so I was pretty tired, but naturally I had to go out for a little bit at least. I headed over to Smiley’s Tap in Ormond Beach. Smiley’s is owned by a lady that was a former Waukegan, IL resident. It’s a small little biker bar with a nice piece of property with another bar in the back and the outdoor kitchen where they make a killer, economical, all you can eat. That first night I was exhausted and fighting a headache and my shoulders were barking. The evening temps were in the lower to mid 50s so I stood by the fire pit for a while. There were several other Illinois folks that whom I was introduced to and Fogger made it into town and met us there also.

I only stayed until about 8:30 pm and I left by myself to go shower and decompress. When I got to the RV there was no hot water so I had to switch over the water heater to LP Gas and wait a bit for the water to warm up. In the meantime, I did some cleaning up inside and my buddy had Bushmill’s (my big girl drink of choice) on ice for me. The shower was awesome, the relaxation and quiet helped the showers, and once the boys came back I was in a little better mood – still tired, but better.

Tomorrow the party begins…


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4 Responses to From the Folks to the Fun

  1. Cheryl Robish says:

    Way to make it happen Ursula !!!! I love that you are doing this and I love looking at pics and reading your post/blogs. Stay safe my friend and I look forward to seeing where the road takes you next.
    Cheryl (Tank) Xoxo

  2. Sytze Nauta says:

    Love Reading your articles. Not sure if you had any training in writing but you do it well. Definitely can see your heart is in it. Stay safe!!

    • The BROAD says:

      I have always enjoyed the English language and making words come together. I write some other stuff as well but need more before I publish. Keep watching… Thanks for the kudos and for following along.

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