Cold Kick Start….

SAT., 02/23/13 –  I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have enjoyed one heck of a night of fun with friends and family at the BROAD BAILS party. We filled Joe’s Bar, we rocked out to Honky Tonk Outlaws, and shared a lot of laughs and a few tears. I was astounded at the number of folks that came out both bikers and non-bikers. I don’t take compliments very well because there are far far better people in the world than myself, but a lot of folks have thanked me for being the catalyst that has bonded so many people together. I suppose I can accept that, because after all, I need them all too.

I got my bike back from Bob on Saturday before the party, however we were not able to get the bike on Nathan’s truck to take it to Joe’s, so Bob gave me some layers and I rode her there. Clearly not able to ride her home in single digits and with big girl drinks, so Larry and I tucked her into bed in Joe Lozano’s room.

Good times with friends and my bike being blessed by Annie could not have been any better way to start my journey.


Bike Blessing

Bike Blessing

Bike in the Hotel

Bike in the Hotel

Sun., 02/24/13 – The next morning was still cold, but I got the bike home just fine. We got cleaned up and headed to my grand daughter’s 1st Birthday party. That was bitter sweet to say the least. It’s been very difficult to be a grand mother since the baby’s other side of the family doesn’t allow me much visitation and I have had to endure some painful words and actions, but no matter how painful; I will love that child until my death. I could have started my journey many months ago, but my #1 priority was being there for my grand daughter’s 1st birthday. It was great to see my Uncle Mike and my nieces and nephews at the party. There were lots of laughs at the gym and adorable pictures of my sweet Kylee Rae.

My Babies - Nathan and Kylee

My Babies – Nathan and Kylee

I checked the 10-day forecast during the party and saw that Monday was the warmest, clearest day; so I busted butt to get my gear packed and ready later than night. My son and his friends made me dinner while I packed. They helped with some of my chores and then we all went to bed early after a long weekend.

Mon., 02/25/13 – I actually slept better than anticipated (thank goodness). I loaded up the bike and prepared to leave. Nathan did a video of me tossing the watch in the canal (reminiscent of the scene from Wild Hogs). My friend Howard gave me a watch and said I had to toss it. It was 36 degrees when I left with a bit of wind, but clear skies. I’ve ridden a lot of miles in one day, but in the cold it’s hard. I was able to make it just south of Indianapolis but I stopped for the night.

Good Bye for Now

Good Bye for Now

Tue., 02/26/13 – Woke up to rain but slightly warmer temperatures. I knew that was coming but I had to leave to avoid the snow storm in Chicago otherwise I would have been a week behind. This is one of those things that is bound to happen often, circumstances will dictate the journey, not just my desire to be somewhere. I stopped often Tuesday because BB and I were cold and wet. We stopped at the Harley dealer in Louisville and spent some time in the bathroom with two lovely ladies that work there. BB was spoiled of course. Then we made our way south a bit more, finally stopping in Cave City. If it wasn’t so miserable out that would have been a fun place to tool around with all the sites and caves to explore.

Crystal and Lisa at Harley Louisville

Crystal and Lisa at Harley Louisville

Wed., 02/27/13 – Another cold day and I started to feel a bit under the weather. We rolled out again and I was so determined to make it to my Dad’s. I did not want to pay for another hotel. It was really freezing for the first few hours and just when I wanted to stop I saw that the temps were improving just beyond Chattanooga; so I pressed on. Indeed the temperatures improved but I was tired and achy. I finally made it to my Dad’s at 6:21pm.

My folks hooked me up with some Nyquil and hot tea and I’ve been relaxing with the folks since then.

I met a new niece yesterday and got to see my Dad’s property in North Georgia (killer place for us to camp when we do the Tail of the Dragon). . . Tonight I get to meet another new niece and new nephew (they aren’t that new anymore, but I’ve never met them).

Daddy and Ms. Patty checking out their new property in N. Ga.

Daddy and Ms. Patty checking out their new property in N. Ga.

I’ll be hanging out here until Wednesday when I take off to see my Mom and Aunt just an hour away. I’ll stay there a night or two and then make my way to Daytona for a Friday arrival (or at least that’s the plan).

My BB Girl will be staying with my folks for the duration of Daytona. She was quite miserable on the cold, wet ride and I had such horrible guilt for putting her through that. I love my girl so much and I can’t stand to be without her, but she will either stay here with the folks, or my buddy will take her back to Chicago to Nathan on his way home from Daytona. She will be 12 y.o. on this Friday and not only will I miss her birthday but I will miss her for the whole journey. I simply cannot watch her cry and try to dig out of the bag when she is miserable. I cannot be so selfish as to harm my BB Girl despite how much I want her to be with me. I will miss her so much and I know she is gonna miss her Momma too.

My Sweet Love - BB Girl

My Sweet Love – BB Girl

Until we hit the road again, I wish you Peace, Hugs, and Pipes that Rumble (TM).

Collage from my Son

Collage from my Son






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15 Responses to Cold Kick Start….

  1. Cheryl Robish says:

    Glad you made it to your 1st destination!!! Sorry about BB girl, she will miss u too, but you are right in thinking of her well being 1st. Have a great time in Daytona…soooo wish I was gonna be there 😦 I will be Vegas tho (not a bad 2nd choice…lol) Keep the stories & the pics coming it’s fun to read & see where you are heading and what u are up to!!! Got my “Tank” back (IT’S BEAUTIFUL) Mike & I put it back on, got her started yesterday I GOT TO RIDE!!! I was a little nervous cuz I hadn’t ridden in 3mos but man….I pulled out of that driveway like a veteran and didn’t miss a beat!!! Just think 1 year ago you taught me to ride!!!!! Thank you again!!!!! Safe travels & can’t wait to see Daytona pics !!!!
    Xoxo Cheryl

    • The BROAD says:

      BB will be better off at home even though I’ll be awfully lonely without her. And I’m glad you got to ride a bit. It’s getting nicer and nicer. Soon you’ll be back to riding to work, to dinner, and to anywhere and everywhere you can find. Love you Tank!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Man I really need to read my posts before I hit submit… I really can spell, I just don’t type well!!! LOL


  3. Steve says:

    Don’t worry abou BB Ursula, She will be fine… And after all, Chicago is a crossroads, if you plan your ride well, you will pass through here frequently and you can visit her!!! Ok so your routes will be a little different than originally planned buit what the heck!! Safde riding to you dear, Stay well and give Daytona hell for me will ya!!


    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks a bunch Steve. Yeah I know she’ll be far better off. And I certainly am hoping that if this journey goes well and I can keep it going for a year or more that I will have an occasion to be back in Chicago for a “visit”. Once I decided to journey has concluded I have no idea where I land permanently. My family in Georgia really beating me up to stay here. But they’ve done that for years.

  4. Ed Wysocki says:

    That really is a tough call with BB, glad to see you are both doing well !! Dont worry, me and BB will always be with you in spirit !! xoxo

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Ed. You know how much I love that little beast. But she will be better off in a safer environment. I will miss her dearly and I will miss her birthday this Friday. She will be 12 years old. I love you and you’re my favorite squirrel.

  5. gregg says:

    Glad you made it . Really had a blast at the party. Sorry we didn`t make it to see you off . Gabe says hi and wishes you all the best also . Have a blast on your journey will be following all the time so be sure to update ! !OFTEN !! See you along the way at some point I`m sure .Ride on my friend

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Gregg. I’ll really miss you and Shayla. Please send my hugs to Gabe as well. You know me, I’m a post-a-holic, so you’ll see me out there. Hugs Buddy!!

  6. Mary Nunez says:

    Take care Sweetie! Sorry I missed your party but my thoughts and prayers are always with you… 🙂 Love you,
    Mary N.

  7. Lou Lotesto says:

    it’s hard to leave the loved ones(you know that), .but she’ll be wagging that tail when she sees ya again…….as always stay safe n rubber to the ground……….

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Lou. Yeah, it’s hard and I know she will be better off, but my gosh, she’s been by my side, in my purse, and on my bike since she was a baby. She will be 12 y.o. on Friday and I won’t be here for her birthday. Not that she knows or cares, but I do. She’s sitting here in my lap now, never leaves my side. Oh the guilt – oh the love. Big hugs to you both.

  8. lynn aguinaga says:

    Most Awesome. So glad you are not taking BB the whole trip. She will be safe and happy and you will be a little bit freer. Safe travels and tons of love, prayers and gratitude.

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