CLAWED My Way Into a Great Opportunity

Riders Claw - Mount your Phone and Music

Enter BROAD in the Coupon Code for 5% off your purchase & a % back to the BROAD journey.

I’m so excited that the word about the BROAD journey reached Ken Reinert, engineer/designer and owner of Rider’s Claw. For those that know me, I’ve always been the “pusher” of all things biker in Illinois as well as the businesses of my friends. My family says I’ve never met a stranger and that’s pretty darn accurate. I’ll talk your ear off if even half the chance. Looking forward to sharing this great American made product with bikers across this great country.

Today I’m excited to announce that my first product sponsor has stepped up not only to help the BROAD journey, but to offer all of you a DISCOUNT on this amazing device that holds your mobile/music devices.

The American made Rider’s Claw is made of aircraft grade aluminum, is true chrome (not some flake off silver paint), and best of all it mounts directly on your clutch or throttle perch so no clutter on the bars. Install is like 5 minutes…  Hardware also available for metric cruisers.

Ken Reinert of Rider's Claw and The BROAD

Ken Reinert of Rider’s Claw and The BROAD

When you find the one that suits your device, enter BROAD in the coupon code to get 5% off and to have a % donated to the BROAD.

And Rider’s Claw also sells Cycle Sounds top of the line speaker system; so you can TUNE up all in one purchase.

Can’t wait to jam my tunes without ridin’ dirty… (earbuds = ticket = no bueno).

The BROAD and Ken's Brother-in-Law

The BROAD and Ken’s Brother-in-Law!! I tried to sell him one before I knew who he was. HaHa.


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SPONSORS that give 10% of Purchases back to The BROAD when you enter “BROAD” in the coupon code.
Rider’s Claw – Hold your Tunes & GPS on your Harley or Metric Cruiser in high quality style & craftsmanship; custom for your device.
Nailmaille – Gorgeous, Unique, and Heavy Duty Jewelry made with Stainless Steel Nails.
Fox Creek Leather – Fine American made leather products for riding horses (furry or steel) and much more.

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8 Responses to CLAWED My Way Into a Great Opportunity

  1. Amy Baehr says:

    Ken is awesome and the Rider’s Claw ROCKS! I’m glad you two are connected 🙂

  2. Steve Bachner says:

    Hi Ursulla, Long time no talk, Been very busy. Yes I have seen this product. It looks like it will do the job. I have had tyhe Cycle Sounds sstem and it came with a mounting bracket for your Ipod or I phone but it was js mountable backstop at the time. The Claw would be a much better mount for your I pod ophone, or what the heck, buy two and mount both! One on each side!! Hey while your at it, look up, it is a Market America web site that is very similar to, however this site goes one strep further than Amazon by giving cash back for all purchases. You could use it on your ride to order and ship anything you need to your next destination!! Thus saving you the trouble of packing it on your bike! And every one reading your blog can use it to save money! use my e-mail as a sign on to register. Keep up the great work! Are you going to the St Charles Show this weekend? and will The Claw be there??

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey dude. Hope you’re well. Thanks for tip. I’ll look into that further. I have an amazon affiliate program where of somebody buys in amazon via the links on my site, I get a little something. It has net me anything yet but that’s that.

      Yeah, I’ll be at St. Charles show late tomorrow afternoon and nearly all day Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be bouncing between booths for ABATE, Rescue Riders, Metallic Reptilian and Teri the Patch lady. Find me!!

      Also, ULRB is going to Second Street Tavern tomorrow evening. Free pizza if you bring your ticket from the show. You and your peeps are welcome to join us.

  3. Karen says:

    Looks like a great system but sadly, even with the discount, it’s too pricey for my pocketbook.


    • The BROAD says:

      There are speaker systems out there that cost less and have great sound. However, I’ve not ever seen a remotely comparable mount for a mobile/music device. And ultimately the protection of your device is worth a few bucks versus replacing a phone that’s gone down the highway at 65 mph (or in my buddy Dan’s case… 100 mph when his iPhone flew away).

  4. Karen says:

    That’s precisely why Bob sent me in your direction! Wonder what the total cost would be for the speakers and claw?

    Off to research.

    • The BROAD says:

      Look at the Cycle Sounds speakers on Riders Claw. Remember you get 5% off with BROAD coupon code. Love the durability of the Claw. I don’t promote stuff I don’t believe in. Let me know if you need help.

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