Furry Adventure to Ft. Wayne and Louisville

WOOF and HELLO ~ Saturday morning I put on both my pink and black skull sweaters, got my kibbles in a bag, and my toy bunny in the back-pack. I hopped right in and was ready to go see Ms. Annie in Ft. Wayne. The best thing about being a biker dog…. I don’t have to pay for the gas.

BB Ready to Roll

BB Ready to Roll

I can’t really move in my back-pack but it sure is warm. And hey, I’m a dog, so laying around is fine by me. Touring around with my head in the wind is awesome until Ursula hits about 70 mph. I don’t like hats and glasses so I have to duck inside when we’re going that fast.

We had a potty break the other day and Ursula was teasing me with a cheese stick; made me dance around for it. I tell ya, humans are so easily entertained. It was a great place to stop though. The forest preserve was full of all kinds of stuff to sniff. I really wanted to roll around in that stinky stuff I found but of course, the human would have none of that. Then again those humans take showers everyday so they clearly don’t appreciate a good stench.

Anyway, the ride to Ft. Wayne was just fine. I slept a lot which was good because when I got to Ms. Annie’s she had all sorts places in her new house to run around and sniff. She even had a cat that didn’t really like me I don’t think. I don’t know why, he never met me, he shouldn’t judge me. But … he did warm up after a while so I guess he’s ok. Maybe next time I won’t try to play with his toys, that might have ticked him off.

It's Tiring to Ride All Day

I think the coolest part of this ride was the covered bridge we encountered. Usually Ursula is yelling at me, “Come Back”, “Stop”, “You’ve Gone Too Far”… But this time it was a huge field and I really got to run and stretch my legs. You have no idea how hard it is to be on that motorcycle all day. I went to the water’s edge but it’s a little too cold to take a dip so I just had a little drink and figured we’d hit the road.

The Covered Bridge Potty Break

The Covered Bridge Potty Break

Today was a great day to be a biker dog. The temperature was in the upper 50’s as we headed to Louisville and I only had to wear one sweater thank goodness. I can’t stand the sweater hair after a ride. I just need a good scratching after wearing those sweaters all day. My human is great though, she always gives me a good scratch afterward; maybe she could do it longer, but hey… she’s only human!

I met Mr. Bean’re today and he’s really nice to me. He didn’t even mind that I went and made myself comfy on his sleeping bag. He won’t let me sit in his lap while he’s on the computer but I’ll wear him down – yes I will. So the humans went to some light show thing and I just sat there living the good dog life amongst stinky socks and bandanas and comfy clothes to bury myself in; bikers are messy sometimes (just sayin’).

The ride home from Louisville was beautiful. The sun was shining and I kept my head out of the back pack almost all day. Although, Ursula did put her laptop in my backpack so she could reach it easier and that cramped us both even further on space. We got to a rest area and she moved me to the back; that was great, I was able to move around. The people at the rest area were really nice and petted me while they talked to Ursula. They didn’t have any treats but they were nice all the same.

When we were just coming into home (right at 80/94) the traffic backed-up to a crawl. I was digging that because I was able to really reach my head out and stiff the air; not so easy at 80 mph ya know. Anyway, some real sweet lady in an SUV was taking pictures of me. I say, you humans are easily entertained. Like you’ve never seen a poodle in a backpack on a Harley. 🙂  But seriously, the lady was really sweet and Ursula yelled out the web address for www.hdbroad.com and asked if she’d send the picture. The nice lady was Ms. Kelly, and she did in fact send the picture. We’re not real sure where Ms. Kelly and the gentleman were headed, but we wish them a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you Ms. Kelly, where ever you are!!

Ms Kellys photo of BB

Ms Kellys photo of BB

Until the next adventure….

Wishing you bushy tail squirrels, warm sun on your snout, and scratches that feel like Heaven.


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7 Responses to Furry Adventure to Ft. Wayne and Louisville

  1. Karen says:

    I can’t believe you’re writing bout riding with a dog! Been looking into that possibility since last fall.

    ‘Uncle Bob’ referred me to you for some sound advice regarding tunes and my iPhone. I’d love to pick your brain (in a nice way). What’s the best way to correspond? I live in Plainfield, right down the street from Bob. (He’s my mechanic, too).

    Thanks, Karen

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Karen and thanks for following our journey. I’d gladly chat with you. Start by emailing me at hd_broad.com

      I LOVE BOB!! He’s my hero. Did you see my girl when you were there? I miss her on a day like today.

      As for my BB Girl, she loves to rise and gets mad at me when I don’t take her. She’s so small that she hides easily in a backpack. Haven’t been kicked out o anywhere yet, but traveling with her will pose certain challenges.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • The BROAD says:

      Also Karen, since you’re local check out the riding group I built. We have a lot of fun. It’s on Facebook: Ursula’s Local Riding Buddies. Who knows, you may know some of my kids…. And you can be another one. Hehehehe.

  2. Cheryl Robish says:

    I only know how to “read” books, not publish them…lol….but I bet, somewhere in your travels you are bound to meet someone who could get that “Fuzzy” ball rolling…hehehe

    • The BROAD says:

      I’ve got a friend on FB named Peter Cemino, he just published a book as did Bean’re and a former client of mine. I know 2 of them used Wolfgang Publishing. I’d really like to do an eSeries that could turn into a bound series. And I have that other secret idea to go along that I already told you about.

  3. Cheryl Robish says:

    OMG……what a friggin cute story !!!! I do believe Ursula, that someday you should write a “kids book” about the adventures of BB the Biker Dog….just sayin 🙂

    • The BROAD says:

      Well Cheryl you maybe on to something. How about this, you follow BB’s story, you put it together and we’ll just call it a partner book, or series I think would be best .

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