Lights Under Louisville with Bean’re

First of all… WOW!! What a great trip to this point and I really see no reason for it to go otherwise for the remaining duration.

Ya know, sometimes you do things you’re not sure you should but you hope like hell it works out. In this case, I’ve made a trip of over 500 miles to see a dude I met over the phone lines on a TV show. Yeah I know, sounds like the beginning of movie from FEARnet, but when I really considered the facts I didn’t give a 2nd thought to coming to see him.

Bean're - Motorcycle Nomad

Bean’re – Motorcycle Nomad

You see, Bean’re, as he’s know, has been living from his motorcycle the bulk of 25 years. He takes up residence for a day or so at a time unless he needs to find work or he’s hanging out at a rally where his motorcycle antics, kaleidoscopic costumes, and  signature bike are icons. Right now he’s taking a short break in his hometown of Louisville to build a new bike, see family for the holidays, and whatever else it is Bean’re feels like doing. Even if he is ‘home for the holidays’, he keeps on rolling; St. Louis last weekend and fishing with his brother in Indiana next weekend. Much like The BROAD, he simply can’t sit still very long and I am ever so grateful for the time he has given me.

From the moment I saw him and hugged him we’ve barely stopped sharing stories. We work a bit on the laptops and another conversation stems from something one of us is doing. During our lunch he shared some stories and tips with me that not only made me smile but made me stop and think. There is a great big USA out there and it could take a lifetime to see it all. Bean’re started early in life and has not only toured the US but several countries overseas as well. I try not to be aloof when folks ask me how long will I be gone. I have to consider that many don’t know me on a very personal level and a lot of the folks that ask that question are not bikers. Allow me to answer that question for everybody now: I HAVE NO IDEA!! As long as I make the funds to do it, as long as my body and bike hold up, and as long as I dern well please. My journey is a preconceived idea with a plan. When I asked Bean’re about his journey it was much different. He worked in the motorcycle industry for a while and as such ‘had’ to go rallies. He’d work, make some cash, pay up some bills and hit the road a while. He’d work some more when he needed the cash and do it all over again. Over time he was simply gone longer and longer and found work on the road. He’s given me some good ideas for extra cash if I find myself in need.

I know what it is I do everyday and it’s a great deal of busy work that simply must get done. And if you can’t pay somebody else, you have no choice but to handle it yourself. From managing social media feeds, commenting back to every friend and fan, sending out books and stickers in his case and patches and stickers in my case, to making the appearances where you ought to be and where you want to be, finding work to fill the gas tank, and OH YEAH – RIDING….  The choice to be a nomad biker entails far more than simply getting on the bike and riding. While lots of bikers say they’d love to do it, frankly most folks don’t have the cojones to give up their comfy home, decent job, and throw fear to the wind to achieve their dreams.

If you aren’t willing to make significant sacrifices, then you aren’t ever going to make your dreams and your life that which you desire, that which you dictate solely, and that which fills your soul with a fire that will burn longer and hotter than the eternal fires of hell.

Although Bean’re and The BROAD are very different in a great many ways, we have that common denominator that makes every biker a potential friend. I didn’t really have any nervousness about meeting this man because quite frankly if I didn’t like him I’d just leave; it’s rather simple. That however is not the case. He’s totally easy to talk to, his stories are intriguing, his southern courtesy was not left out in the wilderness, his wit parallels my smart-elect antics, and he was awesome when I asked what his plans for the evening were…  He had none specifically other than continuing his busy-work. I saw a billboard on I-65 for a tourist trap and asked if he’d be interested. I was perfectly willing to go alone, but Bean’re was game…

…fully underground in the heart of Louisville, you enter the Mega Cavern and travel by motorized transport (Harley for us thank you), to view a few miles of holiday lights. Considering The BROAD and Bean’re like to keep a tight budget, we stopped at the local Kroger for the $5 off coupon and I rode with Bean’re. Shhh… don’t tell him this, but oh man I’m glad he was driving. The cavern is after all underground and while the road is well packed it’s still quite rutted and rocky. Add to that the stopping because junior in the car ahead has to photography every single decoration. I’ve only got one “slow-roll” win under my belt at this point so Bean’re was my holiday hero for not only going with me but for freakin’ driving me.

The Lights Under Louisville is one of those things that may not be a trip to Disney World but it’s unique and between the great company, the holiday feel, and the ever constant 56 degrees, I was extremely tickled to be in that place, at that moment with my new friend.

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There’s always something to make you smile, always a reason to go the extra mile, and always a reason to make your life worthwhile.

There are so many things one can be and so many things one can accomplish. I want to be a biker and I want to see the US. And that by-George is what I’m doing!! This evening was merely one more example of everyday things made extra special by being a biker…

I’m looking forward to joining Bean’re at his book signing and of course, continuing my mission of gathering intel from a man that has accomplished year after year after year; that which I strive to accomplish.

My sincere thanks…

For a copy of Bean’re Motorcycle Nomad, please visit The BROAD website. I’m watching him right now, he signs them and ships them himself, I swear.


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8 Responses to Lights Under Louisville with Bean’re

  1. Rhonda Glass says:

    God Bless You. I am so proud to say I know you and that you have the courage to fulfill your dreams. Be Safe and Happy.

    • The BROAD says:

      And thank you also Rhonda. I appreciate you following me and volunteering to help. You have no idea what that means to me. I’m sure I’ll see a few more times before I take off and we have to get together anyway. Big hugs!!

  2. Gregg gallinger says:

    Its great to read your stories,it makes me happy to see you smiling in your photos I know all is well . Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your journey. I do before it has started. Love you,and ride on !!!

  3. Cheryl Robish says:

    Great read Ursula !!! See, your journey has already begun !!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & BB!!
    Xoxo Cheryl

    • The BROAD says:

      I suppose you are right Cheryl. In that case I guess my journey began earlier this year when my brain began the forward momentum to accomplish this crazy hair-brained scheme. You are such a fabulous woman; I cannot tell you how much you mean to me. We don’t see each other enough, but you have a piece of my heart. Hey – can I call you my #1 Groupie???? Come on…. I just want one groupie. I LOVE YOU!!!!

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