Stepping into Phase 2…

Well I posted the Rescue Rider TV (Part 1 / Part 2) broadcast prior to this post because I wanted it out there and it was quick and easy. This post takes a bit more time, so excuse the “out of order / randomness” of these past two posts.

Following The BROAD fundraiser on Oct. 28, 2012 at Stonehouse Pub in Lemont, IL; I have been able to get back into a moderately decent schedule with work and fairly well settled in my new room.

It’s kind of weird being somebody’s roomie in general, but to have an entire house pretty much to yourself, but it’s not yours… weird, just weird. My friend works all day and then goes right to his room for TV time. In 3 weeks, I may have seen him a grand total of 20 minutes. That is good because I can get a lot more done on work without external distractions, and although it’s lonely in here sometimes, I guess I have to get used to that also since there will be a lot of “alone time” on the journey.

I went Thursday to Blu Moon Salon in Lombard, IL  (owned by Natalie a ULRB member); to get some highlights prior to my guest appearance on Rescue Rider TV.

While in that area I figured I’d go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and look at tents, sleeping bags, and other necessities designed for conditions and packability. I found a Koppen sleeping bag rated to 40* and a pair of Under Armour glove liners with palm/finger grip in the Real Tree pattern. The gloves were $30 and I wanted to use them Saturday for the Burger Run that ULRB did considering the temps would be in the 40’s.

So I bought both of those two main items and a cute little compact Salt/Pepper shaker. I thought it was cute; give me a break. Anyway, that night I wanted to test the sleeping bag because it’s one of those mummy style and I have an issue being in a confined environment. Ok – sleeping bag was extremely warm and I was fairly well ok with being in it. Had to ditch it because I got too warm once the heat kicked on in the AM. However, when I woke up I looked like I had the chicken pox. I have a feeling I may have reactions to something in the bag. And my son suggested I get the 20* one for extra precaution. So I’m going to return that one and get the 20*. Will have to wash it apparently before using it next time. All in all, I’m going to get the same one so I think it’s pretty dern good and I got a reasonable sale price. As for those gloves; they are going back with a big frowny face. They did no better than the .99 stretchy gloves at Walgreen’s. Salt/Pepper shaker is still cute – I’m keeping that one.

The ULRB Hot Meat between Warm Buns Run was a lot of fun on Saturday. It was cold but I was so glad to get out on the bike and see my friends. I only made 3 of the 5 burger stops because I had another commitment. But all 3 had good burgers over-all. It was a pretty close consensus that we would like the burger from Nick’s Tavern in Lemont, IL on the pretzel bun at Penalty Box in Plainfield, IL. And the Bristol Tap in Bristol, IL just had a good burger as well.


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