Rescue Rider TV Hosts The BROAD

I always say my ULRB group is founded on the six-degrees of Spider. I started the group with about 40 bikers that I personally knew from one thing or another. From there it has grown from this person invited this person, that person invited this person, etc., so on. I haven’t done the math yet, but I’d say I have probably met in person nearly 70% of them at this point. They may not all be the friends I see regularly, but occasionally during riding season. Well, as such I’ve had the pleasure to meet Dan Nolan and Laurie Westburg-Martin with Rescue Riders. Again, on runs, brief chats or hellos, and then ride. I’ve seen the Rescue Rider TV show a few times last year and this year, it’s airing this year at 7:30 CST on Monday evenings.

So needless to say, when Dan and Laurie invited me to the show to talk about The BROAD, I was tickled beyond belief. I was nervous the first day or so, but not so much once it was time. I tell you though that dern studio was freezing cold. Laurie and I wanted to open up the mylar blanket and cuddle. 🙂

The show was a lot of fun and watching the behind the scenes was hilarious. Hula for me Dan….. 😉

Listening to Kevin (Bean’re) talk about his 20+ years of motorcycle nomad living was inspiring. I’m going to have to see if his book Bean’re Motorcycle Nomad is in eBook version. You can preview and purchase a copy of Bean’re Motorcycle Nomad on The BROAD website.

Well, without further ado,

Rescue Rider TV Season 3, Week 6, Part 1

Rescue Rider TV Season 3, Week 6, Part 2

A huge thank you Dan and Laurie from Rescue Riders for inviting me to tell my story. Thank you to my step-mom in GA for calling in as well as a few of my riders. The show had their best ratings yet, so I’m thankful to have been a part of that excitement.


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5 Responses to Rescue Rider TV Hosts The BROAD

  1. Hi Ursula-

    I just watched the Rescue Riders show that you were on.with my friend Dan Nolan. I read your story and a fair amount of your blog and have found what your going to do amazing. I know I shared with you earlier about the ride my brother took for 6 weeks by himself. And I am sure you will have an amazing time. I do have to second Dan’s concerns for your safety. I too worry for you riding alone. I know that Bean’re said he often hides his bike and camps along the road wherever he is able to be incognito so to speak. I have done this in the past as well and it does save dollars and cents, but then again I was with two other guys and , well to be blunt we weren’t pretty women like yourself! I would be very hesitant to camp anywhere that is not a supervised camp ground. I will tell you that one thing we found that worked was to get a shower we often slipped through a KOA campground anywhere from 8 AM to 10 AM and just snuck into their shower rooms as the rest of the campground was doing so and packing up and leaving for the day. At the same time others were checkin and getting their sites.this chaotic activity allowed us to slide in and out unnoticed! That would be one way to get the hygiene portion of the trip covered cheap if needed!.

    Lastly I want you to check out a Musician I have been following. His name is Jon Troast. Look him up on Google and check out his web page as well as some of his you tube entries. He is a master promoter and a musician Nomad! He has found a way to travel the US while plying his trade and managing to do it ever so frugally. He does Living Room Concerts for 100 dollars. Often he gets to stay at the persons home who he performs for. He is a wonderful talent as well as a great guy. Perhaps you can take a lead from his way of traveling and find a way to get to stay in safe places with safe people along the road that can offer you a place to crash in route because they are following your blog.

    Again, I am going to stress looking into Best Western Hotels as a sponsor since they are already affiliated with Harley and HOG Memberships. I am telling you, you have a story HOG would be willing to sponsor and follow for their magazine. I also have suggested to Gina Woods the radio broadcaster of Open Road Radio that she interview you for one of her shows. She liked the idea.

    Bottom line is go for it girl. You are doing something wildly unique and are spearheading Women riding and touring! There are not many who would do this. You are the Amelia Earhart of Female Motorcycle riding! You have a chance here to inspire women riders all over the globe. Harley is manufacturing a new bike to be released in 2014 that is designed for the female rider. I am sure you could become the poster child for that bike! Play this dear, Make the absolute most of it. After all this is a once in a lifetime experience. I am envious that I cannot just chuck everything and go Nomad as well. I would love to. I admire your spirit.

    Now get out there and promote your adventure and get as much in the way of sponsor ship as you can!! The more you have coming in from sponsors the less work you have to do from the road. You would be able to work a couple of hours in the AM, Ride then work a couple of hours at night. Just imagine how long you could go for, if Best Western gave you Hotel stays and Harley picked up your fuel costs. And of course any on the road maintenance and repair! But girl, at the very least get that HOG membership in place. I am going to ask our LOH group at our Chapter if they want to possibly help sponsor your trip. And I am sure there are lots of LOH groups,( Ladies of Harley) That would jump at the chance to help you! This HOG membership will join you with a huge brother and sisterhood.

    Keep the faith girl and be safe. We are all pulling for ya, from our ever so envious perches!! I’ll be watching for sure! God Bless!!

    Steve Bachner

    • The BROAD says:

      WOW Steve. Can you be my promoter?? HeHeHe – I have so much work to do and just not enough hands or hours in the day. Such wonderful information you have shared and I will look up Jon Troast for sure. Sounds like another great adventurer.

      I seriously doubt that I would ever pull off into the woods away from any possible means of security, so don’t worry there. And the campground showers is a great idea, plus there are always truck stop showers. I like a decent campground to be honest and as long as the weather is livable, that will be my main mode of lodging. However, I do think I will try my utmost to do hotels on Friday and Saturday just to give the body a break. And I am a rewards member with Best Western – a sponsorship would be awesome. I should be writing them and not you – hehehehe. See… so many things to keep up with.

      I did send Gina Woods an email this morning, so we shall see if Open Road Radio has any interest in the story.

      Bill Gade from Tour on 2, Inc. wants me to write some brief articles about my journey for his newsletter, so that’s cool.

      Let’s Talk about that promoter job – Gotta be a commission based way you can help me…. I can use all the help I can get.

      • Hello again Ursula-

        I would love to find a way to help you, I sit here at my desk at my hair studio with several hours of down time from time to time. Just a part of the trade. So, while I sit here, I do things like read your blog and or get involved in promotion ideas etc. In fact, I am very intrigued with your Virtual Assistant career. I am 57 years young and I have been searching for a way to transistion into a career that does not keep me locked, geographically, in one location. To perhaps become a snowbird so to speak and or perhaps do something like the trip you are doing!! I am a people person and love individual contact and relationship building. This is a big part of being a Hair Stylist as I am sure you are aware.

        I have met Bill Gade and spoken with him at both of the motorcycle shows last winter. I love his approach at how to make a hobby that he loves into a means of earning a living! What a great concept. I met Dan Nolan years ago when we both were involved with a Seminar program called “Pathways to Better Living”. They were very life changing and gave us tools to empower ourselves to get out and pursue and attain our dreams and desires. It was a 3 level program of which Dan and I have done all 3. We both have also volunteered time back to the organization to help them share their teachings with so many others. It was very rewarding. I have met and spoken with Gina Woods several times at the motorcycle shows and at an on site broadcast she did for a Poker Run I took part in. She is also a great lady who has manged to take the love of biking and make it a career. I too, would love to find a way to take this passion and allow it to become a way to earn a living for myself, and who knows, perhaps others as well. I have spent time in the past working with a young lady who sells helmets for a living at swap meets and trade shows to the motorcycle industry. We used to cover shows in Illinois, Wisconsin , Michigan and Indiana. She has gone even farther than that at times. Her business is A&D Safety and she continues to do this to this day. Should you see her while your out and about, say hi. Her name is Dannielle. Or otherwise known as the Crazy Helmet Lady! LOL

        As you can see my life has been very diverse. I have done many things form being a bartender back in the 70’s to being a Barber Stylist / Studio Owner since 1979 and all of the above that I have shared all as a side line to my main career. In any case perhaps I can aid you in your VA job by being your assistant and also be able to help you with your promotions and your blog. I will be here in front of a computer more readily than you are while traveling. Maybe we can not only allow you to travel but also grow your VA company in the process This could be a win win for us both!!

        We can brainstorm here back and forth and or meet at sometime in the future. Feel free to contact me either through here or at my studio by calling 847-266-7838. I will be happy to share more personal means of contact later, privately.You never know who can be viewing here in the online world.

        Would you like me to investigate the possibilities of a Best Western and or a HOG sponsorship? I would be happy to do so for you . I truly believe that there is a real value in either of those pursuits.I will also seek sponsorship via our LOH group in my Libertyville HOG Chapter. However until you say to do so, I will hold my ground. This is your dream, your adventure, I do not want to steal your thunder in the least. I am merely a enthused follower of what I think is a marvelous adventure. By the way, maybe you would like to sign up for a page on To help promote your blog. BON is a site that has huge viewership amongst the biking community.

        Let me know, again, I am very envious and I certainly do admire your courage in grabbing life by the horns and making an adventure of this sort a reality. I look forward to speaking more and brainstorn with you in the days ahead. I am going out of town on Sunday and Monday this weekend but will be back in front of my computer by Tuesday afternoon. Have a great weekend!

        And by all means Thank You for writing me back. It is a pleasure to meet you.


  2. Cheryl Robish says:

    AWESOME interview Ursula!!!!! Great job, you’re a natural on camera!!!! I love that you got to talk to Bean’re and I LOVE his advice to you about pulling of the road somewhere and camping in a cornfield….How cool would that be to wake up like that???? And as a “safety” concern, it really does make a TON of sense (and it’s free…lol). Great interview!!! Xoxo “Tank”

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Cheryl. You are my official cheerleader. You’re always so positive and uplifting, I love being around you. Thanks for being my biggest fan. I LOVE YOU!!

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