Phase 1 Down, Phase 2 Up

It was Halloween Day when I started this but of course with work and other chores, it takes a while to get a post done. Now that it’s editted and ready to post, now it’s 1:18 AM November 1, 2012. Whew!! Just keeps going on…

I took a break in my workday to sit at the Keepataw Preserve off of Bluff Rd. I’ve been running so crazy the last few weeks that sometimes I just need to take a break and get some fresh air.

I conducted my estate sale two weekends in a row. After which one of the riders in ULRB has a second hand store and she came and cleared out the rest of the leftovers from the sale. That stuff will be on consignment for a few months. It really is amazing how much we pay for some of the belongings we own and how ultimately invaluable they really are. And while some belongings do have a certain sentiment to them for the most part these “things” are really only “things”.

This past Sunday October 28 2012 we held The BROAD fundraiser and birthday bash at Stonehouse Pub in Lemon, IL. I’ve always said I’ve been very blessed and this particular Sunday showed me again just how blessed I am. I had friends and family come out. Michelle Monroe at Velvet Touch Photography took all of the photos during the evening. I had friends that were the DJs and I had a friend who got his band to play at no cost to me. We had somewhere around 75 people at the fundraiser and I was very pleased at the turn out. And honestly I have to say without all the contributions and donations from many riders, friends and family we could not have pulled it off.

So a big thank you to all of the following contributors to The BROAD Fundraiser and Birthday Bash…

Stonehouse Pub in Lemont, IL

DJ Dan and DJ John in Lemont, IL

Karl Hicks and Puddin’ Head Band

Michelle Monroe of Velvet Touch Photography

Vicki Lozano of Vicki Jeans Salon in Willowbrook, IL

Melissa Carter of Pzazz Hair Studio in Aurora, IL

Bob Meskauskas of L&L Cycles in Plainfield, IL – 815-791-5497

Gregg and Shayla Gallinger of Shayla’s Cookies in Shorewood, IL

Karen Thacker of Karen’s Resale and Consignment in Braidwood, IL

Cheryl Robish, Angela Bell, Greg Kawohl, Greg Masters, Michael Skinner, Lynn and Nick Aguinaga, Adrianne Aeschliman, Sharon Slover, Anne Bauman, Bob Dillon, Troy Malek, Gracie Dawson and my friends and family in attendance.

As with any good plan you need to do things in phases. And so this particular phase of the journey that I have called the Commitment Phase is fairly well concluded for the most part. I have called it the commitment phase to myself because of all of the activities involved such as getting rid of all of my belongings, letting go of my apartment, moving in part-time with a friend, and let us not forget … consigning myself to one bin of clothes for however long this takes!! Now that’s commitment…ARGH!!!

And now it’s time to take on the Planning and Preparation Phase. That may sound obvious but don’t let it fool you, there is a lot that has to go into this. Not only ride routes but weather conditions, camping / lodging, places with Wi-Fi so I can continue to work, sites to see and of course working this around my “dots” that I have to visit…

All the winter will be spent with my group having some off-season fun, further padding my clientele so I am sure to have enough work while I’m on the road, handling some motorcycle and business needs, and psyching myself up for Spring.

So I hope those of you that are following me now will hold on tight because we are about to pick up speed. Please pass the word about The BROAD and chime in to let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to Phase 1 Down, Phase 2 Up

  1. Cheryl Robish says:

    Had an awesome time at the BROAD Fundraiser!!! You did a great job putting it together and that is why I think your “Journey” is going to be a huge success…you plan & execute!!!! It was also great meeting some more members of ULRB, Dave J., Ken S., Grace, Mike S., Dan aka Aaronspapa and some others that I can’t think of at the moment !!! Good luck with Phase 2 and I’m sure I will see you throughout the winter for some “shenanigans” !!! Xoxo

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks Cheryl. I’m glad y’all had a good time and I certainly appreciate the support. It was a blast and so great to see so many folks come out. Hopefully y’all can make it to the game nights – if I can get my rear in gear and get it done…. 🙂

  2. Gregg gallinger says:

    Planning and preparation stage !! Holy crap !! Looking forward to the next couple months of fun with you and everyone before the spring. I think we’ll be able to think of something to do. Not putting the bike away so any chance we get lets ride . I am glad the party was a success, had a blast by the way . Till next time,Ride On !!!

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