Freedom Run is Bittersweet for Illinois in 2012

Well, it’s official… I finally had my very first article published. Now if I work hard and produce many more of these, perhaps somebody will pick me up as a freelance writer (and pay me). Next one on Wounded Warrior Run is due out in the October issue. Stay tuned…  I’ve copied the text here and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Wisconsin Full Throttle Magazine

Wisconsin Full Throttle Magazine

The 10th annual Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run was exceptionally bittersweet this year. Paying homage to Veterans that have lost their lives in conflicts since 1979 has been the focus of this great organization since its inception 10 years ago. Ceremoniously bikers gather in the early morning and follow a country path to Marseilles, Illinois where The Middle East Conflict Wall boldly reminds us of those that gave so much for our freedom. The cost of conflict is insurmountable and a true tragedy that so many lives are lost.

This year also marked further sadness with the loss of the Freedom Run’s co-founder, Mr. Tony Cutrano. Tony passed away in a motorcycle accident just weeks before the June 16, 2012 Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run. His vision and soul has been more than instrumental in building this outstanding monument and continues to raise awareness for veterans and support for other veteran and downed soldier motorcycle runs in Illinois.

Sept 2012 Full Throttle Freedom Run

Sept 2012 Full Throttle Freedom Run

The Freedom Run symbolizes our unity and support for our service members. This year an unexceptional endeavor by the parents of Army Sgt. Kenneth Mayne boosted excitement and support. Michelle and Dan Benavidez (Kenneth’s parents) walked from Colorado Springs, CO to Marseilles, IL in honor of their son and others who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their 1,080 mile walk brought them to The Middle East Conflict Wall to partake in the celebration and to feel first-hand the support and appreciation of the biker community and others that cherish the sacrifices that so many make in the name of Freedom.

The premise for the Freedom Run is one that we certainly wish did not exist, yet world challenges today dictate otherwise. And as long as these challenges continue, you can rest assured that the biker community will have an outstanding impact on raising awareness and raising funds to do our part for those devastated by conflict.

(c) Ursula Wachowiak – August 19, 2012 ~ Published in Wisconsin’s Full Throttle Magazine Vol. 1, Issue 2, Sept. 2012



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4 Responses to Freedom Run is Bittersweet for Illinois in 2012

  1. Susan Gercone says:

    Congratulations Ursula. You are on your way to a new life with everything you love.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you Sue. I appreciate you following me. The only things I love and will be lacking are my friends and family. I’m hoping some of y’all will come out into the world and meet me somewhere. Miss you girlie!!

  2. Gregg gallinger says:

    Thank you for what you do. Your writing always is spot on to what the non-writers like myself think but really don’t know how to say . Always look forword to your posts as they provide inspiration and just plain make me want to be a better person. I had the honor to ride in this years Freedom Run and met a lot of outstanding people . Thanks to all the Men and women that sacrificed so much that I can ride free today . And thanks to Tony for all his hand work and dedication to make this run as cool as it is. You will not be forgotten . Till next time Ride On !!!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Gregg. I’m truly thankful for all our veterans do and have done. My father served 23 years USN. I misses him a lot but I appreciate his efforts now that I’m old enough to understand why. And I am thankful for friends like you and Shayla that provide me with encouragement and lots of smiles. Thanks so much for following me.

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