Bullpen Sports Bar ~ Shorewood, IL

Bullpen, Shorewood, IL

Bullpen, Shorewood, IL – Proud Sponsor of The BROAD

If you’re looking for a biker friendly place to meet your friends for a cold beverage, I suggest the Bullpen Sports Bar in Shorewood, IL.

Friends of mine turned me on to the Bullpen Sports Bar not too long ago and we’ve been there several times now. We even have a member that is using the Bullpen as a destination for a poker run.

Jerry the owner has been a member of Ursula’s Local Riding Buddies  since earlier this year but back then I didn’t realize he owned the Bullpen. A motorcycle rider himself, he welcomes bikers and has motorcycle only parking in the lot. The Bullpen has pool tables, darts, and a back patio with TV. Oh – and cold beverages 🙂  There’s a pizza joint attached and you’re welcome to bring your food into the Bullpen to relax with a slice of pie and a beer.

Jerry and Ursula on the Patio - Bullpen Sports Bar

Jerry and Ursula on the Patio – Bullpen Sports Bar

After a bike night in August a slew of us went to the Bullpen and hung out with Jerry. Being that he’s a bar owner, he doesn’t get a lot of free time to ride with us. When he does, it’s usually during the day and many of us are working. We recently ended up at the Bullpen following the Wounded Warriors Motorcycle Run sponsored by the Illinois Veterans Foundation, after a long day in the rain. What a relief to sit with friends and dry out in a friendly place. Jerry didn’t even mind the puddles of water under the bar stools.

One of the great benefits to the Bullpen is “location”. Just 1.5 blocks south on Rt. 59 from Jefferson/RT. 52. Not even a full mile off I-55 regardless if you exit from Jefferson going south or Rt. 59 going North. Awesome place to start or end when doing a trip Southwest in Illinois.

The BROAD at the Bullpen Sports Bar

The BROAD at the Bullpen Sports Bar

I’m looking very forward to hanging out more with Jerry at the Bullpen . They always have a drink special and they always have fun. Even in the ladies’ room there are fun times.

Specials are subject to change but at the time of this post, they were:

  • Mon – $1 Domestic Bottles
  • Tue – $4 Domestic Pitchers
  • Wed – $1.75 Domestic Bottles
  • Thu – $1.75 Domestic Bottles
  • Fri – $15 Import Buckets / $2 Well Drinks
  • Sun – $10 Domestic Buckets / $4 Bloody Mary


Shenanigan's in the Ladies Room

Annabelle, Ursula and Gracie in the Ladies’ Room

The BROAD with a couple of the Regulars

The BROAD with a couple of the Regulars

Greg, Ursula and Annabelle at the Bullpen

Greg, Ursula and Annabelle at the Bullpen


ULRB at Bullpen after Wounded Warriors

Chris, Barry, Ursula and Gregg after a wet ride for Wounded Warriors




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2 Responses to Bullpen Sports Bar ~ Shorewood, IL

  1. Shayla says:

    The Bullpen is a great bar with really great people

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