Ray’s Motorcycle Towing ~ Countryside, IL

Ray’s Motorcycle Towing in Countryside, IL is owned and operated by a motorcyclist of 35 years. Ray’s equipment is specifically designed for motorcycle towing and he and his crew know exactly how to treat your bike because they are bikers and respect the machine. I met Ray a couple years ago at a biker event, then again at the Topless Tour put on by Southern DuPage ABATE, he was kind enough to be the follow vehicle when I organized the St. Baldrick’s motorcycle run into Sycamore a couple years back, and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with him at several other events.

And of course, unless otherwise noted, I try hard to only write about those things that I can speak about from experience. So you know what that means…  Yep, Ray’s Motorcycle Towing had to tow my girl for me last year just a few weeks after I bought her. Sitting on I355 in 95 plus degrees of heat was brutal, but from the moment I called Ray, he had a guy en-route and boy was I thankful. I had a rather simple issue but an issue all the same.

Ray's Motorcycle Towing

My buddy Brent consoling my girl as she’s about to be lifted. Aug. 2011

Sort of tore my heart out to see my girl going up on the lift considering she was brand new to me and at the time I didn’t know what was wrong. I was thinking all the worst things. Matt the driver and Ray, the owner and my buddy, made sure I was all taken care of and my girl was safely delivered to my house. Within a few days she was up and running again and I have sent a few different folks to Ray.

Ray's Motorcycle Towing

Matt from Ray’s making sure my girl is secure. Aug. 2011

Sometimes stuff just happens and it’s good to have reliable competent contacts when you need them.

Ray’s Motorcycle Transport

(708) 296 0877
Countryside, Illinois

Ray’s MC Towing on Facebook


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5 Responses to Ray’s Motorcycle Towing ~ Countryside, IL

  1. The BROAD says:

    This is Ray’s reply…

    BTW I have a letter from the State of IL “exempting” my MC Transport business from the same rules that apply to Automotive Towing. I carry it in my Truck and I would be Happy to get the official State of IL Certificate of Exemption # for whoever it is that is telling you this, in fact have that person call me 708-296-0877

  2. The BROAD says:

    Do you have some type of link where I can see this w my own eyes? I text him and he’s wondering where this is coming from. I will remove my post if I can see it for myself. I can’t advertise for something like that but need to feel confident w the info. My email is hd_broad@yahoo.com – thanks.

  3. The BROAD says:

    Wow. Ok, thank you for this.

  4. gregg gallinger says:

    I’m glad there are people out there that appreciate and care for the bikes . I know I love my motorcycle and if anything ever did happen to it ,it’s good to know there are people like Ray and his crew that know what to do and will take the time to get it to the repair shop without me having to look for a paint guy also .Putting Rays number in my phone . Thank you !!

    • hdbroad says:

      Amen to that Gregg. Regular auto towers may not have the ‘care’ needed for a motorcycle and the equipment is not geared for them. Ray’s equipment is top of the line and very gentle on the machines. I will admit, although I didn’t write this initially, Brent was hugging me on the side of the road because I was crying. She’s my baby and watching her get towed really hurt. It was merely a fuel valve issue ($20 part) but no fuel – no ride. Ray and his wife are awesome folks in general, but they clearly offer a great service to bikers. I hope to see you and Shayla sometime this weekend.

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