Family is Forever

I have a pretty large blood family but everybody except my son and granddaughter live in Georgia and South Carolina, so I don’t see them as much as I would like. But today, I was blessed…

My Uncle Archie and Aunt Irma called me this past Saturday while I was in Michigan riding. They were coming through Chicago on the way to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. They had wanted to stop and see me but of course I was 5 hours away at best. So we planned a date for today (Tuesday). I’ve been excited for the past few days just waiting to see one of the first men to inspire me to ride. My mother and father rode when I was a small child but I suppose the military life kept my father too busy to continue the passion. My Uncle Archie however, never gave it up. He’s had a Harley for as long as I can recall.

My Aunt Irma became my aunt in my young adult years so she did not see me on the quads, dirtbikes, go-carts, etc. She asked me today at lunch, “What made you take up riding?”  I pointed at my uncle and simple said, “My Family.”

They were both intrigued about my journey as I explained my goal and my intent. They were glad to hear that I was coming home on the first leg of my journey to see my family.

My uncle and I exchanged conversation about the types of bikes I’ve ridden and he’s ridden, how long I’d been riding now, the group of bikers I created, the rides and runs we’ve both done, and of course some memory lane stuff.

My aunt and uncle both made comments about my riding and that I was good (a natural); which made me feel very proud. But alas, they’re visit had to come to an end and they had to head back to Georgia. As my girl and I led them down I-355 South and made our exit – I cried; for all the years I have missed with my family, for all the miles I could’ve been riding with my uncle, and for all the memories that flooded my head today.

Miles and Miles can’t take away the Smiles as long as you have Love.

I love you Uncle Archie…

One my earliest inspirations: My Uncle Archie

One my earliest inspirations: My Uncle Archie


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6 Responses to Family is Forever

  1. Aunt Donna says:

    Thanks for sharing. I told Julie that I’m going with you!! Sounds like fun…have fun!
    Love you, Aunt Donna

    • hdbroad says:

      Oh buddy – I better get a bike with a side cart huh??? I’ll be around to you all on the early part of my journey. Looking for to hugging my family very soon. I love you Aunt Donna!!!!

      • Aunt Donna says:

        We will be looking forward to your visit. Instead of a sidecar, I could be your cameraman and ride along behind to document the journey for all posterity!!! I’m just kidding! As many joint surgeries as I’ve had lately, I’d last maybe a couple weeks at best. But it does sound like, in my younger days, what I would have done with half a chance. Make your chance girly girl!!

      • hdbroad says:

        Oh Aunt Donna…. Us tearing up the USA with a side cart… Now that’s an image that makes me smile big time. And hey, if not a side cart – by 4 wheels or by flight, you can always come find me somewhere out in the great wide open! And for sure, I’m looking forward to seeing you all next year in the early portion of my journey. I’ll probably stick around for 1-2 weeks so I can be sure to see everybody for a while; not just a meal and run. Going to go find my mother also… I love you very much and thanks for following my journey.

  2. andy metzka says:

    Family and friends are ALWAYS in your heart and with you wherever you go! We don’t forget you!

    • hdbroad says:

      Thanks Andy! You better not forget me and you better come find me out there in the big bad world. Oh and also, you gotta make a point to come ride with us before the season is done. I really wish you were on our FB riding group so you could pick some events that would work for you. Just another hint, just another jab, just another push – wink wink.

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