EveryTrail app for iPhone

EveryTrail for iPhone is a terrific app that I absolutely love. It is also available for Android.

Now I love to ride, but I do not really like to lead. I’m a tourist, my eyes are always to and fro, and the scenery gives me peace. I like to be somewhat in the middle if riding with several friends. Now the problem is this… I’ve had folks take me to some beautiful places that I say, “Geez, I gotta come back here and take pictures, or stop, or go to that antique store…”  Hmmm… then I get home and I remember we turned there, but then what did we do? Needless to say, I have not made it back to some really cool places.

And then of course, there are those days when I don’t want to ride with anybody at all. I just want some ‘me time’. Where ever shall I go that I haven’t been yet?

EveryTrail has helped considerably in both regards. Foremost, I love being able to track my ride when somebody is taking me somewhere new. You turn on the tracking when you’re ready to leave, let it run in the background, and along the way you can pause it, you can take photos and upload to your trail, and at the end of the day, you can title it and share it with the world. Yeah, it’s really pretty much that easy.

On the reverse, you can search EveryTrail for routes you want to take whether your pleasure is motorcycling, hiking, walking, or caging it. Other users have uploaded routes and pictures so you just let it search your current location and voila – take your pick.

I actually love the app so much that within two weeks I upgraded to the Pro version.

Fox News Video Review of EveryTrail

And just a note: the screen shot doesn’t show it here but there is a category for motorcycling.

EveryTrail Screen Shot 001EveryTrail Screen Shot 002EveryTrail Screen Shot 003EveryTrail Screen Shot 004EveryTrail Screen Shot 005EveryTrail Screen Shot 006


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