Fox Creek Leather – Independence, VA

In early 2011 I got my first set of killer leathers from Fox Creek Leather. I had heard a lot of great things from other bikers (one being my good friend that bought the set for me). Fox Creek took my measurements and sent me a fabulous pair of chaps and a jacket. I cannot count how many rain storms they survived, can’t estimate how much crawling and kneeling they’ve endured, and even had my jacket run over by a car. Wipe them off, a little conditioner once or twice a year and now they fit as well as my skin.

During a chaotic bike mishap, with my chaps in my arms, I threw them to the ground to run check on my friend. Clearly being over whelmed with the situation I forgot about the chaps until the next day. However, I could not get back to the place before the trip I was taking. I was so distraught that my chaps might be gone forever.

The ride into Wisconsin was chilly and I thought about my chaps every mile of the way. I contacted the place where I left them but sadly they were clueless. For 4 days I stressed about my chaps. I’d have to buy another pair, they won’t fit like the loved ones did, I’ll have to wait another couple weeks to even get new ones, they won’t be the same hide / color of the other ones – oh woe is me.

Upon my return home I went back to the place in person and walked to the storage area for lost and found. I’m pretty sure the guy thought I was crazy when I jumped up and down and hugged him when I saw my chaps on a hanger in the closet. Yes, Fox Creek Leather has a Fan for Life in me.

Oh and I can’t forget about my gauntlets. Those poor things are discolored from rubbing my face – I think they are permanent Cover Girl medium beige with a hint of Ulta #06 lipstick.

Two Fox Creek Leather Fans

Two Fox Creek Leather Fans – Deal’s Gap / Tail of the Dragon 2011


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