Believing Isn’t Enough

We all have dreams and goals that float around in our head and surface when the days are grey and the times are blue. We wish we had done this or done that. We dream of creating this thing or that thing. We fantasize about going here or going there. Too often we allow ourselves to become prisoners of the here and now, never taking a step to accomplish that dream or that goal. Perhaps we get part way and allow the rest of life to slow us down.

If success was easy we’d all be there. But success takes hard work, dedication, and motivation. The right time to do anything is always the time your heart pounds thinking of it. So when that thought enters your mind, DO SOMETHING more than think.

Consider that your dream or goal is like creating the puzzle yourself and then putting it together for the whole picture. Create a written scenario of your idea and break it down into pieces as you go along. You will start out with a kindergarten puzzle of 20 pieces which will grow into an advanced 3-D puzzle that when assembled will be a magnificent work of art.

Take ownership of your idea and verbalize it; verbalize it to who ever will listen. Absorb all forms of feedback, good and bad. Do not take offense or be discouraged, but rather consider the alternatives or ways that you can improve your idea using the feedback you receive.

In the end, if you have done the due diligence and given your best effort to your idea, whether you suceed or fail, you cannot ever regret not trying. And let’s face it, if you suceed great; if you fail, you certainaly have the excitement of trying again even bigger and better.

Choose to do more than merely exist…


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2 Responses to Believing Isn’t Enough

  1. I have never thought of dreams as pieces of a puzzle. I really like that.

    • The BROAD says:

      Yes indeed Jason. A dream contains many pieces some don’t always fit like we may want. Takes time to get all the pieces in place to make one whole beautiful picture.

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