About The B.R.O.A.D. (Babe Riding Out A Dream) – Ursula Wachowiak

I guess it’s fair to say I’m just an average girl with an above average desire to be different. I’ve never been a conformist or much of a trend follower. I tried some of the girlie things like cheerleading, modeling, and crafts, but it just wasn’t all of who I am. I loved softball, football, break dancing on refrigerator boxes, and tearing things apart to figure out how they worked. I have always been a bit of a tom-boy and most especially loved the opportunity to raise a son.

My young life was full of abuse and pain, I won’t bore you with the details but the point is I survived and I learned the hard way what it means to truly appreciate people; ALL PEOPLE. My family says I have never met a stranger.  I made a point to meet every kid I could and I created countless friendships, many of which still hold strong today. I grew up on a US Navy base in Charleston, SC but unlike many military families, we never moved. I spent all the years of my schooling in one place.

Oilers Cheerleading - Goose Creek, SC

Whenever my Daddy was home I’d help him any way I could to work on cars. When my Daddy was gone to serve and protect, I’d tear apart lawn mowers I’d find on the curb or piece together this bicycle with that one. I did some babysitting but mostly mowed lawns. Somehow I didn’t really gain all the knowledge I wish I had in the realm of being a gear-head, but I learned enough to be dangerous, enough to know a BS mechanic when I hear one and enough not to be afraid to ask questions. During summers as a kid I’d visit my family in Georgia and there was always some mode of motored mayhem, be it quads, dirt bikes, go-karts, or boats. My uncles all worked on cars like my Daddy so it was home away from home for the most part.

Photo by Velvet Touch Photography 08-10-12

At the end of my 19th year, my son Nathan was born and life took a huge turn for me. The responsibilities of wife, mother, and full-time employee became my every waking duty. I thought I made a decent wife but I suppose that might be argued. I’m pretty certain my son would say I made a pretty darn good Mom. And I’ve got many recommendations that say I’m a great employee. It goes without saying that I strive to do my best. I strive to enjoy what I must do to survive instead of grumbling about it. And I strive to show respect and love to whomever enters my life.

It is true that these roles and responsibilities often derail one from the true person buried inside. As my son grew I taught him all that I could recall from my Daddy and tried to instill in him the acceptance of others and the openness to meet people of all walks of life. (I think he’s turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself and a much better gear-head than I.)

There are sad parts in lots of great lives and mine is no exception. My husband at that time did not see my love for things like motorcycles, quads, fishing, tattoos and so forth. It certainly was not the downfall of the marriage, but it certainly didn’t help me be who I truly am. Towards the rocky end, a weekend trip ensued to southern Illinois. It almost seemed like a “do what you want, as long as you stay” type of ploy. As we drove through a small town, we came across a Yamaha dealer with quite a few motorcycles out front. I said I wanted to stop and look around and so we did. I saw a V-Star that somehow just spoke to me. I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a teenager, but this bike told me, “You got this.” I asked the salesman if I could take it for a test drive and I think my husband’s face nearly melted off his skull. The salesman agreed without even asking if I had an M-license. I sat on it for a minute getting the feel for the clutch and brake, pretending like I was checking it over; when in fact I was trying to make myself let go of the clutch. When the moment struck I rolled off the lot as smooth as silk (through gravel nonetheless) and took a ride for the longest 3-4 minutes of my life. Those minutes and that V-Star changed my life forever…

The feeling in my heart and in my stomach told me that I had always been somebody else and that I buried that person long ago. My rotting corpse jumped out of the grave and onto that road with such force that my heartbeat was drowning out the exhaust. It was all I could do not to keep driving, but of course I couldn’t do that; I had responsibilities (and a desire not to go to jail).

I returned the V-Star, thanked the salesman profusely, and left knowing that I would never let anybody else dictate my life. I was in the driver seat of my destiny and be damned if I’d sit in the back again. Not a few miles down from the dealer in that small little town, I got my first tattoo. Insignificant one might say, but quite significant to my being since I was told I “could not”. The marriage was not saved on that trip, but my life certainly was.

Later the following summer my son and I were on a business trip together that we turned into a mother/son vacation. Upon our return his father had bought him a dirt bike. Without doubt he wanted to jump on it and go right then and there. Even though no helmet was purchased and it was nearing dark, I dropped the luggage in the garage and proceeded to teach my son how to ride. From that moment to this, my son and I have ridden together for many many miles. But not enough as of yet…

Yamaha TTR-125

Nathan’s Yamaha TTR-125

In July of 2006 I went solo with my son whom was at that time 15. Though it was a struggle, my life became more focused on who I am. My son was old enough to be busy and have a life that he was creating and exploring, so I was able to do the same. We each grew tremendously during the next couple of years. We continued to ride the snot out of his dirt bike and I began to meet folks that road motorcycles regularly. It was almost as if I had an addiction. I’d read what I could, I’d ask questions of strangers, I’d go into Conrad’s Harley Davidson and walk around for what seemed like hours. After about a year, I finally had the nerve to date a gentleman and of course he rode a Harley. After several rides I knew that I wouldn’t be on the back for long.

My son was required by law to take the safety course due to his age and so I signed up to take it with him. We had a most excellent time and although the darn kid beat me by two questions, we both passed with flying colors and I received my M-license and Nathan received his permit. Shortly thereafter, Nathan got his first motorcycle; a 1992 GSXR-750. Since he only had a permit I got to ride it quite a lot. (Giggle Giggle)

My son is now 21 and has a beautiful daughter. His young life has its share of challenges and my heart aches for him as I watch him grow and try to do the best he can. He’s always been the inspiration that made me keep moving forward, and now his daughter will be the same for him. There simply comes a time when Mom can no longer dictate what’s best, and Mom must let go.

Since 2006 I met so many wonderful people and I was blessed with many friendships where folks trusted me with their motorcycles. I drove a variety of bikes thanks to some loving and trusting people. To name a few: Anniversary Edition Night Train, a couple of Road Kings, Dyna Wide Glide, a V-Rod, V-Star and of course my son’s GSXR-750.

1992 Suzuki GSXR-750

Nathan’s 1992 Suzuki GSXR-750

As it turned out, bikers loved my enthusiasm for riding, my organization and motivation of people, and my searches for rides, runs, rallies, and charitable events. There came a point when I had so many biker friends, I could hardly keep up with them and sending texts and emails with ride info would take forever. In 2011, I finally created a Facebook riding group so we could all keep up with events, services, BS, and so much more related to motorcycling. Ursula’s Local Riding Buddies began with about 40 or so bikers and within a year has grown to over 275 at the time of this blog’s creation. I guess with my latest adventure, we’ll have to change it from “local” to “nationwide” ~ oh heck, there are already a dozen or more members from other states anyway.

July 22, 2011 I finally bought my own 95 Custom Sportster. My girl has a Fat-Bob tank, she’s been lowered, has an S&S Carb, a six-color flip in the painted flames, and a few little tweaks here and there.

From purchase date until December 3, 2011, I put over 11,000 miles on my girl and that’s just in and around Illinois. I got her out of storage February 27, 2012 and created this blog in early July 2012, at this time she’s got over 7,000 miles for the season and it’s early yet. Because I work a lot at my virtual admin business and haven’t done many big trips this year I’m lacking in miles. But I ain’t stoppin’…

1995 Sporster Hugger

Ursula’s 1995 Custom Sportster (Hugger Model)

The B.R.O.A.D.(TM) (Babe Riding Out A Dream) – Ursula Wachowiak

100 Responses to About The B.R.O.A.D. (Babe Riding Out A Dream) – Ursula Wachowiak

  1. Scott Owen says:

    What an inspiring story, Ursula! I really enjoyed reading your blog! I think more people should follow their passions and dreams, but fear inhibits us to follow what’s true inside our hearts. I know of a friend who used to work at my local HD Dealer in NJ, he lost his right leg below his knee over a year ago when a van t-boned him at an intersection. Now he is getting back on motorcycles which is great to see and that he didn’t let his injury defeat him. He has the support from his close friends which has certainly helped. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story! Best of luck to you and stay safe out there!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks a bunch Scott. I appreciate your time in reading my story. Kudos to your friend. I was scared of course but I finally convinced myself along the way that the worst that could happen is that I’d die trying, but even that didn’t scare me because I’d die successfully living my dream. Fear is the devil putting us down; we gotta slap that sucker and say No Thank You!!

  2. Jim Burchfield says:

    Very interesting and that is the way life is.
    Life has many challenges and some times the lessons are difficult and upsetting — we plow through the difficult times enjoy the rest and hopefully learn from our challenges.
    Have crashed a bike at 100 MPH lots of pain —
    18 months off work the G.M. held my job for me, he was a good man.
    Retired from the same company after 40 years of service & drive a 2009 Victory Vision Premium Tour. I have it setup putting 95-97 H.P.
    where the rubber meets the road and 115 ft.lb.of torque. Usually travel 3-4 k’s per summer but only 500 mi. this yr.

  3. Scott says:

    I would like to chat with you. I met you at the bar. Scott. Marina on the saint croix

  4. Ken says:

    I like your story, I love to ride also. I have 100,000. + miles under my seat sents 2008 to date. If you get down to southwest Tn. I would be glade to show you some good rides. Keep the rubber down and the shiny side up.
    Ride with the Lord

  5. Doug Francey says:

    amazing story Ursula! Look forward to someday meeting you. Your an inspiration to all who know of you.

  6. skippy says:

    She’s my hero through and through. ^5

    • The BROAD says:

      Well thank you very much but I’m no hero. Just a crazy BROAD that survived!!

      • Skip says:

        Well I use you as an example for my fight with cancer. Your courage and your fortitude are what I think of when I’m sitting in the Chemo chair 🙂 I just thank you for being who you are and showing all of us life deals out challenges, how we deal with them is what makes us winners or losers. You my friend are a winner 🙂 I want to be like you when I grow up 🙂 God Bless and Peace my friend 🙂

      • The BROAD says:

        Now you’re talking… Fighters and winners. That we are!! Help me tell people that you can’t give up. Send me a pic next time you’re in the chair so I can share you! I hope you kick cancer’s ass! Stay strong and keep the faith! Big hugs!!!

  7. Dave Nichols says:

    Hi! I am the editor of Easyriders and V-Twin magazine and would love to do an article on you. Interested?
    –Dave Nichols

  8. Bridget says:

    Wow! Ursula you are amazing! I stumbled upon your blog through another person blog. Unfortunately this was ayoung black artists who experiencein all too common form of hatred.you had made a comment on the young man blog. again I must say you are amazing. I too have a dream. I WANT TO RIDE. Six years ago I was petrified of riding a motorcycle. I was scared of falling with no cushion. On June 1st, 6 years ago my mother passed away. I was in bad shape. A friend of mine knock on the door and said “let’s go for a ride”. I was reluctant at first, then I thought maybe I need to get out of the house. we walked out of the door, but I did not see his car. so I asked him are we going for a ride in my car? He answered no. He went to the back of the house, came back with a bike. I told him “I was not getting on that thing”. After about 10 no’s and 20 I’m not getting on that thing.I reluctantly got on the back. He was very patient with me and took very good care of me. That was the best feeling I had since my mother passed. Now I have the fever. I am going to learn how to ride. I think about it all the time. The feeling had when I got on the back of a bike.I count it honor to have the opportunity to read your blog. Go BROAD!

    • The BROAD says:

      First of all, hugs to heaven for your Mom. Secondly, thanks for your kind words, coming to visit and sharing my story.

      And now on to the good stuff… YEAH BABY… If you know somebody w a dirt bike that’s a great start to get the feel for shifting and braking. They are super light as well. Start watching your DMV for the safety course. They provide bikes, you bring a helmet. Most states charge a small fee and some even refund that fee if you pass. IL was $20 about 7 years ago when I took it along side my son (he had to cuz of age as you already read). We passed and donated our $40 back to the program for their machines and resources.

      I can tell you now, you’ll be nervous for a while. Might even drop the dirt bike and the course bike. Don’t psyche yourself out. If a biker ever tells you they have never dropped a bike, either they haven’t ridden long yet, don’t ride very often to get a chance to drop one, or are lying. 😜 I can tell you this for certain, you will never know if it’s really in you until you drive that first ten miles.

      After the first 100 miles you’ll never look back. I died and lost a leg riding; now I’m chomping at the bit to get back on the road – when it’s in you, it’s in you!

      Healthy fear provides respect for the power of the machine, provides caution when our adrenalin wants us to be crazy, and provides a foundation for a smart biker.

      I would love for you to stick around and follow me on FB so I can follow YOUR DREAM. Ive taught a few folks ride as you may have read. If you ever need an ear or have questions, please hit me up.

      My final words on riding, if it is not in you and you decide either to stop it or not pursue it, there is no fault in that. This makes for smart motorists in general.

      As for Brandon’s blog, that got me going as you can tell. That one waste of air Bob really chapped my ass. It’s ashamed sometimes that humans don’t eat their young. Argh!!! That’s not nice I know, but he is beyond help. I was telling Brandon in a private message that I have been kicked out of a few places that were majority white for nothing more than a filthy face, dirty leathers, ratty hair, and pulling up on two wheels – and I’m a white chick… So prejudice sucks and ignorant people have no place in my world. I thought we were an educated race (human race).

      If you have a desire, type Langston in my blog search and check out my old post on that same subject.

      I’m gonna be rooting for you sister. Let’s share some pavement some day.

      Peace, U

  9. franck blair says:

    have a merry xmass hope my son will be home for it

  10. Skip says:

    BE glad your NOT still In Minnesota Winters coming IT”S 13 today and wind chill -0 BRRRRRRRRRR Wouldn’t be riding here LOL

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Skip,
      Brrrr is right! I have been seeing the weather up north. It’s cold and rainy here in GA but not like y’all have. I guess I’ll be back in the brrrrr come December when I visit for a couple of weeks. Stay toasty and have a great Thanksgiving.
      Cheers, U

  11. tom says:

    Wooo weee ,, hello from indiana ,,,:-)

  12. Malisa Flora says:

    I really like your story it sunds similiar to mine but next year will be my first Sturgis Rally kinds got a sister thing gonna go on,we all have vowed next year we all three will go together. I am getting my first trike/bike and starting preparations,I am going to love this cause I always wanted my own bike,and now I can actually feel the wind.

    • The BROAD says:

      Enjoy the freedom it provides and be aware of everything around you. I know you will enjoy the ride. I haven’t a clue how long until I ride but if Sturgis is in my cards next year, we’ll have to find each other.

  13. Raissa Sereda says:

    you are an inspiration Ursula. My friend Susan from Channahon told me about your blog and it’s been amazing reading and viewing your incredible journey. I’m from Toronto, Canada but have been to Channahon to visit Sue and I recognize a few of the pics you have posted; like of that bar on the water, with the bridge behind…..You write very eloquently and candidly. Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding yet I can’t stop reading. You make me challenge my own bravery. In fact I know my strength would never match yours. Thank you for triggering the important things. Check out my album on facebook of trip to visit Sue in Channahon if you are interested.

    • The BROAD says:

      Raissa, Thank you so much for following along. I love to hear from people that have not yet spoken up. Sue is a gem I will say that for sure. I met through folks I no longer see and she’s been a lovely friend for several years. I am glad you enjoy my writing. And no, you are not intruding; please – come on in and enjoy the insanity, the laughs, the tears, and the joys…… Peace, U

  14. Hey Ursula
    I want to give you another book recommendation, with your enthusiasm and energy I could see you doing something very similar to what he’s done. Check it out, I bought the book and downloaded it to my iPad I see they have it for free if you sign up to a 30-day trial on the Audible program where you can listen to the books, I do that a lot and really like it but anyhow take a look

  15. franck blair says:

    you go girl [woman ] I,m doing it back words rased hell and rode for 15 year then find myself with akid to rase on my owe It bin 20 years now and the road calling . you ride hard franck the animal blair

  16. richard moore says:

    Check you out you go girl im down in s.fl i got wacked on 1_30_13 not near as bad as you but i to lived dont know why maybe not my time yet but you right about the smile thing i laugh at everything def better than cryin shoot me some email if ya find time would enjoy poppin letters with ya hippirick 🙂

    • The BROAD says:

      Hippirick… Thank you so much for joining in on the broad journey. I appreciate your words of encouragement and I certainly do love to get back and forth with people online. I make the days go by a little faster since I’m somewhat chair bound. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  17. I think this is a great story. It is wonderful to hear how you started riding!

  18. Beautiful story, so glad to have found your blog courtesy of Barry Butler, who mentioned you on my blog’s FB page… um, last Fall. (Yes I might be behind the curve a bit! LOL) Anyway, look forward to getting to know you – ! Best to you… Janet Green, Des Moines Iowa.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you very much Janet. I’m very glad to have you along for the journey. It’s been 7 weeks so far. Some freezing temps leaving IL and a few days of rain, but so far it’s been a blast. I appreciate you checking in. Wishing you a full tank of gas and sunny sky.

  19. Good Morning my friend. As a male biker I must say I’m totally impressed by your zest for life and your adrenalin of freedom to seek out your destiny….I cannot wait to meet you in person and for my Group the “RAW RIDERS” to ride with you. I will be speaking about you in our meetings in hopes of using your story as an inspiration to all female riders. We have so many things in common when it comes to Riding and meeting people of “ALL WALKS OF LIFE” and searching for rides, routes and Rally’s…..I could swear I think we are soul mates….Smiling!!!! I’ll be checkin’ in on you and praying that you make it back safe…..Good Luck on your journey and “RUBBER SIDE DOWN BABY”…”BLADE” Founder Of “RAW RIDERS” Group.

    • The BROAD says:

      Hello again Blade. I really appreciate your kind words. I suppose there are greater things I could be doing with my life, like getting a real job and not being homeless; but I am trying to turn misfortune into something that someday might make me some cash. If it doesn’t, I can say I did live a dream and then rejoin the community of responsible adults. I never considered myself much of an inspiration but over the past several years I’ve learned to accept the compliment from many people (bikers and nonbikers). I’ve got to look again at where your are located (ugh I get so many messages that I can’t recall who is from where). I’d love to ride with your group and perhaps even make a meeting where I could speak briefly to help grow that inspiration. Please feel free to email me at hd_broad@yahoo.com. That’s the easiest way for me to keep vital info. As you can imagine, FB and the blog receives a ton of hits and searching backwards in them can be challenging. However, my emails can be categorized and filed for easy research. I wish the RAW RIDERS a beautiful and safe riding season. Hugs, U

  20. drmoms2 says:

    Saw you out and about…..pleasure of striking an immediate friendship with you on the ride down to the studio to do the show and won’t let go now! Am blessed with a friendship that I cherish very much! Thanks for all that you do!

  21. lou lotesto says:

    after talkin to you yesterday at thye shoe about eureaka springs,ar here’s some of the info……..
    rockin pig…….for some good food, pig trail h-d is in the strip mall too
    2039 van buren
    eureaka springs

    thorncrown chapel…made outta wood n glass ….awesome to see
    eureaks springs

    bikes,blues,bbq fest …runs sept 18th -21st 2013
    fayetteville ar

    eureaka springs kinda reminded me n barb of galena il
    i’d also head down to hot springs ar to take a mineral bath at the buckstaff bathouse…that was refreshing!!.)

  22. John says:

    Nice to meet ya “virtually” . Great story, you def have the writing talent! See ya on the road …

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks a bunch. I hope to see you out there. I appreciate you following the journey. Have fun with my riding; they are great people. You’ll them them and I’ll miss them.

  23. TINA HAUPTMAN says:

    I must say you have inspired me after reading your story, my life seems to be heading somewhat in the same direction these days. This past July I purchased a bike after many years of being 4 wheel bound and bound by the restrictions that someone else was imposing on my life. I am slowly becoming who I am supposed to be again, I met you at the wounded warrior event at chi-town this summer. I thought to myself, now thats is a confident person. I wish you the best of Luck in your adventure and will live thru your blog, until we meet on the road someday. I will be watching.

    • The BROAD says:

      Ohh my gosh Tina that’s so sweet. Thank you so much for following me. Your words of encouragement are wonderful. I love hearing from people and their stories. We are all unique but not so unique that we can’t understand somebody else’s struggles and dreams. I look forward to hearing from you while I’m out there on the road. Maybe you can make it to Stonehouse in Lemont on this Sunday October 28th from 3 to 8 p.m. for the BROAD fundraiser. Peace, hugs, and pipes that Rumble to you Tina.

  24. Laura Washburn says:

    Looking forward to meeting you, saw so much of myself & my life in your story. Life is a wonderful journey I am so glad I found the love & independence of riding. I will follow your journey chicki. Ride on.

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Laura. I’m so glad that you signed up to follow my journey. I look forward to meeting you as well hopefully you can make it out tomorrow. I appreciate you following my journey and I look forward to hearing from you while I’m out on the road.

  25. Aunt Donna says:

    Sounds like your adventure will soon come to fruition. You are in my prayers. Looking forward to seeing you the first of the year.
    Love you girlie girl, Aunt Donna

    • The BROAD says:

      Yay!!! Getting closer. Sitting around all winter is gonna be brutal but the timing to move and such just took control. At least.ill spend the winter planning my routes and preparing better on my website. Thank you for following me Aunt Donna. That means a great deal to me. I sooo look forward to seeing my family. I love ya lots!!

      • steve says:

        When planning your routes do you use or have the, DeLorme Atlas and Gazetter ? If not and don’t know them they are individual books of maps by states. They contain detailed maps with state, county and other roads. I have the WI and IL books. We have had some fabulous rides using the maps and been on roads we never would have known about by using just the standard road maps. I would assume they would be avaialble for all the states. If you have any questions bout this let me know.

      • The BROAD says:

        Thanks for the information Steve. I do not have those but I will look into them. I do have a book that my mechanic gave me of ride routes in the United States. I’m hoping I can start some reading on that once I get moved out of my place. Thank you for following me and I look forward to hearing from you as the journey unfurls.

  26. David Huff says:


    My name is David from Fayetteville NC. I enjoyed reading your blog and your passion for 2 wheels! My passion started at the age of 15 when my first bike was a honda sl 175 twin. Doing it in the dirt was the big thing growing up in western Maryland. I have been living in North Carolina now for 36 yrs working for Kelly Springfield/Goodyear. I now own a Harley 2008 Heritage Softail Classic. It had .2 tenths of a mile and now has 52,589 and still going strong. No garage queens under my roof! Good luck on your journey next year. I work for Motorcycle-maps.us and would like to send you a copy of our journal and the current edition of our map. Email me your address and i will be glad to send it out. I also have a blog page on Facebook called Ridin In The Wind. I write about my travels and blog the mom and pop businesses that make our nation a great place to live. Also i tell the stories of historical sites. Look me up when you come through NC

    Ride Safe and keep Ridin In The Wind

    David Huff

    • The BROAD says:

      Thanks David. I look forward to the map and hopefully a chat and a visit. I spent many weekends in Fayetteville during my early adult years. Used to drive from Charleston, SC up there with a friend from there. I’ll hit ya up when my road schedule is closer to your area. Thanks for sharing and caring. Peace!

  27. Gina Woods says:

    Great story I enjoyed reading it…see you in the wind sista!

    • The BROAD says:

      Thank you so much Gina. I didn’t even realize you are following me. I appreciate that greatly. I hope you’ll join us at Stonehouse for the fundraiser. Big hugs – I haven’t seen you in so long.

    • The BROAD says:

      Hey Gina,
      Too funny. I have two FB friends named Gina Woods and without an image here, I couldn’t tell which Gina this was. I thought this comment was from the girl here in my town. She used to be one of my favorite bar tenders at Stonehouse but she moved on to bigger and better things. I did reply though, just sort of the “wrong” reply. HeHe.
      Thanks again, Ursula

  28. Angela Bell says:


    I love your story…so similar to mine!

    • hdbroad says:

      Hello Angela. I so greatly appreciate you visiting my site and stopping to comment. We all have our story don’t we? No matter what life throws at us, we have to accept that it is what it is and make our way forward. As you know quite well, some things can be recovered and others cannot. Blessed are we that we can see the difference between them and act accordingly. I’m so very happy that your story worked itself out and that happiness is yours. I’m coming to GA to visit my family on the first leg of my journey; I’d love to actually meet you. Wishing you continued success in all that life has to offer! HUGS, Ursula

  29. viviana says:

    lovely writing Ursula, I cant wait to see where this adventure takes you! you are on my bloglovin list!

    • hdbroad says:

      Thank you so much Viviana. I can’t wait to see where it takes me too – hehehe. I will surely miss all the great people in my life. I’ll miss waving to you and Louise as I pass on my bike. I’ll miss my town. But I’m glad I have great people following me – thanks a Bunch of Daisies for That – 😉

  30. Steve says:

    I enjoyed being around you on Sundays ride for the Women of ABATE. You are a pleasure.

    • hdbroad says:

      Thank you Steve. It was great to hang out with you as well and thanks again for lunch. I thought the ride for women that ABATE sponsored was great. Sometimes women get stuck being moms and wives and don’t always go after their passions in life. I find it very refreshing to see so many women embracing the joy of riding motorcycles. Likewise, being moms and wives we often take the road of less risk and while motorcycling is exhilirating it is not without its perils, so only the strong of mind and body should undertake such a venture. I thought the ride had a great spirit of supporting women in both these aspects. I look forward to seeing you around again real soon and thanks a bunch for checking out my website and showing your support. Hugs, U

  31. Andy Metzka says:

    I was thinking of you when I was riding to Laconia… and usually most of the time when I ride… lol
    Just keep following your dream!!

    • hdbroad says:

      Thanks Andy – I know how much your worry about me. As many miles and as many weeks as you spend on the road with your bike, you can certainly understand my desire. All the pictures you text me when you’re gone just make me want to see it all for myself. Thanks for following me and maybe you’ll find me on the road somewhere out there next year. I’ll count on it. Hugs, U

  32. Cheryl Robish says:

    Ursula, I’m sure alot of ppl know (bcuz I tell EVERYONE!!!) that you were my inspiration to learn how to ride, and that you were the one who taught me to ride!!! You know that because of this I will forever be grateful to you!!! I’m proud of you & your decision to take this journey!!! I will follow
    you throughout this endeavor, I will pray for your happiness & for your safety everyday!!! I can’t wait to see pictures and read about places that I too hope to visit one day!!! Good luck and God Speed my friend.
    Xoxo Cheryl “Tank”

    • hdbroad says:

      You are an amazing woman Cheryl, you would have been fine without my help. But I must say that teaching you was fun and loving you is even more fun. I’m honored to call you friend, I’m proud of you making your dream come true, and I’m blessed that you consider me an inspiration. I know that you will follow me; you’re just that wonderful. And I know that all your comments while I’m gone will warm my heart and make me miss home. You and Linda travel all over; you’ll have to track me down and visit. ❤ Love Ya Tank!!

  33. grace dawson says:

    Inspiring!!!! Thank you!!!

    • hdbroad says:

      Thanks Gracie for your support and I hope you’re going to follow my journey. PS: maybe you should let me teach you to ride before I leave!!??!!??

  34. Micky says:

    This is awesome, Ursula! I’ve always loved being on the back of the bike, and had a fear of riding on my own. Following your adventures is making me want to learn how to ride and get my own bike. I look forward to following your journey and living vicariously through you!

    • hdbroad says:

      You’re a sweet heart Micky. Sorry you couldn’t make it Thursday. Would’ve sooo liked to hang with you. As for being on the back; it’s fun in moderation – hehehe. And if you ever get the gumption to take control, you let me know. I’ve taught half dozen or more people how to ride. I have a lot of patience and a great deal of positive spirit to root ya on. Thanks for following me – there’s time yet, but I’ll miss you all. Hugs, U

  35. Michael Berger says:

    Ursula, Although we only went on 2 rides together (almost a 3rd when I was supposed to meet 15 of the group in Chanahon, however I never made it and got in my accident), I felt so comfortable the second I met you. I actually met you at the Tinley Park Convention Center motorcycle swap meet, recognized you and called you out, pronouncing your name wrong, which you corrected me. I thought it was so great to be part of a riding group. I’ll never forget when I got out of the ER I had a message from you wishing me the best. I also remember you visited me at the hospital 2 days later and you even met my kids who were visiting at the same time. I wish you much luck and hope to ride again. For now I cant ride physically, maybe next spring??? You are very special person, bringing so many people together. Its amazing how loved you truly are. Best of luck on journeys. 🙂 Mike Berger

    • hdbroad says:

      Thank you Mike. It’s been a pleasure having you in ULRB and riding with you even if only twice (so far). At this point I can’t say how I’d react if I crashed like you did. If I weren’t mangled too bad I’m pretty sure I’d get back on. It’s just in me. I would never judge a person for opting not to ride again. As for visiting you, you’re one “my boys”, I had to see you and hug you. I’m thankful you only sustained relatively mild injuries. I’ve lost more than a few friends and that sucks beyond words. with as many bikers that I know, I guess my risk of loss is higher than a lot of folks. I appreciate your kind words, your support, and your followship of my journey. You’ll have to at least jump in the cage and follow me out of town when it’s time. Hugs, U

  36. Steve Satenstein says:

    Hi Ursula, my wife and I share your passion for riding. We don’t do the typical charity rides or rallies, I create our own rides mosty through Wisconsin since we live near the IL, WI border in Waukegan, IL. Thus far this season we’ve done approximately 5000 miles mosty on Saturday’s with 2 overnighters. We never ride the interstate roads, the 2 lane state and county roads is where you find the hills, twisties, amazing vistas and interesting small towns and villages along the way. I have books of maps for the states of WI and IL that show the state and county roads and I plan out our routes and I must say that neither my wife nor I have been disapointed. I have posted our rides on FB (via private messages to our friends) as well as in emails and for some reason we have had but just a few people ride with us. I began posting our rides last year and we had good sized groups and all enjoyed the rides but this year its been mostly just my wife and myself !! Oh well, that doesn’t stop us from hittin the road almost every weekend the weather allows.
    cell: 630-965-9877

    • hdbroad says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Steve. I’m sure if you posted your rides in the ULRB group there would certainly be some takers. We have an amazing bunch of folks and very glad you joined us recently. My journey will first take me down south to see my family. They will disown me if I do this journey without seeing them first – 🙂 I hope you and the wife will follow me on my journey and offer words of encouragement along the way. Many thanks, U

  37. I’m with ya on “Riding Out The Dream”…!!!!

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